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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: openp2pdesign


Come costruire un FabLab Massimo Menichinelli Design for Open Systems, Processes, Projects, Places.

Digital Fabrication e FabLabs

{ { Dagli atomi ai bit Dai bit agli atomi Atomi e bit: due direzioni

Fab Lab: CBA MIT + Neil Gershenfeld Fonte:

01. Computer attaccati a macchine Fonte:

02. Macchine che costruiscono macchine Fonte:

03. Materiali con un codice inscritto Fonte:

04. Materiali con un programma inscritto Fonte:

Anche IDEO ci sta lavorando su Fonte:

Democratizzazione della Digital Fabrication Fonte:

FabLab: una comunitá / rete globale Fonte:

Fab10: il meeting annuale 2014 Source:

* A space about bits and atoms * Part of a network * A local and global community * A set of tools * A set of knowledge * A set of processes * A service * Not a franchising * A business * A concept currently under development Un Fab Lab é ... Fonte:

Apprendimento & collaborazione Fonte:

FabAcademy Fonte:

Artigianato digitale Fonte:

Non solo prototipi Fonte:

Supply chain e sostenibilitá Fonte:

“We fnd this previously unmeasured type of household sector innovation to be quite large: 6.2% of UK consumers - 2.9 million individuals - have engaged in consumer product innovation during the prior 3 years. In aggregate, consumers’ annual product development expenditures are 2.3 times larger than the annual consumer product R&D expenditures of all frms in the UK combined. “ Eric A. Von Hippel, Jeroen De Jong, Steven Flowers Comparing Business and Household Sector Innovation in Consumer Products: Findings from a Representative Study in the UK Gli utenti innovano... Fonte:

Open Source, dalla pratica... Fonte:

Esempi di FabLab

Fab Lab Amsterdam (Olanda) Fonte:

Fab Lab Amsterdam (Olanda) Fonte:

Fab Lab Amsterdam (Olanda) Fonte:

Mini Fab Lab (Utrecht, Olanda) Fonte:

Mobile Fab Lab Fonte:

Fab Lab Afghanistan (Jalalabad, Afghanistan) Fonte:

FabLab Barcelona (Spagna) Fonte:

FabLab Barcelona (Spagna) Fonte:

FabLab Barcelona (Spagna) Fonte:

FabLab Barcelona (Spagna) Fonte:

FabLab Barcelona (Spagna) Fonte:

Un (grande) FabLab per l'architettura Fonte:

Green FabLab Barcelona Fonte:

Barcelona FabCity Fonte:

FabLabs al cui sviluppo ho lavorato

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Aalto FabLab (Helsinki, Finlandia) Fonte:

Muse Fablab (Trento)

Muse (Trento) Foto: Alessandro Gadotti

Muse Fablab (Trento)

Muse Fablab (Trento)

Muse Fablab (Trento)

La rete dei FabLab e le sue piattaforme

List curata dal CBA Fonte:

Lista sul wiki del Fonte:

A FabLab should: * provide public access to the fablab * subscribe the fab charter * share the same set of tools and processes * partecipate in the global network fo fablabs Condizioni per essere un FabLab Fonte:

* What is a fablab? Fab labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access for individuals to tools for digital fabrication. • • * What's in a fablab? Fab labs share an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared * What does the fab lab network provide? Operational, educational, technical, fnancial, and logistical assistance beyond what's available within one lab. * Who can use a fab lab? Fab labs are available as a community resource, ofering open access for individuals as well as scheduled access for programs. * What are a fab lab user's responsibilities? * safety: knowing how to work without hurting people or machines • * operations: assisting with maintaining the lab * knowledge: contributing to documentation and instruction * Who owns fab lab inventions? Designs and processes developed in fab labs can be protected and sold however an inventor chooses, but should remain available for individuals to use and learn from. * How can businesses use a fab lab? Commercial activities can be prototyped and incubated in a fab lab, but they must not confict with other uses, they should grow beyond rather than within the lab, and they are expected to beneft the inventors, labs, and networks that contribute to their success August 14, 2012 Fab Charter Source:

Condizioni per essere un FabLab: valutazioni Fonte:

Also note, that the label is "Fab Lab" (or Fablab or FabLab) and that you are not entitled to use anything like "MIT Fab Lab" etc. However, you can always say that your Fab Lab is modeled after the MIT concept or anything along these lines. NON é MIT Fonte:

Non MIT: Fab Foundation Fonte:

International FabLab Association Fonte: Fonte:

Fabber in Italia Fonte:

Make in Italy (Associazione) Fonte:

Make in Italy (Associazione) Fonte:

Make in Italy (Fondazione) Fonte:

Mailing list italiana Fonte:

Video Conferenza (globale): Fonte:

Video Conferenza (globale): istruzioni Fonte:

Video Conferenza (globale): Jabber Fonte:;jsessionid=2EB6AB44A0528F209AE8A27DDA92E008)

Video Conferenza (globale): Polycom Fonte:

La scala dei FabLab

Micro FabLab → 1k $ Mini FabLab → 10k $ Standard FabLab → 100k $ Mega FabLab → 1000k $ In macchinari e strumentazione. $ non é € ma... La scala in potenza di dieci...

