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Published on October 2, 2014

Author: HenrykKulakowski


mobile payments for everyfone Henryk Kulakowski, CEO, Founder

MASSPAY is a pure software mobile payment system that works today on any phone with unmodified headsets and none of the disadvantages of SMS or NFC

While recognized, validated needs for cash replacement exist, only complex, limited, and niche solutions have been proposed with no sustainable business models MASSPAY Without involving new parties, or infrastructure upgrades, MASSPAY turns ANY mobile phone into a universal and ready-to use transaction instrument, TODAY opportunity View slide

the problem: cash is (still) king 8 out of 10 payments are cash transactions and 9 out of 10 people have mobile phone How to use mobile to compete with cash payments: (1) with minimum new investment, while (2) avoiding undue complexity, and (3) avoiding niche mentality? View slide

the solution 1. Scan the merchant sticker or dial the number 2. Confirm transaction details & authorize the payment 3. Receive confirmation MASSPAY MASSPAY 123456789012 Payment $3,99 to Coffee Heaven, Market Str. SF (221003521) accepted. Free cake at next order over $5! Payment $3,99 to Coffee Heaven, Market Str. SF (221003521) from is HSBC account ($2294) Accept by PIN: 0-options processing. Please wait for SMS confirmation 221003521 3247 from any phone; dedicated app optional

the vision if you know how to dial you know how to pay

Smart/Hbb TV E-commerce Tablet Feature Smartphone phone ATM POS ECR M2M Broadcast TV/Radio Printed media payment possibilities

Merchant (Payee) Issuer (Bank) Acquirer Clearing & settlements % of fee % of fee MNO business model Consumer (Payer)

the team 21 industry professionals, 6 widely recognized leaders Previously with T-Mobile, Nokia, Microsoft, Huawei FirstData, mPay, GTECH, VISA founded in 2009 Warsaw, Poland

the market 6.8B mobile subscriptions 30% smartphones with active mobile Internet NFC iOS, Android 875B cash transactions (2009, EU+USA) 18% non-cash masspay

¾ of the population doesn’t use smartphones Source: Google 2014 Source: Comscore 2014

Poland  Mobile phone penetration: 150% (at saturation)  Traditional handsets in majority, 70% prepaid, no data plan Terminal penetration & payments methods  Cash share of payment transactions – 92%  Estimated cost of cash processing – 1% of GDP Estimated market segment size 100% 30 20 10 10 120 63 63 37 14 66 34 133 30 55 56 17 41 21 28 72 18 6 94 90 80 70 60 50 40 92 82 72 97 3 679 98 2 99 1 Market segment Value (PLN MM) Comm % Revenues (PLN MM) Supermarkets, retail chains 80,000 1,0% 800 Small stores 500,000 1,3% 6,500 Parking 200 5% 10 City Transport 3,200 4,0% 128 Public Transport 3,700 2% 74 Tolls (highway, bridges) 6,570 2% 131 Vending machines 1,000 5% 50 E-commerce 16,000 1,5% 240 E-commerce digital/micro 500 3,0% 15 Bill payments 57,000 1,200 Airtime topups 3,600 4,0% 144 Total 621.770 9.292 Total ~1.28M Not accepting cards ~1.09M Accepting cards ~184K USD 1.0 = PLN 3.1 59 44 70

Competition is extremely fragmented, requiring new handsets or SIMs, software downloads; and limited to certain networks Retail payments Lack of single scenario Undue complexity Lack of universality Immature infrastructure e-commerce P2P transfers

USERS MERCHANTS o Simplicity, intuitiveness and convenience o Single transaction scenario (e.g. online & offline use cases) o Affordability o Bridging the digital divide o Increased revenues – no lost sales, promotional & loyalty channel o Reduced operational costs - in cash handling o Low investment & operational cost, modest implementation effort o Security and reliability - guaranteed payments the benefits

IP protection • Four original inventions • Patents granted – US, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Madagascar, Turkey, Columbia • Patents pending – over 60 countries • Internet domains, trademarks


international projects (early phase) USA Mexico Costa Rica Russia Poland / EU South Africa Saudi Arabia Nigeria

raised funding • About $ 3M from private investors • About $ 1M from EU funds for: – R&D, – international expansion – protection

financial requirements $ 10 MM • 10/13 Core system completed • 09/13 PSP license obtained • 12/13 First merchants signed • 09/14 pre-production tests • Q4/14 Commercial launch • Q1/15 Phase 2 of service launch • Q2/15 1st international market launched • Q1/16 1M users • Q3/16 break even in Poland Partnership Roadmap

THANK YOU Henryk Kulakowski, Founder

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