Marketplace Innovation Report | Q1, 2016

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Information about Marketplace Innovation Report | Q1, 2016

Published on February 27, 2016

Author: Endava



2. ABOUT THIS REPORT Welcome to the latest edition of the Quarterly Innovation Report. This edition is packed with contributions from people across Endava and covers many industries. It contains really cool, innovative projects that span robotics, business intelligence, security and payments. These projects are the cutting edge of the industry and we often use these as inspiration for clients who are embarking on a Digital Transformation programme.

3. TUBE LINE TRAVELATORS When you think of travelators you either think of gladiators or getting on the Waterloo & City line at Bank. However, the NBBJ firm of architects has proposed a new way of looking at travelators and even replacing the entire Circle Line with them. They are suggesting they can travel up to 15mph, meaning there would be no waiting time, as you simply walk on and walk off at your stop. It would mean some different speeds running next to each other, so you can step between fast and slow ones. This seems quite far-fetched, but there should be some practical applications where people do need to get from one location to another quickly. Some of these are already functional in places like Hong Kong, but this is only 800m, while the Circle Line is 17 miles long. Steve Bacall

4. SMARTPHONE FORCE TOUCH STARTS GELLING Force touch is starting to become more available on devices. Apple has introduced it on the iPhone 6s and Amazon in the Kindle Voyager. Force touch gives the user a tactile response to carrying out certain behaviours. This has been taken to the next stage by a University in Berlin that has introduced gel touch. This changes the shape of parts of the screen depending on the actions the user is performing. For example, the screen can changed to raised buttons, like a keyboard. This is moving into science fiction, but from watching the video, it is available now, even if it does take time for the gel to change shape (2 seconds). There are so many applications of this technology, we couldn’t list them all here! Martin Smith

5. QIVICON’S IoT PLATFORM The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing in momentum, with lots of big players entering this space. There are several competing platforms (think Betamax vs VHS), but Deutsche Telecom has approached this differently by building the first marketplace to pair consumers and IoT manufacturers together. This is quite a refreshing approach to think of customers first rather than just promoting your own format. Bradley Howard

6. MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM SELFIES THAN SHARK ATTACKS IN 2015 In September, a Japanese tourist slipped down the stairs at the Taj Mahal and was the 12th person in 2015 to have died whilst taking a selfie. To put this in context, only 8 people have been killed by sharks this year. Some tourist attractions are banning selfie sticks and some are starting to place signs warning of the dangers. Bradley Howard

7. RATING EVERYONE If you thought you were safe leaving reviews on TripAdvisor or Uber, think again. There is a new ratings site being launched, called Peeple, that allows you to rate – you guessed it – people! This means, if you are applying for a job or even ordering a cab, they could be looking at your profile to see how trustworthy or honest you are! This seems a little bit open to abuse, as people can be trolled and there is no way to opt out of the service, but if you were going out on a date, would you give it a quick search to see if their ex wrote anything there! Guy Djemal

8. CISCO BRAINSTORMING WITH THE NEXT GENERATION Cisco has been on a charm offensive with their latest marketing campaign for IoT. They have carried out a mini Dragons Den for 5 -11 year olds to pitch their IoT ideas to the Cisco UKI CEO. As well as a great marketing idea, it’s good to see a company like Cisco looking to get the next generation involved in IoT and maybe use some of their ideas – we liked the sibling alert! Bradley Howard

9. PUFFERFISH Holographic projections and 3D displays have been a bit gimmicky over the last few years, but Pufferfish have made this quite cool by increasing the size and shape of the projection – to a four metre sphere! The technology works by projecting video onto an inflatable ball. Not quite sure where this will be used apart from events, but we would like one in the office! Steve Bacall

10. SIMPLY REGISTERING NEW CREDIT CARDS Here is a solution to a problem you didn’t think you had. You can now activate your new ATM and credit cards just by taking a picture of them. This sounds like a nice simple idea, but you still need to register all of your accounts on the app and, unless you regularly lose your cards, you will only need to use this every couple of years. We like this as it shows a good application of OCR, which some retailers allow when purchasing online. Bradley Howard

