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Published on October 18, 2007

Author: alainthys



As marketing is considered by many to be a dishonerable profession, I wanted to make a start with a "Code of Honour" that helps restore the respect for the profession

FUTURELAB The Marketer’s Bushido Feel free to re-use or mash-up this presentation under Creative Commons 2.0 licence (non- commercial, attribution)

The Days of Simple Truths and Models are Over • Principles & Beliefs • Techniques • Adaptive Learning FUTURELAB

Chaos, where great dreams begin FUTURELAB

Insight Respect Bold Restraint Financial Acumen Inclusion Perspective Passion FUTURELAB The Marketer’s Bushido

INSIGHT Understand what truly drives your customers FUTURELAB

RESPECT Let go of “bad” segmentation Keep the promises you make Don’t be a “one night brand” FUTURELAB

BOLD RESTRAINT Understand the Power of WOM Give People Stories to Tell Practice the Art of Resonating Focus One Whisper Can Conquer a Thousand Cries FUTURELAB

FINANCIAL ACUMEN Show me the Money • Establish structural measurements • Pragmatically start connecting initiatives • To customer lifetime value • To choice drivers • To actual media consumption • Don’t take no for an answer

INCLUSION THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Your brand communicates every time it touches a customer. As a marketer you need to manage this communication. This makes you responsible for each “moment of truth” And every employee that affects it FUTURELAB

PERSPECTIVE Be responsible AND make money FUTURELAB

FUTURELAB Passion: Be the First Penguin

Insight Respect Bold Restraint Financial Acumen Inclusion Perspective Passion FUTURELAB The Marketer’s Bushido


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