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Information about Marketing Study on Big Bazar

Published on January 2, 2017

Author: albertramanujan


1. COMPANY PROFILE • Big Bazaar is a part of Future Group founded in 2001. • Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarket in India. • There are 214 stores across 90 cities and towns in India covering around 16 million sq.ft. Of retail space • Big Bazaar offers a wide range of merchandise including fashion and apparels, food products, general merchandise, furniture, electronics, books, fast food and leisure and entertainment sections.

2. TARGET MARKET • It mainly targets all types of consumers to fulfill their every kind of needs. • They have different section for apparels at “Fashion Big Bazaar” which mainly focuses on the new, stylish and fashionable clothes for all age group customers.

3. 4 Ps FOLLOWED AT BIG BAZAAR PRODUCT MIX  CLOTHES Denims & t-shirts, Fabrics & cut pieces, Formal wear, Casual wear, Party wear, Ethnic wear, Accessories, Dress material, Sarees, etc.  FOOD ITEMS Ready to eat, Ready to cook, International food Spices, Tea& coffee, Fruits, Vegetables, Imported fruits, Dairy products, Soft drinks, Packaged juices, Milk item, Frozen foods, Ice creams

4. CONTD..  CLEANSING AGENTS Shampoos, Detergents, Soaps, Liquid wash, etc.  COSMETICS  HOME APPLIANCES

5. PRICING Value Pricing (Every Day Low Price) Promotional Pricing • Low Interest Financing • Psychological Discounting Bundling (Offering several products for sale as one combined product)

6. PLACE- STORE LOCATIONS  Initially identifies future/ potential development areas.  Acquires such areas at an early phase before the real estate value booms.  Located at high traffic areas.  Online trading.  Designed to look crowded.

7. PROMOTION AND INNOVATIVE IDEAS TO SELL MERCHANDISE  “ Saal ke Sabse Saste 3 Din”  Future card(3% discount)  Exchange offer  Shakti card  Weekend discounts  ` Junk' swap offer- “Exchange anything old for something new

8. STRATEGIES WEDNESDAY BAZAAR  Big Bazaar introduced the Wednesday Bazaar concept and promoted it as “Hafte Ka Sabse Sasta Din”.  It was mainly to draw customers to the stores on Wednesdays, when least number of customers is observed.  According to the chain, the aim of the concept is "to give homemakers the power to save the most and even the stores in the city have a fresh look to make customers feel that it is their day.”

9. SABSE SASTA DIN Big Bazaar introduced the concept of "Sabse Sasta Din". The idea was to simply create a day in a year that truly belonged to Big Bazaar. MAHA BACHAT Maha Bachat is a single day campaign with attractive promotional offers across all Big Bazaar stores. It has attractive offers in all its value formats such as Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar - catering to the entire needs of a consumer.

10. THE GREAT EXCHANGE OFFER Big Bazaar launched "The Great Exchange Offer", through which the customers can exchange their old goods for Big Bazaar coupons. Later, consumers can redeem these coupons for brand new goods across the nation.

11. CRM AT BIG BAZAAR Customer profitability analysis is done on the basis of transactions made through the future cards.  Platinum customers(Most profitable)  Gold customers(Profitable)  Iron customers(Low profitability but desirable)  Lead customers(Unprofitable and undesirable)

12. CONTD… Complaint handling procedure  Screening and logging  Investigating  Acknowledging  Formulating a solution  Responding  Following-up

13. CONTD… Steps involved in customer satisfaction through service:  Seeing problems from the customer’s perspective  Communicating effectively through better listening  Analyzing how the customer perceptions are formed  Managing anger and other service behaviors  Negotiating solutions  Generating an action plan for improved on-the-job effectiveness

14. VISUAL MERCHANDISING Idea oriented Presentation • Different section of apparels having all types of apparels for men, women, kids etc. • Different section for electronic goods, toiletries products, etc. Colour Presentation • Warm colors like red and yellow to produce vibrant, emotional and hot active response • cool colors white and blue to have a peaceful, gentle and calm effect.

15. Music Control the pace of store traffic, create an image and attract or direct consumer attention. Lightning Highlight merchandise and structure space in efficient way. It captures a light mood of customers. Fixtures • Straight rack to hold lots of apparels • Gondolas are good for food and grocery


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