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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Belly


Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Overview:  Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Overview Craig Marl ( Program Manager Windows Server Update Services SW09 Agenda:  Agenda Overview of where we are with WSUS 2.0 WSUS 3.0 Design Goals Overview of WSUS 3.0 Features Demo of WSUS 3.0 Q andamp; A WSUS 2.0 – the story so far:  WSUS 2.0 – the story so far Shipped on June 6 2005 Over 230,000 Unique WSUS Servers synchronized with Microsoft Update in March! Ranked as #1Patch Management Product by readers of Windows IT Pro Magazine Based on Beta !! WSUS 2.0 has already exceeded SUS in numbers of deployments WSUS 2.0 Best Features:  WSUS 2.0 Best Features WSUS 2.0 introduced a great set of new features Integrated Reporting Targeting of updates Richer UI Access to more content Flexible synchronization options and more granular sync But we (and you) were still not satisfied….. WSUS 2.0 Feedback:  WSUS 2.0 Feedback Despite being a great release, WSUS 2.0 we heard from you that you wanted improvements Support more clients, and emergency failover No support for NLB and SQL clustering UI didn’t scale to large numbers of computers Better Reporting No support for saving reports No centralized reporting More flexible targeting A great improvement over SUS 1.0, but not as rich as other products Access to even more content Ability to import hotfixes Better driver support, more than just critical drivers API No remotable API No scripting story We listened to your feedback for 3.0! WSUS 3.0 Design Goals:  WSUS 3.0 Design Goals Address top customer asks and feedback Continue to be the best patch management solution for Windows Enhance the infrastructure to support new scenarios Support Windows Vista and Longhorn Server Agenda:  Agenda Overview of where we are with WSUS 2.0 WSUS 3.0 Design Goals Overview of WSUS 3.0 Features Demo of WSUS 3.0 Q andamp; A Supported Platforms:  Supported Platforms The WSUS 3.0 Server requires Windows 2003 SQL Server 2005, SQL Express or wYukon Internet Information Services 6.0 .NET Framework 2.0 MMC 3.0 Clients require Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 Windows Server 2003 The WSUS 3.0 management console can be installed on remote systems separate from the WSUS server Simple Install And Upgrade:  Simple Install And Upgrade WSUS 3.0 is an in-place upgrade of 2.0 3.0 has all the features of 2.0 and then some! WSUS 2.0 Servers can sync from a 3.0 Server Allows for a gradual top down roll out New OOBE (Out of the box experience) wizard to help guide initial setup Simpler Deployment:  Simpler Deployment Many improvements to replica mode to support branch office deployments Move between Replica and Autonomous modes without a reinstall Support for language subsetting on downstream replica servers Replica’s can sync meta-data from a USS and content from MU Support for disconnected replica synchronization Improved Performance:  Improved Performance Reporting performance 50% performance gain Server Synchronization Full sync down from 1 ½ hours to 20 minutes New UI makes it easier to see what’s relevant New deployment options make it easier to build large scale deployments Server now has native support for x64 Better Reliability:  Better Reliability Support for Network Load Balancing (NLB) Allows for faster failover in high availably environments Support for SQL Clusters Complements NLB scenarios MOM Management Pack Proactive alerts of server health Reporting:  Reporting See a single unified view of the status of your organization Reporting rollup is in the box! Roll up detailed status or summaries Roll up from autonomous or replica servers UI reporting based on Rosetta controls Print, Save to Excel or PDF New 'Reporters' user role Allows read-only access to the server Targeting:  Targeting WSUS 3.0 supports 2 new grouping concepts Nested target groups Overlapping group membership A computer can be a member of andgt; 1 group Eg: Computer 1 is a member of Servers as well as Exchange Servers Improved Content:  Improved Content Access to drivers and hotfixes via the Microsoft Update (MU) Catalog site Tightly integrated with WSUS 3.0 to enable easy drivers and hotfix access Improved searching and filtering Personalization available to make the MU Catalog customized to your downloading needs Stay tuned… API support for importing 3rd party updates (more on that later)! Improved Admin Experience:  Improved Admin Experience New MMC 3.0 based console Allows us to address key feedback Column sorting and reordering Context Menus Host multiple servers in a single console Home pages to give a quick overview Custom Views Additional Filtering views for the results pane Integrated reporting 'in context' Built in email notifications and status Allows for a 'hands off' approach WSUS 3.0 Management Console:  WSUS 3.0 Management Console Infrastructure Improvements:  Infrastructure Improvements Support for Update Publishing Import updates from participating commercial software vendors, OEM’s, and solution providers Create your own updates New Public Corporate Publishing XML Schema Subset of the schema used by Windows Update Jointly developed by the SMS/WSUS/SCE teams Defines properties about updates Includes logical expressions that can be created with any combination of detection rules to determine applicability and installed status of an update WSUS only supports API level Publishing SMS ITCU and SCE will have authoring and publishing tools Infrastructure Improvements:  Infrastructure Improvements Lightweight Hardware and Software Inventory Hardware Inventory 30+ attributes collected about the hardware installed on server and client computers Disk drives Network Cards BIOS Monitors OS Information Software Inventory Add / Remove programs inventory collects name and version information Non-end user extensible for this release Exposed only at the API Level in WSUS 3.0 Inventory is off by default Partners:  Partners Many new Microsoft Products are building on WSUS 3.0 System Center Essentials Systems Management Server V4 Small Business Server WSUS 3.0 Timeline:  WSUS 3.0 Timeline Beta 1 Beta 1 released to a small number of TAP customers on 1/31/06 Beta 2 Open Public Beta 2 scheduled for 2H 2006 Watch the website for details RTW RTW Scheduled for 1H 2007 WSUS Resources:  WSUS Resources Home Page Links to all things WSUS Place to look for details on v3 beta WSUS Community Team Blogs MVPs Forums Newsgroups Webcasts Wiki Tools and API Samples Microsoft Update Team Blog Questions?:  Questions? Slide24:  © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Slide25: 

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