#MassivelyEpic Launch NYC 2014 Audio Production Recap

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Information about #MassivelyEpic Launch NYC 2014 Audio Production Recap

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: ravindave



We approached Launch NYC as a way to support emerging, independent designers, technologists and entrepreneurs in the NY Fashion industry. Specifically, we would ensure that each Runway Show, Presentation, preparation and buying experience was accompanied by top quality sound and performance when needed.

Launch NYC was the an opportunity for us to help drive the level of integration between fashion and music. In the future, we plan to partner and collaborate with emerging independent fashion designers and producers, in order to write original compositions for fashion shows inspired by the line being shown.


CHALLENGE: From the pages of international press to the desks of major NYC fashion executives, there is a passionate conversation brewing -- How do we create a New York Fashion Week experience that makes sense to designers, press, buyers, and the fashion loving public?

SOLUTION: The answer is LAUNCH NYC, a phenomenal 8 day experience that took New York Fashion Week to a whole new level, by combining a state-of-the-art runway with luxurious retail and showroom space. Local emergin independent designers showcased their latest collection on the runway, under the best lighting and sound conditions, to fashion's top press, wholesale buyers, loyal customers and VIPs. At the same time, designers presented sample sales of their latest FW14 collection in the adjacent showroom for buyers + press to view privately by appointment. In the retail store, designers can sold their collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry to the public directly after the runway show and throughout Fashion Week. This new model for the future that not only makes sense from a marketing and branding point of view, but also from an economic standpoint. LAUNCH NYC is a completely innovative, integrated New York Fashion Week experience that is sustainable for designers and the fashion industry as a whole.

In our minds, the Fashion Industry, is a lot like their sister Music and Marketing industries, and is also on the path toward revolution. With an intention to carve out a new sustainable model in the music industry, we found a niche within the “new” fashion industry. Launch NYC is a strategic platform to bring our vision a step closer life. Keith Shocklee Productions and #MassivelyEpic partnered to sponsor and produce the sound for Launch NYC 2014. #Justshowup is our motto, and Keith Shocklee agreed to provide MNY with a state-of-the-art JBL Professional Portable sound system along with #MassivelyEpic production oversight by DJ Journey and Ravin Dave, for the entire duration of Launch NYC.

We approached Launch NYC as a way to support emerging, independent designers, technologists and entrepreneurs in the NY Fashion industry. Specifically, we would ensure that each Runway Show, Presentation, preparation and buying experience was accompanied by top quality sound and performance when needed. Launch NYC was the an opportunity for us to help drive the level of integration between fashion and music. In the future, we plan to partner and collaborate with emerging independent fashion designers and producers, in order to write original compositions for fashion shows inspired by the line being shown.

Re: #LAUNCHNYC = #GAMECHANGER In the least, we aimed to raise the quality and role of music within fashion and specifically the “Runway Show.” A bar which, noted by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete’s “Fascinating Fashion Week fact: Over 100 percent of shows at NYFW used that one Grimes song as the soundtrack. I had no idea it took so much equipment to play a Grimes song, though. Who knew DJing was so complicated!” Is set a bit lower than the rest of the show.

LAUNCH NYC allowed multiple industry professionals to work together to produce the ultimate experience, live, post and events. Our goal was to help deliver a better sound experience in a new and innovative environment. Through relationships with JBL Professional, Keith Shocklee Productions provided the Wizard K-Jee’s own personal 15k watt sound system that delivered perfectly balanced sound across two floors and three zones. Launch NYC was attended by over 10,000 fashion enthusiasts including influential individuals, introducing everyone to a new level of audio quality within the Fashion environment. Launch NYC also gave everyone involved, the chance to meet and work with different collaborators and partners, which will helped deliver a stronger overall product, and also provided for the opportunity of unexpected and extraordinary.

Launch NYC was nothing less than “unexpected” and “extraordinary” as captured by many of the press mentions and articles. From first hand experience, before, during and post, the past month and specifically the last ten days, consisting of hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars worth of time and equipment, we joined Adorama, Canon, Sony,livestream, Pagetech Ltd. and Staley Designs to be apart of something special The core partners involved with the execution, all performed at levels beyond expectation. Collaboratively we produced seven fashion runway shows, six fashion presentations and four parties over ten days..

Launch NYC was a different type of environment, and the energy of the space was fueled at it’s core by the visible and active leader Bob Bland. Her entire MNY and Launch team kept an even keel level of energy and availability through the entire duration of the project. Every collaborator, sponsor and partner who signed up also brought an energy that when combined, set the tempo and vibe for what would unfold over the ten days as #MassivelyEpic Fashion #Awesomeness. From the volunteers to the security, from the designers to the hairdressers, from the photographers, to the models, everyone caught the buzz which was forever growing and vibing by the people that were there present at any given time.

