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Information about Marketing research-the omnibus survey-compiled by AMR Group

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: AMRGroup



for an Omnibus survey came from the growing number of clients who wanted to ask relatively few questions without paying the inherent costs of an ad hoc survey

MARKETING RESEARCH – THE OMNIBUS SURVEY Marketing research overview: marketing research is the process or set of processes that links consumers, customers and end users to the marketer through information that is used to identify market opportunities, problems or evaluate marketing actions and performances. Marketing Research uses many methods to perform qualitative and quantitative research. This article will discuss the omnibus survey. Method definition: At first, the questions dealt almost solely with trade name or brand recognition of the simplest kind. The demand for an Omnibus survey came from the growing number of clients who wanted to ask relatively few questions without paying the inherent costs of an ad hoc survey. Thus, the questions from a number of different clients would be merged to form a somewhat mixed bag. The philosophy, of course, is to share the costs among a number of clients, avoiding ad hoc costs as well as providing a relatively speedy service. Yet the clients’ results remain confidential. Use of method: first, individual Omnibus operations interview a national representation of the population, by using face – to – face interviews or telephone. Then by using either random or quasi – random sampling method or a quota sampling method (where interviewers are instructed to interview a certain number of adults within given age groups, class groups, both methods yield nationally representative samples of the public), the individual samples can be added together, to create a larger database, to produce detailed analyses or to look for relatively rare sub – samples in the population. There are also a number of “specialist” Omnibus available where a particular target group is required. These tend to be on a less frequent basis than omnibus operations involving the public

The AMR Group is an expert in Vietnam and its markets. The team is local but with international training and experience, operating to global standards. The AMR Group helps brands bloom in Vietnam through lean, focused & reliable marketing research from VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants; marketing & brand strategy with AMR. VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants provide world class lean, focused and reliable research through deep understanding of the brief, international quality field, professional data handling & decision-orientated analysis, action focused recommendation. AMR use insights from VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants to deliver effective marketing & branding consulting, retail consulting & training, seminar & training: Brand War Compiled by AMR Group (updated on 2013) Source: buying market research – key notes publication For more articles, like us: / For enquiries, email us; Connect us at:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:  Wordpress: This article is compiled by AMR Group to provide updated information on markets. AMR Group puts the best effort to obtain the most accurate and timely information available from various reliable sources. The article should be best considered a reference and indicative only. It is not an offer or advice for any actions related to any assets. AMR Group provides no warranty or undertaking of any kind in respect to the information and materials found with, or linked to the report and no obligation to update the information after the report was released. AMR Group does not bear any responsibility for the compiled information, or any consequences arising from its use.

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