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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: StFrancisCE


Any Food You like Enormous Bedrooms Magic World Gymnastics Karate Magic Robots

Magic Room Magic World has a magic room where children can learn magic .They’ll have some spell books as well. But you are not allowed to tell anyone else that you can do magic accept someone in our school.

Lunch Room We have a massive lunch room where you can order anything you like because before lunch you tell what you want in your lunch to the dinner lady. The dinner lady is nice but she hates it when other people say yuck to someone's’ food.

Gymnastic room The gymnastic room has a lot of equipments .In there we do gymnastics for a little stretch so you don’t get lazy. Children should stay fit. The adults in the gymnastics room are angry, if you get something wrong then you can tell that it is the end of your life because they will tell you a lot about why you did it wrong.

Bedroom We have really big bedrooms in our school but sometimes you share the bedrooms with people. These bedrooms have a shelf beside it where you can put you books and read. You can decorate your room as well . You’ll have sleep early at night and wake early in the morning because there will be much to do. If you have a bedroom of your own you’ll have to clean it yourself.

Studies This school has different classes for different ages and in total there are ten classes . They do as they’re told if they don’t then it doesn't matter.

The Uniform In my dream school there will be no uniform, you can wear anything you like but because this school is private, there’s a little shop in my dream school. The shop is for buying new cloths and everything is free.

Karate In our dream school we have a karate room as well because if you don’t want to do gymnastics you can do karate instead. The adults in this class are really nice and they teach you really safely.

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