Marketing & Sales: difference & why

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Information about Marketing & Sales: difference & why

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: McNary



This talk is an overview of the concepts of marketing and sales. This is important to our discussion of marketing budgets because you’ll want to think about these two function with eyes wide open when considering your budget for marketing. Budgeting for marketing (& sales) starts with understanding the varied roles, goals, and budget authority of each have to influence the eventual goal of closing sales.

Presented on behalf of Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) at MAPPS Winter Conference 2014.

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Marketing & Sales difference & why Joshua McNary | Aerial Services | Corporate Development! ! ! @McNary ! ! !! ! !! !

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Marketing vs and Sales Marketing Sales branding direct client contact creating interest scoping projects leads nurturing & generation closing contracts sales support 
 (proposals, flyers, etc.) client advocate

Marketing’s part

Sale’s part

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Don’t discount either Image via

Don’t focus only on sales Image via

Pulling same direction Image via

Balanced team effort to succeed

Maximize your investment Image via

Marketing & Sales difference & why Joshua McNary | Aerial Services | Corporate Development! ! ! @McNary ! ! !! ! !! !

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