Mini FabLab → 10k * 25 m2 * 50.000 € * 1 persona Standard FabLab → 100k * 75-200 m2 * 80.000 – 200.000 € * 2-3 persone fsse La scala in potenza di dieci...

Micro FabLab → 1k * 5 m2 * 5.000 € * 1 persona ... Mega FabLab → 1000k * > 300 m2 * 200.000 - ... € * 5-15 persone fsse Gli estremi della scala, da defnire...

* macchinari * strumentazione * mobili * computer * software * materiali * ristrutturazione spazio * aftto spazio * stipendi * consulenze * comunicazione * … gestione I costi

1k FabLab: macchine ibride Fonte:

1000k FabLab: come TechShop Fonte:

Laser cutter 3D printing (Small) CNC Milling machine Digital sewing / embroidery Vinyl cutter (Big) CNC Milling machine 3D Scanner Electronics (custom PCBs, Arduino) Macchine / Strumentazioni piú comuni

(Small) CNC Milling machine Laser cutter 3D printing Digital sewing / embroidery Vinyl cutter (Big) CNC Milling machine 3D Scanner Electronics (custom PCBs, Arduino) Macchine/Strumentazione base

100k FabLab: la lista Fonte:

FabLab 2.0: Machines that make machines Fonte:

FabModules: la interfaccia comune Fonte:

10k FabLab: la discussione Fonte:

10k FabLab: la lista Fonte: +

Grassroot FabLab... Fonte:

* Is the machine right for your activities? * Are the specifcations of the machine right for your space? * Is the machine part of the ofcial list? * Is the machine compatible with Fab Modules? * Is the machine easy to install? * Is the machine easy to run? * Is the machine cheap enough for you? * Is the machine popular enough? * Is the machine popular with the FabLabs you will be collaborating the most? * Will the machine arrive on time? Criteri per la scelta delle macchine Fonte:

Consigli per sviluppare un FabLab

Fab Lab logo: (nessun) trademark Fonte:

* (Connect to local and regional networks) * Look for local resources * Look for the right people * Design activities, services and features * Design the business model * Prepare the space * Open the space * Further develop the space and machines * Connect to local and regional networks Un possibile processo Fonte:

* Identify a host agency to host and take ownership of the Fab Lab * Identify the right champion to lead this Fab Lab * Finalize partnership/ contractual agreements * Secure funding for this Fab Lab * Identify and prepare site * Procure, install and commission the Fab Lab * Train the trainers (technical and management) * Identify projects * Launch the Fab Lab Un altro possibile processo Fonte:

* Start from the local conditions * Think about the community and get it involved * Develop the service, the business model and then the business plan * Beware of the hidden costs! * Plan enough time for the development of the lab * Balance the team and the resources * Choose carefully the tools * It’s not over yet when you buy the machines * Be part of the network and learn from others * Test the machines and the processes before opening 10 cose da considerare... Fonte:

* The Enabler business model: launch new Labs or provide maintenance, supply chain or similar services for existing Labs. * The Education business model: a global distributed model of education through Fab Labs (with the Fab Academy) where global experts in particular topics can deliver training from local Fab Labs or even from universities/businesses via the Fab Lab video conferencing network. * The Incubator business model: provide infrastructure for entrepreneurs to turn their Fab Lab creations into sustainable businesses. The incubator provides back-ofce infrastructure, promotion & marketing, seed capital, the leverage of the Fab Lab network and other venture infrastructure to enable the entrepreneur to focus on her areas of expertise. * The Replicated / Network business model: provide a product, service or curriculum that operates by utilizing the infrastructure, staf and expertise of a local Fab Lab. Such opportunities can be replicated, sold by and executed at many (or all) local Labs, with sustainable revenue at each location. The leverage of all Labs in the network simultaneously promoting and delivering the business creates strength and reach for the brand. Business models... Fonte:

* N essuna (il lab é parte di una istituzione) * A ssociazione * Srl * C ooperativa * ... Formalizzazione


* http://w w w hat-is-a-fablab/ * http://w w hen-starting-a * http://w w -to-build-a-fablab/ * http://w w odels-for-open-hard fab-labs-diy-craft/business-m odels-for-fab-labs/ Mie rifessioni...

Fab Foundation Source:

Da evitare... Source:

Partire con un progetto di FabLab

Un toolkit di service design Fonte:

Un toolkit di service design Fonte:

Personas: user-centered design Source:

Personas: user-centered design Source:

Activity Network: structure Source:

Activity Network: structure Source:

Business Model Canvas: sketch Source:

Grazie! @openp2pdesign

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