All of this energy swelled and contracted each time there was an event, as it should, and usually does with multi-event and day venues. But the Launch NYC vibe and groove was different. You see uptown, the vibe is exciting, but its always the same type of exciting, with the difference being resolved by the looks from the designers. Show after show, they all run the same way, and so all have similar vibes with a slightly different look – or the same cat skinned in many ways. Launch NYC was different. The primary reason for this difference was the lack of pretense, the unknown, no fear type of environment. Many of the designers who held shows and presentations, are new and emerging, and may not have had the resources to produce something in the past.

Launch NYC provided these designers industry standard production level quality, at an affordable price or even below-market cost. Driven by a determination and a, “make something from nothing” attitude, each show and presentation was uniquely different, and tailored to the line that was being presented. As the week progressed so did the diversity of experimentation and addition of different elements. The physical environment played a biggest role in facilitating the vibe for each event. Original blueprints called for a wall separating the main lobby with the Runway, similar to opposite wall that divided the Retail Showroom from the lobby. In the end, the lack of this wall actually helped create a more open vibe, and unintentionally deconstructed one of “Fashion’s” biggest barriers -access to behind-the-scenes.

With the lobby not separated from the Runway, any pre-show prep had to be completed prior to doors open. However, doors were always open between the hours of Noon – 8pm for the Retail Outlet and Press lounge, so at any point, anyone could walk in and check out the “back of the house” during and leading up to shows, presentations or events. This type of “transparency” in the Fashion world is new to the “Fashion Week Experience,” only recently revealed to audiences tuning into Victoria’s Secret Annual, broadcasted show. Uptown, you’re required to to wait outside until doors open, lights down, show, lights up, then out. This was definitely not the case here.

The main Runway and Lobby were open, where at any point pre-show, a visitor could catch a glimpse or a full rehearsal and all that comes along with those (stressful!!). Each show typically had seating as well as standing room in the back. The front of the house featured a large 60-something inch Sony flat screen that looped the live stream shows from earlier in the week. Surrounded by a square 10x10x10 truss, and backed by two eight by four four bi-level photographer risers, 12 feet from the foot of the Runways ending edge. On either side of the media risers, w e anchored two PRXLF 718 subs stacked with a PRXLF 725 each, running in stereo for a combined 6000 watts, 3k per side R & L. On the opposite end of the runway we initially stand mounted a PRX 715 on either side, exactly 58’ back, running cables above the lighting truss to daisy chain these tops, each peaking at 1000 watts. This quad corner set-up provided the best direction of sound, and limited the amount of echo due to the space set-up.

With an additional PRX 712 serving as the monitor in the DJ booth and a PRX 715 placed in the corner of the retail boutique, we were able to cover two zones with 9000 watts of perfectly leveled sound. Our core DJ setup consist of a Pioneer DJM-500 mixer and two Technics 1200 MKII turntables. We ran these these with serato, along with an external Traktor line for the Wizard K-Jee. Total sound ran through a Behringer XENYX1622FX 12 channel mixer and then out into right and left channels to the first set of subs (previously described) in house sound system. After three days of shows, we decided to move add two additional PRXLF 718 subs to the back of the runway to compliment the two PRX 715s. Adding two more subs provided 3000 more watts of bass to the space. When equalized at the right frequencies, the bass actually helps round out the full sound spectrum which the human ear can hear, allowing us to lower the overall decibel level in the room. The resulting effect is that people can feel hear and feel the music, but still be able to converse at normal levels. Of course, when the show is happening or a party, the level is adjusted up accordingly. The show level, is the absolute threshold of loud enough for the right vibe of the show, presentation or performance.

Beyond the two show rooms, lobby and runway, there were the back of the house model prep area, upstairs hair, makeup, and press lounges. Separating models and press was Cliff the rockstar photographer, and his professional look book studio. All three of these areas were continuously cranking with models, stylists, press, and professionals. We needed to provide a sound system upstairs that played a constant variety of background music, and be accessible for plug and play, impromptu rehearsals if needed. For this system, we used two PRXLF 725’s, one on either side of the room. In the middle we set-up an equalizing fill PRX 712 monitor, all ran off a Behringer 4 channel mixer streaming Juke boxy sponsored unit and playlists.

READY-TO-WEAR COLLECTIVE SHOW LAUNCH NYC PRESENTS | Wednesday, Feb. 05 | 2pm MNY | Incubator Runway Show | Fall-Winter 2014 FEATURED DESIGNERS: ABACAXI | VAUNT & SOL | HEART & NOBLE TAGS: @Launch_NYC #LaunchNYC @ManufactureNY MUSIC: #MassivelyEpic @Ravin_Dave AUDIO: Keith Shocklee Productions & JBL Professional Portable Sound

COUTURE AND DEMI-COUTURE LAUNCH NYC PRESENTS | Wednesday, Feb. 05 | 6pm MNY | Incubator Runway Show | Fall-Winter 2014 FEATURED DESIGNERS: MINNOJI | MODU | MIMI NEW YORK TAGS: @Launch_NYC #LaunchNYC @ManufactureNY MUSIC: #MassivelyEpic @DjJourney AUDIO: Keith Shocklee Productions & JBL Professional Portable Sound

