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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: leadstartpublishing



In this cauldron of great illusion, with the sun as fire, day-night as fuel; using months and seasons as stirrer, Time is cooking all beings that is the message. ~Yudhishthira, in the Mahabharatas Vana-parva 313.118 The Mahabharatha never ceases to fascinate. By far the longest of the worlds epics, it transcends the limitations of genre. History, encyclopaedia, philosophy, scripture, warrior saga, it encapsulates all these in one exalting epic tragedy underscoring the truth in the ancient adage that the whole knowable world is Vyasas leftover. The Great Epic of India encompasses an awesome interplay of human effort and destiny, set against the backdrop of inexorable Time. Marvels and Mysteries, with its lucid and engaging narrative, seeks to unravel some of its enigmas: the characters of Vyasa, Krshna, Yudhishthira, Arjuna, and Draupadi; aspects of the Mahabharathas historicity; its medley of interpretations; the stupendous text-critical project to sift its perceived accretions; its inter-relationship with the Ramayana and other epics; and its universal relevance brought home through a series of trans-cultural comparisons. This is the one book about the Mahabharatha which everyone will love to read and gift.


Who is Brahmana? Was Vyasa’s obsessives search for an answer linked to his own mixed birth?

Was Pandu’s wandering asceticism related to sexual inadequacy?

Did the dying Vidura’s yogic transference into Yudhishrhira, symbolize a father-son relation?

Was Krshna’s flight from Mathura a strategic retreat to avert bloodshed?

Was Yudhishthira’s barbarian appellation of ‘Kanka’ in the Viraata court a subtle disclosure of his true identity?

Was the burning of Khandava a sanctified deed or a ruthless pogrom by Aryan settlers?

Was Draupadi’s polyandrous marriage linked to tribal customs?

When did the Bharata war happen? Divergent evidences.

Was Ganesha the divine scribe or a scholarly amanuensis?

Intriguing ways of the Kshatriyas: assigned fatherhood; gambling.

Was a simple warrior story later overlaid with Krshna emphasis?

The ‘inversion’ theory of the Kauravas as the virtuous side.

Were dice games part of ceremonial potlatch feasts linked to Greco-Persian tribal custom?

Uncanny similarities between the Brahmaastra and today’s atomic weapons.

Inter-relationship of the two Indian epics and their much-debated chronology.


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