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Published on July 20, 2007

Author: Wanderer


VLE 2.0:  VLE 2.0 Martin Weller Outline:  Outline Current VLE situation Succession Examples VLE 2.0 Some questions What’s wrong with VLEs:  What’s wrong with VLEs They are content focused They have no strong pedagogy They are based around a teacher-classroom model They combine a number of average tools, but not the best ones They do not feature a particular tool They operate on a lowest common denominator approach They do not meet the needs of different subject areas It is difficult to exchange content between them, despite claims to interoperability Current state of play:  Current state of play OECD/OBHE 2004 survey in 13 countries All had VLE 37% have institution-wide VLE 90% expect to have single VLE in next 5 years 52% use commercial system Rest use combination of in-house and open source No institution had just OS 31% had portal 6.6% had CMS What is changing:  What is changing Open standards –a dilemma for commercial VLEs? Convergence of functionality – little to choose between commercial and open source options. Reliability of open source solutions The battle over patents Why have VLEs been adopted?:  Why have VLEs been adopted? Because they do not require big changes in practice A content management system requires: Most content is available digitally Content is in appropriately sized chunks Reuse of material is encouraged E-learning plays a significant role in the overall educational strategy Plant succession:  Plant succession Technology succession:  Technology succession 'technological environments are not merely passive containers of people but are active processes that reshape people and other technologies alike' (McLuhan 1962) Some examples:  Some examples UKOU – SOA, with Moodle SUNY – SOA with LAMS + Portal NZ Open source - Moodle Web 2.0:  Web 2.0 Both an approach and a set of technologies Web as platform Harnessing collective intelligence Evolutionary development Lightweight programming models VLE 2.0:  VLE 2.0 How would a VLE 2.0 be constructed? Service oriented Tools tested and released Standards based Unique/local configurations Incorporate external tools Pedagogy aware Personalised What does web 2.0 education feel like? Students as co-creators Reuse Less rigid boundaries Social Slide12:  Some questions:  Some questions Is a VLE 2.0 a VLE at all? What are the implications for support? What are the implications for teaching? What are the technical issues? How does it fit with portals, CMSs, etc? Slide14:  Known unknowns

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