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Published on October 9, 2009

Author: davidseth



Presented at Web Directions South 09

The ABC launched three new socially networked digital radio websites: ABC Dig Music, ABC Jazz and ABC Country in July 2009. They are the first of several ABC projects involving content aggregation. As well as having slick, highly usable designs the music platform integrates with various sources including MusicBrainz, YouTube, and Wikipedia. This aggregation functionality graphically illustrates the possibilities of Semantic Web technology for an editorial organisation such as the ABC.

THE MASHED UP PLAYLIST part II David Peterson @davidseth #w3c

David Peterson@davidseth

Challenge Create a snapshot of an artist

Problem <xml> <track> <title>Purple Rain</title> <artistName>Prince</artistName> </track></xml>


It’s all about story telling

Shared Understanding Can’t tell a story if the other person doesn’t get what we mean Or even speak the same language Imagine explain what a kiwi was or what a sheep was

The story matters ... but ... You never really have all the information you need, whether big or small

You Just don’t Always Know Someone else knows more than you How to find it?

One Exception

Semantic Web Core idea you never really know the entire picture This is a good thing Freedom

Open World Closed World

Finding a Solution Which APIs to use Which APIs can we use How can we combine data from multiple sources How can we automate it

The Curse of too much There are over 50 APIs listed on Too many to look into Each has its own API methods and return data formats JSON, XML, RSS, RDF !!!

Take your Pick APIs everywhere BBC Music Discogs MusicBrainz Yahoo Music Flickr Youtube The Hype Machine

Finding the key One common feature was the usage of a MusicBrainz ID Discogs Freebase Wikipedia/Dbpedia BBC

Eureka! Great, now all I had to do was use the MusicBrainz API to look up the ID and I was done. Easy... :( The search API sucked. It returned too many fuzzy results crap

Back to the future This is where the Semantic Web enters the picture All that stuff about story telling Shared understanding URIs (web links)

SPARQL Think of it as Google with a WHERE clause

SELECT ?artist WHERE { ?artist foaf:name"Prince"@en . ?artist a <>. }

SELECT ?artist ?bio ?url?album WHERE { ?artist foaf:name"Prince"@en . ?artist a <> . ?artist dbpedia2:abstract ?bio . ?artist foaf:page?url. OPTIONAL { ?album <> ?artist . ?album rdfs:label"Purple Rain"@en . } } LIMIT 1

Pinpoint results This returns ONE result “exactly” what we are looking for (or nothing!)



Raw Data Not too pretty to look at But computers LOVE this stuff

So, what do we get Disambiguation MusicBrainz ID Discography Related Artists Official homepage Bio Credit card details (in Semantic Web 2.0)

The Rosetta Stone MusicBrainz ID is our key to the wild web of APIs Wikipedia URL is the key to Semantic Web One happy family

[insert LOD graph]

Take a look [browser]

Hindsight is 20/20 ... or lessons learned

Drupal Sucks Drupal performance, what performance? Out of the box it’s been beaten with an ugly stick

Don’t use Drupal To get the best performance out of Drupal, don’t use Drupal

Pressflow Key patches and enhancements Releases mirror official Drupal releases Big players are using it ABC Music labels Newspapers

Start your Engines MySQL base install is ... lacking MyISAM == slow Use PerconaXtraDB ... or ... InnoDB

Reduce your footprint APC PHP app is compiled & cached in memory

Search Drupal’s built in search can be a dawg Solr Much faster search Offers faceting Can become a platform in its own right.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Varnish Last but certainly not least Up to 10 million hits per hour

What’s Next? Project Mercury Drupal 7 RDFa Views 3 FOAF+SSL open social networking everything under your control

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