Runway & Retail

Runway & Retail Sponsors

Production credits CARRIE HAMMER TABII JUST Womens Runway Show Womens Sustainable Presentation Thurs, Feb 6th | 1PM Fri, Feb 7th | 12–1:30PM Music: DJ Alana Music: #MassivelyEpic DJ Journey Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions LAUREL DEWITT DANIEL SILVERSTEIN Couture Runway Show Womens Sustainable Presentation Thurs, Feb 6th | 6PM Fri, Feb 7th | 6–7:30PM Music: DJ Run Music: DJ Illich Mujica Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic

Production credits NYFW AFTERPARTY LAQUAN SMITH Hosted by Fashion Revolution Day Womens Presentation Fri, Feb 7th | 9-11PM Mon, Feb 10 | 4:30-6PM Music: DJ Spooky Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic GITA OMRI NAMM CLOTHING Womenswear / Ready To Wear Presentation Mens Presentation Sat, Feb 8 | 2 – 3PM Mon, Feb 10th | 7-8PM Music: #MassivelyEpic DJ Wizard K-Jee, DJ Ravin Dave Music: #MassivelyEpic DJ Wizard K-Jee, DJ Ravin Dave, DJ Specs Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic

Production credits BOW & DRAPE Launch NYC Closing Show & Party #Itsawalkoff Runway Show Wed, Feb 12th | 8:30PM Music: #MassivelyEpic DJ Journey, DJ Wizard K-Jee, Ravin Dave Tues, Feb 11th | 6-9PM Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic LUAR ZEPOL Men’s Runway Show Wed, Feb 12th | 3PM Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic Performance: KB Jones and The Kontraband Audio: Keith Shocklee Productions / #MassivelyEpic

Press / Photo / Video PHOTO / VIDEO Collective Shows: com/photos/102398197778506748087/albums/ 5978089690825538945 https://www.hightail. com/download/elNMZGVkUnF3TGlFTmNUQw PRESS LINKS: WWD: WSJ: http://online.wsj. com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303442 704579363142857507578 Inc. Magazine: html?destination= Lucky Magazine: Racked: http://ny.racked. com/archives/2014/01/28/emerging_designers_pop_up_together_at _launch_nyc.php PolicyMic: Mediabistro: Styleblazer:

OUR MISSION IS TO REAWAKEN AND REBUILD AMERICA’S FASHION INDUSTRY, FOSTER THE NEXT WAVE OF BUSINESSES, AND CREATE A TRANSPARENT, SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN. Manufacture New York is a hybrid fashion incubator and factory dedicated to providing independent fashion designers with the resources and skills to streamline their process, from concept to customer. We are driving the transformation of local manufacturing, so it can be the most affordable, innovative, and sustainable option for all.

He was an original member of Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad. He has contributed his talent to several albums including It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet. Public Enemy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Shocklee also co-produced the singles "Bring the Noise” and "Fight The Power," which were included on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.” Keith is currently working in both the music and tech industries to push forward future culture, while educating about the history of Hip Hop in order to help preserve the past. Formed in 2013 by Sound Groove Entertainment and Trip Digital Sound Design, #MassivelyEpic is a producer collective of artists, musicians, DJs and performers, with the aim of working collaboratively in order to develop sustainable models for independent creative careers. Since July we have been partnering with community organizations, businesses and artists to produce educational workshops (#ArtistEngage) and distribution outlets (#ArtistTransform, #MassivelyEpic Radio, #Undergroove, and #Groovelust), along with original productions, live performances, weekly radio broadcasts, private and public showcases and parties. Our vision is to be the leading independent creative collective built by artists and entrepreneurs from the ground up. | @massivelyepic | fb/massivelyepic contact - Keith Shocklee or Wizard K-Jee, is an American hip hop producer and DJ.

SOUND GROOVE ENTERTAINMENT Over 18+ years of entertainment, 10+ years of digital and social, 7+ years of corporate brand marketing experience. David Iannone has worked on some of the top brands Heineken, Dos Equis, Captain Morgan, Ketel One, Guinness, Prince, Trojan Brand Condoms, Skoal, Copenhagen creating integrated, digital and social marketing campaigns. As a composer, DJ and Producer under stage name Ravin Dave, he began learning music in sixth grade, and professional djing at the age of fifteen. TRIP DIGITAL SOUND DESIGN PRODUCTION, LICENSING & DISTRIBUTION Over 18+ years of entertainment and production experience. DJ Journey is the resident DJ for Strategic and Tao Groups Dream Hotel, PHD and Marquee. Seated on the Grammy’s Board, Journey has built a deep reputation and network from LA to Chicago and New York City as one of the industry’s most respected DJs and Producer. Trip Digital provides full service consultation for media projects including film, television, commercials, sound effects, video games, advertising, and branded services. contact - CONTENT STRATEGY, PACKAGING & PARTNERSHIPS


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