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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: goClio



Joshua Lenon – Clio’s Lawyer-in-Residence – as he discusses the impact of customer service on gaining and keeping clients with your practice.

Lawyers who attend this webinar will learn:

- how customer service attracts clients through word-of-mouth promotion
- ways to work customer service into all stages of a case file, from intake to closing
- tools to make your customer service efforts easy to maintain

Marketing through Customer Service Joshua Lenon Lawyer in Residence Clio

Instructor Joshua Lenon •  Lawyer, admitted in New York •  Lawyer-in-Residence for Clio

Agenda •  Customer Service at Clio •  Product vs. Experience •  Transactional vs. Relationship •  Customer Service Drives Business •  Build Customer Service into Your Firm •  Questions


Customer Service at Clio

Customer Service at Clio Methods •  Toll free number •  Email •  Chat •  Twitter •  Support website Numbers •  100,000 tickets answered •  8,000 man hours •  22,000 clients •  12 people •  2 continents

Customer Service at Clio

Customer Service at Clio Satisfied – 39.45% Very Satisfied – 44.62% !2013!Clio!Customer!Sa2sfac2on!Survey!


Create an positive experience for your client. !2013!Clio!Customer!Sa2sfac2on!Survey!


Public Views Lawyers as Interchangeable 0! 500! 1000! 1500! 2000! 2500! 3000! Popula2on!per!Lawyer! United!States! UK! France! South!Africa! By!Ahmed!Raza!Khan/Mint!

What makes you stand out?


Most Common Complaints •  Fee disputes •  Failure to obtain consent and/or keep the client informed •  Failure to follow client instructions Source:!Wisconsin!Lawyer,!October!2012,!“Managing!Risk:!Top!OLR!Complaints:!Grievances!on! the!Rise”!

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Relationships •  Less fee resistance •  More future work •  More referrals to new clients •  Effective and harmonious work relationships with the clients.

Transactional vs. Relatioship Transactional •  Prevail over all •  Impersonal, detached •  Short-term benefit •  Them •  Opponents Relationship •  Preserve relationships •  Give and be helpful •  Commitment •  Us •  Understand the other side Source:!“Do!You!Really!Want!Rela2onships?”!by!David!Maister!2005!

It’s the difference between a one night stand and romance.

Transactions are common because they involve less hard work and demand fewer skills.

Ultimately, however, they are not in the best long-term interests of either professional or client.


Word of Mouth 57% of C-Level Executives hire law firms on the basis of a single, unprompted, peer recommendation Source:!BTI!Consul2ng!Group!

Clients Don’t Want Lowest Price •  Transparent pricing:  We want to understand how/why the price is set and have the opportunity to discuss changes -  36.4% •  Lowest pricing: We want the lowest price available - 9.6%  Source:!Altman!Weil!14th!annual!Chief!Legal!Officer!Survey!

Listening to Clients = Revenue •  Only 58% of law firms conduct client feedback. •  Firms acting on feedback generate 2.7 times more: – revenue generation – client retention – year-over-year growth. Source:!BTI!Consul2ng!Group,!“Firms!Ac2ng!on!Client!Feedback!Perform!2.7!Times!Be[er!Than! All!Others,”!03/12/2014!

Listening to Clients = Revenue Law firms whose clients see them as being best in client service enjoy: •  30% higher profitability •  7% rate premiums across all staff levels •  35% higher client retention Source:!BTI!Consul2ng!Group,!“Client!Service!Leaders!Boxing!Out!the!Compe22on,”!02/27/2013!


Success as a lawyer is 10% technical and 90% people skills Source:!“How!to!Stay!Digitally!Relevant,!Raise!the!Bar,!and!Give!Your!Clients!an!Excep2onal! Experience!”!Law!Technology!Today,!03/19/2014!

Mitch Jackson’s Tips •  Connect with clients where they already are, like social media •  Use tools to be available 24/7 – Client portals – Secure messaging – Website chat – Telephone answering service •  Use the web to provide value Source:!“How!to!Stay!Digitally!Relevant,!Raise!the!Bar,!and!Give!Your!Clients!an!Excep2onal! Experience!”!Law!Technology!Today,!03/19/2014!

Beginning Stages •  Take the time to listen to the clients wants and needs. •  Gather information, including preferred means of contact – Store this information in most accessible system •  Set expectations to avoid future conflict – Communications policies – Best and worst outcomes

Ongoing Matters •  Communicate early and often •  Communicate clearly •  Take time to solicit feedback •  Take time to explain process and reasoning •  Leverage technology to make you seem more available

Leveraging Technology Have multiple communication channels. Software and hardware should work together.

Cloud Services •  Access to files for quick reference (practice management) •  Sharing of documents and information effortlessly (Box or Dropbox) •  Communication tools that transcend devices for seamless experience (Social Media and Webmail)

Client Portals

Closing Matters •  Solicit feedback at the close •  Quantifiable tracking helps. •  Use survey services like SurveyMonkey to create a consistent means of soliciting feedback •  Use automated calendar reminders to set post-closing “checkins”


Conclusion Customer service attracts increased business for law firms by generating loyalty and referrals Minimal efforts in customer service can lead to large gains for a law firm Technology can make good customer service an effortless task


Thank You Joshua Lenon @JoshuaLenon

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