Marketing Communication Models

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Information about Marketing Communication Models

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: shiikha



Marketing Communication Models

Marketing Communication Models Shikha Sota

Communication “Communication is sum of all things which a person does when he wants to create an understanding in the mind of another.” Louis A. Allen Shikha Sota

Objectives of Marketing Communication • To inform the target audience • To remind • To build brand preference • To overcome dissonance • To create demand • To face competition Shikha Sota

Process Sender Encoding of message Media Receiver Decoding of message Who Says Through To Whom How Feedb ack Shikha Sota

Factors affecting Communication Process • Nature of target audience – Level of Knowledge – Number of target audience – Age of customers • Nature of product • Available finance • Competing units • Objective of communication Shikha Sota

Steps in effective Communication Shikha Sota

Steps in effective Communication Shikha Sota

Message • What to say? (message content) • How to say? (message format) • Who should say it? (message source) Shikha Sota

Message Source • Source credibility • Source attractiveness • Cost of source Shikha Sota

Shannon Weaver model Nois e Signal received Feedback Shikha Sota Message encoded Message decoded Shikha Sota

Murphy model Context Idea/ reference Sender (encoder) Receiver (decoder) Feedback Message Medium Shikha Sota

Receiver Thill & Bovee model Idea/ Sende r Message Feedback Transmission of message Shikha Sota

Berlo’s Model of Communication Feedback Shikha Sota

Lesikar, Petitt & Flatley model Response by Kevin and communication cycle is complete Shikha Sota

Becker’s model of Communication Source Receiver Message bits Shikha Sota

Wilbur Schram model of communication ResponseNoiseFeedback Sender field of experience & frame of mind Receiver’s field of experience & frame of mind Shikha Sota

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