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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: hedleymfb


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs What motivates our behaviour?

Division of needs The bottom 4 needs arrive from deprivation, or missing something very important. We must satisfy these 4 levels so we do not have any unpleasant feelings or consequences.

Top level The last level is very important as well is known as growth needs. These needs do not come from missing something important, but from a desire to grow as a person.

The bottom level—basic survival needs All other needs on the pyramid are secondary to these needs.

Security needs Need to feel safe and secure. Employed, health insurance, a home and good community.

Social needs: relationships and social interaction Need to feel like you belong, loved and have affection from family, friends and social groups.

After the first 3 levels are met, esteem becomes very important. This includes feeling good about yourself. Having self-worth, and recognition from others and a sense of accomplishment.

Self-actualization Highest level. People who are self-actualized are self-aware, want to grow as people, don’t worry as much about what others think of them. They are problem-solvers. It is a continual process as people always try their best to reach their full potential.

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