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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: AMRGroup



There are four situations in which product testing may be required:
• The development/ assessment of a new product;
• The reformulation of an existing product;
• A perceived problem with an existing product;
• Checks on product quality and performance.

MARKETING RESEARCH – PRODUCT TESTING There are four situations in which product testing may be required:  The development/ assessment of a new product;  The reformulation of an existing product;  A perceived problem with an existing product;  Checks on product quality and performance. The first situation is self-explanatory, there are some manufacturers who will launch new products without first obtaining consumer approval of its performance. Reformulation product testing can be manufacturer or consumer-led. In the case of the former, there are a number of reasons for a change in the product, such as:  The drive to reduce production/ constituent cost;  A necessary change in source of raw materials/ constituents due to supply problems;  A perceived product improvement/ advancement. Consumer led reformulations tend to result from other research studies. Either usage and attitude surveys (which indicate a lack of satisfaction with the product itself, and similar results obtained when investigating poor sales), or conducting a consumer-based evaluation of the product relative to its competitors. Typical situations, in which a product may be identified as having performance problems resulting in a consumer-based check, include:  Above average consumer complaints correspondence to the manufacturer;  A sale decline, possibly following a previous reformulation the launch of a new or reformulated competitive brand.  Disappointing sales of a newly launched product, identified as being due to low repeat purchase. In addition, in a highly competitive market where product performance is essential increasing numbers of manufacturers have discovered the importance of monitoring the performance of their products relative to competitors’ products. In order to detect any product weaknesses at an early stage. The AMR Group is an expert in Vietnam and its markets. The team is local but with international training and experience, operating to global standards. The AMR Group helps brands bloom in Vietnam through lean, focused & reliable marketing research from VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants; marketing & brand strategy with AMR. VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants provide world class lean, focused and reliable research through deep understanding of the brief, international quality field, professional data handling & decision-orientated analysis, action focused recommendation. AMR use insights from VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants to deliver effective marketing & branding consulting, retail consulting & training, seminar & training: Brand War Compiled by AMR Group (updated on 2014) Source: buying market research – Keynote publications For more articles, visit / For enquiries, email us; Connect us at:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:  Wordpress:

This article is compiled by AMR Group to provide updated information on markets. AMR Group puts the best effort to obtain the most accurate and timely information available from various reliable sources. The article should be best considered a reference and indicative only. It is not an offer or advice for any actions related to any assets. AMR Group provides no warranty or undertaking of any kind in respect to the information and materials found with, or linked to the report and no obligation to update the information after the report was released. AMR Group does not bear any responsibility for the compiled information, or any consequences arising from its use.

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