11. HACKERS TARGET CHILDREN The latest high profile company to be hacked is VTech. On this occasion, the target appears to have been children’s personal data. Over six million personal records of children were stolen during the hacking attempt, and at the time of writing this report, VTech have not announced whether photos and audio files were also stolen as part of the hack. VTech encourage children to enter their names, addresses and date of birth when registering their new product, hence the scale of the data breach. This is a very worrying direction for hackers to take, as knowing your child’s name and date of birth could make a potential scam seem more genuine. Martin Smith

12. DOWNLOADABLE FASHION Dutch fashion designer Martijn van Strien has launched the Post-Couture Collective, a website where fashion fans can buy haute couture outfits as a customisable digital design that they can produce themselves (assuming they have access to a laser cutter) or as a made-to-measure kit that they can assemble at home (Dezeen). Priced between €40 (£29) and €130 (£96), depending on which version you go for, the unisex outfits seek to put fashion in the hands of consumers, while eliminating the waste associated with unsold clothes. “Post-couture garments are designed on the spot by our software whenever someone wants to buy one, and thus also produced only when they're sold,” said van Strien. Giulia Crepaldi

13. FACEBOOK SAFETY CHECK One of the key advantages of Facebook’s ubiquitous platform is its ability to quickly notify all your friends and family in the event of a problem. Enter Safety Check from Facebook. In the event that a Facebook user is located near an emergency situation, Facebook will proactively ask if the user is safe. Facebook will then post a notification to the user’s friends and family to let them all know the person is safe. Although Facebook Safety Check was originally intended for natural disasters, it was also used in the recent Paris atrocities. Bradley Howard

14. MAKING MOTOR RACING EVEN FASTER (AND EVEN MORE PROCESSIONAL) The creators of Formula E – the electric powered version of Formula One – have announced an automated car series. Without the human, speeds are expected to increase significantly, up to around 180mph. The main test here is artificial intelligence – creating a robotic version of Lewis Hamilton. One question which arises is whether the audience wants to see perfect driving, or whether we, humans, want to see the driving abilities or the crashes. Bradley Howard

15. LiFi IS THE NEW (SECURE) Wi-Fi There haven’t been that many changes with Wi-Fi over the years, apart from speed increases. However, scientists in Estonia have created a wireless network 100 times faster than Wi-Fi by using light pulses. Apart from the benefit of increased speed, it also means that the network can be contained within a specific area, as light can’t travel through walls. This will make security people very happy, but might cause problems if we want to use this at home. Martin Smith

16. VISA AND BITCOIN Bitcoin has been around for some time now, but finally large institutions are taking it seriously as a currency. Visa have launched the first card that allows you to connect your Bitcoin wallet and make purchases with the card. Hopefully, this will make the currency more stable and give users of Bitcoin more choice and reputability. Not the first, but might be the first mainstream Bitcoin card. Matt Cloke

17. STORAGE COMPANIES CONSOLIDATING Western digital has purchased SanDisk for $19 billion to consolidate their position in the storage industry. With many consumers moving to using cloud based solutions, local storage has been in decline. This purchase will double the market that WD currently supplies. We see there being a place for both local and cloud storage as devices get more complex, they still require storage for the OS at a minimum. Also, relying on a cloud solution for all of your personal storage removes any control in terms of pricing or security. Let’s hope this drives the price down for both. Martin Smith

18. ABOUT ENDAVA Endava is a privately owned IT services company with over 2,500 employees and offices in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt and 6 delivery centers across Romania, Moldova, Macedonia and Serbia. Formed in 2000, Endava works with some of the world’s biggest brands in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail, helping them harness digital technologies and transforming them into more agile, responsive and valuable businesses.

19. MARTIN SMITH Head of Delivery, Digital Media BRADLEY HOWARD Head of Digital Media UK + 44 20 7367 1000 USA + 1 212 920 7240 Germany + 49 69 999 9115 0

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