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Published on November 13, 2008

Author: FattoreMamma



Overview sul convegno di Chicago sul marketing alle mamme

The Marketing to Moms Conference Chicago October 22-23 2008 © FattoreMamma –

M2Moms is a two-day conference featuring a series of general sessions, keynotes, workshops, and roundtable discussions about moms and marketing to moms topics. This conference will help companies to share best practises and relevant marketing to moms campaigns and, in the meantime, it will help moms to maximize their networking and peer-to- peer learning opportunities. Online moms are moving the conversation about products and services from the kitchen table to the Internet and successful companies are now beginnig to take note. © FattoreMamma – There will be over 50 different speakers and among those we find different CEOs from huge global companies like Nickelodeon,, MTV Kids, American Baby Group etc. There will also be some Hollywood celebrities speaking at the conference about their experinces with their family and kids – such as Holly Robinson Pete.

Why M2Moms? Women today are busier than ever. Multi-tasking has evolved into multi-minding as women mentally juggle the multiple dimensions of their robust lives. That leaves little time for commercial messages. But successful marketers are engaging multi-minding women in a variety of ways that result in rewarding relationships for the female consumer and the marketer. The 4th Annual Marketing-To-Moms Conference in Chicago is the premier national © FattoreMamma – conference for business and marketing professionals looking to increase their emotional, cognitive and financial share of the lucrative women’s market. The 2008 conference will feature speakers and presentations that will address such areas as launching new women’s marketing initiatives, understanding word-of-mouth marketing with female consumers, and reaching women online strategically.

Sessions/Speakers: Although over 50 speakers were attending the M2Moms Conference, some were more important than others. Among those we found Tanya Van Court, SVP from Nickelodeon, MTV Kids and Family Group, who hosted a panel discussion about the importance of marketers reaching parents in each part of their lives. Tanya was joined on stage by several, senior-level marketing and communications executives whom we found very interesting: - Norma Blatto, VP and Executive Director, American Baby Group. - Laurie Klein, Vice President, Just Kid Inc. © FattoreMamma – - Nadine Vogel, President, Springboard Consulting LLC. - Peter Weingard and Tracy Chapman, VPs, and JAAW. - Jerry Shereshewsky, CEO,

Tanya Van Court SVP, Nickelodeon, MTV Kids and Family Grop Parents are people, too! When kids arrive, the lives of Moms and Dads are unquestionably changed. Suddenly they have a new role to add to their lives. A parent is an individual, a wage earner, a © FattoreMamma – spouse/partner, a household manager, in addition to being the mom or dad. For marketers, it's important to understand how each role fits into a parent's daily life and how to connect with parents on each level. After all, parents are people, too. In her keynote address, Tanya Van Court discusses the importance of marketers reaching parents in each part of their lives. She discusses how ParentsConnect has been able to strike a balance between the personal and parental needs of Moms and Dads, and how it can offer marketers the same opportunity. She also showed new research from the Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group which speaks to this dynamic.

Norma Blatto Vice President, Publisher/Executive Director, American Baby Group Second Time Moms Although much focus has been placed on marketing to first-time mothers, they represent only 40% of all births. Wwe are missing nearly one-third of the birth market if you do not target second-time moms. Not only is this a growing proportion of women, they are a © FattoreMamma – unique group to get the messaging right to, as they are both experts (at infant care) and novices (at toddler/preschool care) at the same time. Recognizing the importance of the second-time mom and her value to marketers, American Baby is undertaking a major survey of over 15,000 moms who have a toddler and are also currently pregnant or mother of a newborn. Norma Blatto dicussed and explored these topics: • Psychological and emotional changes, including self-identity and values • The impact of second-time motherhood on their daily routines • New needs and issues arising from their growing families • Purchase behavior and motivations regarding the product choices she makes • Sources of advice and information these second-time moms turn to • Interactions with their peers and role as info source/advisor to first-time moms

Laurie Klein Vice President, Just Kid Inc Parents As Peers Laurie Klein dicussed a new phenomenal trend. A new trend spotted by Just Kid Inc. that will create a 180° in all things traditional about marketing to moms. Today's parenting flip © FattoreMamma – style has evolved from being an authoritative figure, as in the Leave It To Beaver days, to a new type of relationship where the parent is not the dictator but a collaborator and a friend to her child. Moms are actively seeking more shared experiences in the current family dynamics and a new relationship is emerging. There are amazing implications for how this trend is significantly impacting all areas of family life - recreations, vacations, food purchases, media consumption and more. She invited everybody to a round table discussion afterwards – which came out with amazing results for Just Kid Inc.

