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Published on August 24, 2008

Author: kanwalgurleen


Slide 1: Marketing Concepts BY: Kanwal Gurleen Lecturer,LSB Slide 2: Why do we need to learn Marketing ? Slide 3:  Can you sell these products Easily ? Slide 4:  How about these products? Slide 5:  How about them ? Can you Market them? Slide 6:  How about Their films ? Slide 7: Why Marketing for cooperatives and Coop Products ? Slide 8: Process of Marketing Facilitate Marketing Products Persons Services Places Slide 9: Let us know more about marketing Process Slide 10: MARKETING PLACES PERSONS GOODS SERVICES EXPERIENCES EVENTS PROPERTIES ORG,SATIONS INFORMATION IDEAS Slide 11: You can market them if there is a demand for them ? What is Demand? Slide 12: DEMAND STATES DEMAND STATES NEGATIVE NO DEMAND LATENT DEMAND DECLINING DEMAND Unwholesome demand OVERFULL DEMAND FULL DEMAND IRREGULAR DEMAND Slide 13: markets Business Consumer Nonprofit government Global Slide 14: Target markets And segmentation Marketers & Prospects Products or Offering Value and Satisfaction Relationship & Network Exchange & Transactions Competition Marketing Environment Marketing Channels Supply chain concepts marketing NEEDS,WANTS & DEMAND MARKETING MIX Slide 15: Customer Delivered Value Total Customer value Total Customer Cost Product value Service Value Personal value Image value Monetary cost Time cost Energy cost Psychic cost Slide 16: MARKETING MIX PRODUCT Variety Quality Design Features Brand Packing Sizes Services Warranties Returns PRICE List price Discounts Allowances P. Period Credit terms PROMOTION Sales Advertising Sales force P.R,S Direct mktg PLACE Channels Coverage Assortments Locations Inventory Transport Slide 17: Four P,s Four C,s PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION CUSTOMER SOL. CUSTOMER COST CONVENIENCE COMMUNICATION Slide 18: Competing Concepts Production product Selling MARKETING SOCIETAL MARKETING Slide 19: PRODUCTION CONCEPT Concentrate on achieving high production efficiency, low cost & mass distribution Consumers prefers inexpensive items in Developing countries Used also in expanding Market Over Populated Counties-Emp. Exchanges Inexpensive Toys, electronics Slide 20: PRODUCT CONCEPT Consumers Favors quality, performance or innovative features Managers focus on producing superior Products Little or No Customer Input Rarely Examine Competitor's Product Management commit Better-mousetrap Leads To marketing Myopia HMT, Ambassador Car…… Slide 21: Marketing -myopia Ignoring The Demand ,Taste, Liking of Cons Looking Into Mirror than looking out Colored and crooked perception of markg Short sightedness about business Excessive attention to production Obsession with the product Inadequate understanding of market Slide 22: SELLING CONCEPT Consumers & businesses if left alone, will Not buy enough Undertake aggressive Selling & Promotion Consumers shows buying inertia until coaxed Many use it at the time of over capacity or Competition CONSUMER DURABLES Slide 23: MARKETING CONCEPT More effective than competitors in creating, Delivering, and communicating superior customer Value Putting People First Fulfilling Buyers Needs Slide 24: Factory Products Selling & Promotion Profit t’gh Sales Volume Start focus means ends (a)The selling concept Target market Customer needs Integrated marketing Profit Through Customer satisfaction (b) The marketing concept Slide 25: Customer Concept Starting Focus Means Ends Point Individual customer Needs & values One To One Mktg Integration Growth through Customer Share/ Loyalty Lifetime/ Value Slide 26: Customers may need Stated… inexpensive mobile Real……..operating cost be less Unstated…good service Delight……gift from dealer Secret…..esteem before friends Slide 27: TM MM FRONT LINE PEOPLE CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS FRONT LINE PEOPLE MM TM Traditional Organisational chart Modern Organisational chart Slide 28: Factors leading companies to embrace Marketing concept Sales decline Slow growth Changing buying patterns Increasing competition Increasing mark.expenditure Slide 29: SOCIETAL CONCEPT To determine the needs, wants and interest Of the Target Market and deliver the desired Satisfaction that preserves the society's Well being Environment deterioration Resource Shortages Population Growth Unhealthy Food Slide 30: RECENT SCENARIO OF THE SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT TERRORISM CORRUPTION NEGLECTED SOCIAL SERVICES POVERTY POPULATION EXPLOSIONS WORKING COUPLES WORK PLACE EXPLOILATION Slide 31: Marketing & Other Functions Slide 32: A) MARKETING AS AN EQUAL FUNCTION PRODUCTION FINANCE MARKETING HUMAN RESOURCE Slide 33: B) MARKETING AS A MORE IMPORTANT FUNCTION PRODUCTION FINANCE HUMAN RESOURCE MARKETING Slide 34: C) MARKETING AS THE MAJOR FUNCTION MARKETING PRODUCTION FINANCE HR Slide 35: D)CUSTOMER AS THE CONTROLLING FUNCTION CUSTOMER PROD FINC HR MKG Slide 36: CUSTOMER MKG MKG MKG MKG P F HR E) CUSTOMER AS CONTROLLING& MKTG AS A INTEGRATIVE FUNCTION Slide 37: Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating,offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others Slide 38: Marketing Management is the process of planning and executing the conception,pricing,promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organisational goals Slide 39: That’s all folks

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