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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Vincenza


Preserving The Essence of Napa Valley Towards a Destination Brand Strategy :  Preserving The Essence of Napa Valley Towards a Destination Brand Strategy Presented to: Great Wine Capitals – Global Network AGM San Francisco – Napa Valley 2005 November 15th, 2005 The Napa Valley:  The Napa Valley Napa Valley, America's premier wine-growing appellation, is just 30 miles long and a few miles wide at its broadest point. Internationally renowned as one of the world's great wine regions, Napa Valley is just 1/8 the size of Bordeaux, France and produces just four percent of the total wine grown in California annually. As one of California’s most popular destinations, the Napa Valley attracts over 2.9 million visitors a year and supports over 1,300 visitor serving businesses in Napa County. The Napa Valley – Food & Wine:  The Napa Valley – Food & Wine Leading the list are over 380 premier wineries nestled in a veritable Garden of Eden. Cradled between two mountain ranges, the valley’s wineries are nourished by the Napa River and protected by gentle rolling hills - a rural setting perfect for growing wine grapes. In addition to our wineries, Napa Valley offers over 50 world-class restaurants and epicurean centers such as the Culinary Institute of America and COPIA, the American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts. The Napa Valley – Relaxation & Culture:  The Napa Valley – Relaxation & Culture We also are home for numerous historic spas, 150 lodging establishments representing over 3,000 high quality rooms ranging from grand hotels to intimate bed & breakfasts Lastly, the Valley features additional attractions such as: the Napa Valley Wine Train, The Napa Valley Opera House, The Napa Valley Symphony, Museums & galleries, boutique shops Activities such as aerial tours, hiking, horseback riding, water sports and golf. More Than Just Food & Wine!:  More Than Just Food & Wine! Together, all of these elements form the unique Napa Valley Destination Experience: A richly visual and unspoiled rural setting. A pleasant maritime climate that produces warm days and cool nights. Premiere wineries that create world renowned fine wines. Extraordinary restaurants, spas, lodging & recreational opportunities. Unique attractions & cultural experiences. The Genesis of the Napa Destination:  The Genesis of the Napa Destination In “Exploring Wine Tourism”, Donald Getz wrote: “First came the fine wine, then came the wine consumer and then the wine tourist.” Wine grapes have been grown in the Napa Valley since the late 1700’s but it was not until the 1960’s & 1970’s that the true winemaking industry as we know it today began. Pioneer Vintners such as Mondavi, Davies, Heitz & Martini created new standards that would change American’s wine drinking habits forever. Growth vs. Preservation:  Growth vs. Preservation As the Napa Valley wine industry grew in size and international acclaim, the Napa Valley destination, with its natural and cultivated charms, became increasingly attractive to tourism. By the 1980’s, a bourgeoning tourism industry welcomed international visitors … and conflict … as fear grew that unrestrained development would destroy the agricultural nature of the Napa Valley. In 2005, a unique ‘mertiage’ of regulation and entrepreneurship exists with both firmly entrenched on the Napa scene. A Managed Approach:  A Managed Approach “Nowhere else in the world has wine tourism been developed (and without a strategy) to the size and prominence as it has in Napa Valley” Donald Getz Tourism in Napa Valley has evolved organically as a residual effect of a hugely successful wine industry … the result, however, is that tourism now generates over $667 million in direct visitor spending and contributes over $22 million in local tax revenue. Clearly, tourism is here to stay and a focused, managed approach to developing a sustainable tourism model is needed to balance the equally valid concerns of growth and preservation. Proposal to the Community::  Proposal to the Community: “That the Napa Valley Conference & Visitors Bureau will develop and administer a comprehensive brand strategy process for the Napa Valley Destination.” In This Managed Tourism Proposal There Are Three Objectives::  In This Managed Tourism Proposal There Are Three Objectives: 1. BUILD AND MAINTAIN A BROAD BASE OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT FOR DESTINATION TOURISM PLANNING AND DESTINATION BRAND STRATEGY EFFORTS 2. DEVELOP A COUNTYWIDE DESTINATION BRAND STRATEGY 3. PROVIDE PROJECT ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT FOR THE