Nadine Vogel President, Springboard Consulting Reaching the Largest Untapped Market in the Country What segment of the population is large, loyal, has significant spending power and is screaming to be marketed to? It’s the tens of millions of moms who have a child with © FattoreMamma – special needs. The disability community is now considered to be the largest minority market in the country; a market with incredible spending power but largely ignored by Corporate America. These moms have the same income, assets and home ownership as the general population but they have unique needs and interests and want to be spoken to in a way that conveys their needs are understood and their business is wanted. For the business, it will mean revenue; for the moms and their families, it will mean the world! Following that session attendees got these main points: • Identify “low hanging fruit opportunities” • Understand the various segments within this population • Learn the most successful strategies for reaching this community • Seamlessly integrate this segment into a overall marketing strategy

Peter Weingard Vice President Marketing, Tracy Chapman Vice President Marketing, Just Ask A Woman Content, Content, Content © FattoreMamma – There are 30 million Moms online! They shop, email, play games, watch videos and research everything from product prices to vacation destinations to family health issues. But with millions of sites to choose from, how do they separate the wheat from the chaff?, one of the largest producers of original content on the Web, partnered with Just Ask A Woman, a leading women's marketing consultancy, to find out exactly how active web users explore and evaluate online content. From health to food, travel to parenting, they asked moms where they go for trusted information online and what matters most when they get there. Tracy Chapman of Just Ask A Woman and shared their findings and explained how with internet real estate, its not Location, Location, Location, but Content, Content, Content.

Jerry Shereshewsky CEO, But Grandma Said I Could: Lessons in Lifestage Marketing Getting the attention of a prospect and holding it is the single most difficult task in advertising. Being highly relevant to the target is critical. That’s why search works so well. © FattoreMamma – But you can be highly relevant in other forms of advertising when you know and understand the particular lifestage of your audience. Grandparents are in an amazing lifestage. They are wealthy, well-educated and fanatical about their grandchildren. Jerry Shereshewsky will explore the general theory and practice of lifestage marketing and then focus on the grandmother and grandparent market as a prime example.

Conclusion and Result Everybody is marketing to moms, but three key groups of mothers are being ignored: moms of special needs kids, second-time moms and grandmas. Nadine Vogel of Springboard Consulting emphasized that reaching mothers of special needs kids requires sensitivity and etiquette i.e. do not kneel or stand when you are talking to someone in a wheelchair, but sit down next to them. © FattoreMamma – They are fiercely loyal to the companies that reach out to them with solutions and communications that demonstrate compassion and an understanding of their and their children's particular needs. She was followed by Gianna Locasto, Sephora's Director of Store Marketing, and they gave the moms of special needs kids some much deserved pampering and treated disabled teens and adults to make-up lessons and beauty consultations in a private, supportive environment. What they got, in addition to the warm fuzzies, was new, loyal customers.

Conclusion and Result (continued) Norma Blatto of American Baby talked about second-time moms. Even though they're spending a lot of money on cars, home improvements, home electronics and additional baby gear (double strollers, clothes for a child of a different gender) and their established status in the mommy community means they're responsible for generating a lot of word of mouth, most brands are so wrapped up in their efforts to reach the first-time mom that they miss out on the © FattoreMamma – opportunity to make a connection with this bigger community of women pregnant for the second, third or fourth time.

Conclusion and Result (continued) The award for most memorable speaker of the day (according to one of the attending moms) goes to Jerry Shereshewsky. The CEO of, he made the point that today's Boomer grandmas and grandpas are healthy, wealthy and very generous with their grandkids. They're funding 529 college savings plans and helping their children furnish nurseries and buy clothes for the babies. Not only that, they're buying high chairs and games for their own homes to make the grandkids feel welcome. Yet aside © FattoreMamma – from a handful of companies who are embracing this demographic (one standout example was Pepsi, who encouraged members to give their free Pepsi song downloads to their grandkids) - most marketers leave this group out to dry. And that is a shame since, unlike Gen X and Gen Y moms, they're easy to connect with: just address them as grandparents.

Fattore Mamma Via Guercino 9 20154 Milano Tel. 02.314639 © FattoreMamma – E-mail:

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