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Published on November 14, 2012

Author: luannetierney



Current marketing trends and how to utilize them to maximize your marketing efforts.

MARKETING TRENDS FORRUSSIAN PARTNERSLuanne TierneyVice President, Worldwide Partner MarketingJuniper Networks

GARTNER’S  IT  MEGA  TRENDS   Continued Social User Next Gen Use of Big Data Cloud Growth Experience Analytics Tablets App Stores & The Internet Mobility & Fabric Co-IT Marketplaces of Things Mobility Apps


1.  SOCIAL  MEDIA   Social  plus  Tradi.onal  

9.8  hours  month   social  media          3.1m  blogs   comScore  data  


2.  MOBILITY  ü Russia:  largest  mobile   populaHon  in  world:  230   million  mobile  subscribers  ü Last  year  internet  traffic  on   mobile  devices  doubled  ü 50B  mobile  devices  globally   by  2020  





Juniper  Cloud   Infographic  h;p://  


6  WAYS  TO  USE  INSTAGRAM  1.  Give  behind  scenes  insights  into  company  or  team    2.  Send  customers  evidence  they  maWer  to  you    3.  Promote  &  engage  real-­‐Hme  at  events  4.  Provide  photos  of  event  a[erwards  5.  Visually  record  case  studies  of  service  work  6.  Run  compeHHons  on  Instagram  

Introduce  Your  Engineers  

Showcase  Products  &  Services  in  Visual   Way  


Your current location: Moskva Luanne  Tierney   VP  Juniper  


7.  INFLUENCE  via  CONTENT  influence  

TO  DO  To  capture  trend     ü  Make  sure  your  site  is   mobile  friendly.  Build  it   once.  opportuniHes,   ü  Make  your  markeHng   more  visual.  take  acHon:   ü  Have  one  person  on  staff   dedicated  to  content.    

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