Marriage of Njord and Skadi

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Information about Marriage of Njord and Skadi

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Mrs_Shearer



Norse myth of the marriage of Njord and Skadi

By: Taylor Nordin & Jessica Hanson.

 Their marriage came about when Thjazi was slayed to get Idun (goddess of youth) back home to Asgard.  Giantess Skadi was in armor and with weapons at the gods home seeking revenge of the death of Thjazi.  The gods were patient with her and convinced her to accept reparations without seeking vengeance.

 First, Odin took Thjazi’s eyes and tossed them into the night sky where they turned to two stars.  Second, the gods were to make Skadi laugh. They tried but non of the gods got her to laugh till Loki took it upon himself and tied rope to a goat and to his testacies. He and the goat were playing tug of war and they both screeched and howled till Loki fell into Skadi’s lap. The Giantess was laughing.  Third, Skadi was to choose one of the gods to marry her, but she was to choose the god by looking at his legs and feet only. She choose Njord thinking it was Baldur.

 They had a magnificent wedding, but both had to decide where they were going to live.  Skadi lived in Thrymheim. It was dark and she lived in a mountain where the snow didn’t melt.  Njord lived in Noatum (the place of ships) where it was bright, warm and had sandy beach's.

 They both stayed at each others homes together. Njord didn’t like where Skadi lived. It was dark and he couldn’t stand the sound of the wolfs.  Skadi didn’t like where Njord lived because it was to sunny and didn’t like the sound of the swans singing.  They both didn’t stay together because they pointed out differences and ended up parting ways.

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