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Published on October 23, 2009

Author: graynotgrey


Marketing for Clubs Jill Agruss Breckenridge ’65

What is Marketing? Data on your market (potential club members) and on your competition (other alumnae clubs and social groups in the area) Clear definition of services Communications & public relations Strategic planning

Do Market Research What are the demographics of your members? What are the needs and interests of your members? What type of club events would best meet the needs of this group? Social, educational, cultural, literary (book group), athletic, online, a combination? What type of club organization best serves your members? Formal club, informal club, or nested club? Dues or pay-as-you go?

Do Market Research Conduct a survey Create a general survey using the “Survey Monkey” tool through the Alumnae Association. Survey targeted member segments. Conduct local, informal queries via phone or email. Open board meetings to overall membership.

Check the Competition Which social groups or commitments compete for club members’ time? Other alumnae clubs, including Ivy League clubs Community organizations – church, PTA, service Career, family, and friends What does your club offer that differentiates you from your competitors? What makes you special? Why? Can a competitor become a partner? Can you plan joint events with local alumnae clubs of the other Seven-Siblings?

Define Where You Fit Clarify and articulate the mission of your club. Is it: Social, educational, community-oriented? A virtual club? Growth- or maintenance-focused? Define the services and events offered. To fulfill the mission of the club. To fulfill unmet needs of your members.

Energize Your Members Get the word out about the club and its activities. Methods available: AA-hosted or independent Club Web site Newsletter – 1 per year via AA (no charge) Phone calls and personal visits E-mails/E-blasts/E-vites Club blog – independent or on AA Website Remember: consumer awareness requires 7 ads

Energize Your Members Keep messages short, concise, to-the-point. Members respond to “what’s in it for me.” Make it clear what the benefit is. Email reminders after first invitation are helpful. Always be willing to ask for feedback. Remember to send “thank you” and “glad to see you” messages.

Achieve Your Goals Through Planning Build a two-year plan for your club: Growth Choose a target segment (focus on an easy-to-reach group first). Plan activities to attract that segment. Remember interests, benefits, and competition. Maintenance Fulfill the changing needs of current members. Plan standard yearly activities Plan new activities as needed Virtual club

Write It Down! Unwritten goals are seldom achieved.Review ALLmarketing data and information about competition at least once per year.Don’t be afraid to try new things, exercise your creativity, and solicit new ideas!

Unwritten goals are seldom achieved.

Review ALLmarketing data and information about competition at least once per year.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, exercise your creativity, and solicit new ideas!

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