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Published on October 3, 2013

Author: howtomkt



This master outline goes with my presentation videos on the elements of marketing plan.


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Written by Thorsten Strauss.
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Marketing Management – Thorsten Strauss – Antwerpen University – 2013 | Page 1 of 5 Marketing plan outline: Watch the video series on YouTube that goes with this plan: This outline is for a group assignment in my class. Slight modifications might be necessary depending on subject or objective of the marketing plan. After 12 years of international marketing experience and having written and seen numerous plans, I consider it a solid outline for professional purposes as well. If you need help in a marketing project I am happy to provide consulting or point you in the direction of a group of people that I trust who are affordable. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY( never more than 1 page) INTRODUCTION (1 page) - problemformulation - scope - (history) ANALYSIS(8 pages) - External analysis o Macro : Pestle o Industry: 5 forces, changes, trend o Market : summary, growth, segments if it is a complex on o Competitors: direct / indirect , major strategies of them, 2x2, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, One graph: profitability, growth, size o Customers: (unless covered in market), how satisfied, consumer, business or b2b, trends, shifts (not PESTLE related) o Channels/ distribution: overview, split, changes, growth, o Suppliers: overview, changes, growth, (can be part of 5 forces) - Internal analysis o Organization: this will be really hard to obtain, mention only if significant o Efficiency: financial KPIs in relation to competition or industry o Profitability ( overall, segments, BU, locations,...) BCG or GE matrix o Growth (compared year by year from financial statements, and versus market, vs. industry ,vs. peers)

Marketing Management – Thorsten Strauss – Antwerpen University – 2013 | Page 2 of 5 o NPD: % of total revenue, development rate or some metric of innovation o Value chain: I do NOT expect you to use this. o Systems: what IT/IS solution exist, what processes that are a competitive advantage o Information / intelligence systems, processes o Market segment->need->product feature& benefit table SWOT(1 page, max 2) - SWOT, S-O , W-T, or TOWS,... Find the post that I found excellent and use what fits your situation - KSF : key success factor for being successful in this market or industry (hint: all successful companies are examples for KSF, so look what they do right and others do not do) OBJECTIVES AND ISSUES (1 page if not ½ page) - Objective but SMART and maybe major milestones how to get there, - Issues that needs to be solved ( must win battles) or strategic challenges resulting out of analysis / SWOT MARKETING STRATEGY (12 pages) Core strategy - Mission, vision .The objectives and KPI should push a company to realize its vision in the long run. - Strategy : Porter generic strategy, orTreacyWiersema. - Competitive position - Value proposition (statement or table ) What is the strategic choice? - Ansoff growth matrix : new /old market , new/old product. - Abell market definition ( product y-axis, market x-axis), if needed Segmentation - Segmentation of market: dimensions and rationale why those, must follow 4 best practice rules - Targeting : attractiveness versus ability to exploit 2x2 . - Show how targeting is in line with Strengths / Opportunities - Positioning : 2x2 , You can use the previous competitor 2x2 from the analysis section and now indicate the change you propose Marketing Mix/ Execution 4 Ps - Product : again portfolio overviews but indicate change, or moves, positioning maps, USP, branding, NPD, product life cycle. - Price: again visual overviews are always great, good, better ,best, which

Marketing Management – Thorsten Strauss – Antwerpen University – 2013 | Page 3 of 5 price model and why, price elasticity an issue?, see CH 14, - Promotion: ads, PR, ...this is the what will do. In communications come the how , who, when ,where,… - Place: distribution, channels, direct? - Communication: PR, advertising, direct marketing, personal, medium- customer, funnel AIDA or others? , Can be a single page communication plan : inclwhat, in which channel/ media, costs, responsible, timing, If you business is a Service you include - Process, - People, - Physical evidence, IMPLEMENTATION(1 -2 pages ) - One page table of what, when, who , where, how - You can add measurement KPIs as control and therefore include the control section CONTROL (could be part of implementation)(1 page) - Internal KPI , responsible functions, timing, SMART,... - External, if applicable, but I only expect internal - Governance ( if you choose this, keep it limited) , control is about performance control not so much company ethic control - The standard model is balance score card (BSC) but you do not know this one, so I advise you to not try to squeeze this in unless you know what tou are doing. FINANCIAL (1-2 page) - Cash flow forecast (estimate) table - Break even analysis – graph & table - Anything extra is bonus: like IRR(internal rate of return) or NPV(net present value) or sensitivity analysis (how sensitive is the outcome to changes on the drivers. Minor changes = huge differences?) RISK or CONTINGENCY PLAN(1 page) - Simple risk matrix or table (probability of event, impact of event) - Contingency plan scenarios for the High/High or Low/High events REFERENCES(for academia strict rules apply, for business world just source name is often sufficient) - all models - all data - all sources (for electronic sources include a workable link in your electronic document, so I can click on it and see the source)

Marketing Management – Thorsten Strauss – Antwerpen University – 2013 | Page 4 of 5 APPENDIX(not more than 10 ) - reference data - details that lead to summaries which you use - details that support insights or conclusions which you state - +++

Marketing Management – Thorsten Strauss – Antwerpen University – 2013 | Page 5 of 5 I added this page because SlideShare always jumps to credits and final screen which can be annoying, if you are not done reading a document’s last page.

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