OVERALL DESTINATION BRAND STRATEGY EFFORT AND ENHANCE THE OPERATIONAL CAPACITY OF THE NVCVB Expected Outcomes & Benefits:  Expected Outcomes & Benefits Points of differentiation to distance our Napa destination from our competitors in the mind of visitors. Creation of a “brand promise” that frames the Napa destination experience Increased revenues and profitability without the reliance on promotion-driven marketing initiatives. An improved Napa County destination image New opportunities for developing partnerships and alliances between private businesses and public organizations. Enhanced competitive positioning and market share. Increased visitor financial contribution. A more engaged visitor-serving industry constituency, local political and general community support Community consensus on a vision for tourism and the need for proper funding Napa Valley’s Destination Brand Strategy :  Napa Valley’s Destination Brand Strategy The NVCVB has gained community support to develop a countywide Destination Brand Strategy appropriate to a globally recognized premier wine destination with unique cultural, environmental and agricultural assets. The development of the destination brand strategy will be a multi-faceted and disciplined process that will be undertaken in four phases. The four phases are: Brand Assessment Brand Promise Brand Blueprint Brand Culturalization The Brand Assessment Process::  The Brand Assessment Process: Work sessions with a small designated Brand Team Analysis of competition (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats - SWOT) Analysis of Napa environment including vision brand heritage current brand image Creation of written assessment document The Brand Promise: Defining the destination’s essence and experiential commitment incorporating guest viewpoint:  The Brand Promise: Defining the destination’s essence and experiential commitment incorporating guest viewpoint Determine how the destination wants the guest to feel Determine the Napa Valley’s distinctive competence as a destination brand Establish three essential attributes of Napa’s Brand Promise: The “something” that will be done An expression of assurance Perception of future excellence Produce a written Brand Promise from visitor’s point of view Test market Brand Promise with community groups and visitor sample Use Brand Promise as cornerstone for Brand Strategy – a compass reading for everything else that follows The Brand Blueprint Becoming distinctive in visitors’ minds apart from other destinations:  The Brand Blueprint Becoming distinctive in visitors’ minds apart from other destinations Create the architectural building blocks for the brand’s communication. Develop the brand characteristics: name graphic representation Byline / tag line brand story messages Develop a “Halo” Brand Strategy for all individual Napa County cities and government stakeholders and undertake the above process for each. Calistoga St. Helena Yountville City of Napa American Canyon Ensure that all brand messages are consistent with “what the brand stands for”. Brand Culturalization Internalizing the Brand – Training & Development :  Brand Culturalization Internalizing the Brand – Training & Development Identify all organizations and groups that will participate in the Culturalization process Develop Culturalization Training guides for Key leadership business owners & management employees Outline Brand Equity goals Describe performance tracking metrics Describe forms of financial reporting Describe forms of visitor satisfaction tracking Outline Brand communication plan Internal and external messages Describe separate written plans for public relations, marketing, internal communications In Conclusion … Managing the Balance:  In Conclusion … Managing the Balance As the official destination marketing organization for Napa Valley, it is the NVCVB’s primary responsibility to initiate, develop and implement a destination brand strategy as the principal tool of a sustainable managed tourism model. The Destination Brand Strategy will be the result of a coalition building process that will provide a forum for the competing views of tourism growth in the Valley to express themselves. A Napa Valley Destination Brand Strategy will work to optimize our tourism industry rather than merely growing it. Managing the delicate balance that exists between a highly successful tourism industry and our Valley’s fragile environment / agricultural base will preserve both our unique visitor experience and the essence of the Napa Valley we love to call our home! Thank You!:  Thank You! Beth Carmichael, The Napa Valley Conference & Visitors Bureau

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