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Published on August 15, 2012

Author: aSGuest142030


INFOSYS –management strategy: INFOSYS –management strategy INFOSYS : Different types of management : INFOSYS : Different types of manag e ment Financial management Product management Marketing strategy Human resources management Management strategy of different department PowerPoint Presentation: Marketing is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and satisfy individuals and organizational objective. Marketing mix is the combination of products, price, promotion and distribution used to satisfy . Research of Infosys :changing market scenario : Research of Infosys :changing market scenario BPM engine Business process rules storage GUI coordinator customer Infosys decides main four factor for marketing: Infosys decides main four factor for marketing 1.Voice of consumer (what company do?: 1.Voice of consumer (what company do? Promotion and retail events generates the greatest changes in demand. As consumer peaks demands depend on that out of stock rate nearly doubles . 2.Voice of customer: 2.Voice of customer Manufacturer try to know strongly to predict the changing preferences of consumers. And depending on that they changes marketing strategy. Voice of reason(daily recalculating of operational forecast): Voice of reason(daily recalculating of operational forecast) Cpg manufacturer performs forecasting at a weekly aggregate level which is recalculated at a weekly frequency. Through effective demand sensing and timely response manufacturer can manage demand variability without incurring unplanned cost. Value of caution: Value of caution During the process of planning there will always remain some amount of demand uncertainty. So when uncertainty occur then residential uncertainty can dredged against by having the right amount of safely stock. financial management: financial management Financial management is that specialized activity which is responsible for Obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds for the efficient functioning of the business . And therefore, it include financial planning, financial administration and finance control. Financial management and compliance solution: F inancial management and compliance solution to meet new and expanding compliance regulations, it includes Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Infosys' Financial Management and Compliance solutions enable companies to identify, assess and manage Sarbanes-Oxley and USA Patriot Act compliance risks. They help to define and implement agile processes and systems for accounting, financial reporting and management reporting that will improve competitiveness. PowerPoint Presentation: The USA Patriot Act insurance and financial services firms: for customer identification programs, suspicious activity reporting procedures anti-money laundering programs. Human resource management stratagy:infosys: H uman resource management stratagy:infosys Human resource management: the management of an organization 's workforce ( human resources) . It is responsible for the attraction , selection, training , assessment, and rewarding of employees. Production management : Production management The job of coordinating and controlling the activities required to make a product , typically involving effective control of scheduling , cost , performance , quality , and waste requirements . service provided by Infosys: service provided by Infosys Services Consulting Services Engineering Services BPO Services Information Management Services Infrastructure Management ERP Package Implementation Hydrocarbon Accounting PowerPoint Presentation: Key driver: Stretch budget to evaluate multiple product alternatives Key enabler: Product category and technology expertise key driver: More through assessment including and user research key enabler Market research capability Product specific technology expertise key driver: Lower development cost Faster time to market Access new pool to talent Key enabler: Product quality process and metrics Key driver: Extend market reach Improve customer deployment and customizations Key enabler: Market launch and production experience Production development of Infosys Department strategy of Infosys: Department strategy of Infosys Department strategy: it is the process of management which deals with how different department of company related and manage with each other. PowerPoint Presentation: IT application IT application enabling component having Common business logic IT application enabling components- Infrastructural and generic in nature IT infrastructure component Sample Infosys it department And their management Project resources allocation and Travels scheduling application Create allocation Service component Mailer engine, identify management And audit trail component networking., data storage, security, messaging infrastructure Scalability Reusability Applicability (scope) Factor affecting to management of department of Infosys PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks a lot…

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