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Information about Marketing a product( Example Healthy Pastries)

Published on November 25, 2013

Author: saugatapalit


Nutritious delights A pastry with a nutritional twist !



NUTRITIOUS DELIGHTS A pastry with a nutritional twist..

VISION To become a trusted brand in the growing food and beverage market by forging trust in consumers by adhering to high levels of C-D. (Commitment and Delivery)

Our Mission is to… •To make this world a much more healthier place to live in. •Re-define the general trade-off between taste and health by delivering both in our products. •Understand the changing needs of today’s consumers and accordingly deliver superior value with uncompromising quality

Main Ingredients: •Hung curd • Digestive Biscuits •Gelatin •Fruit pulp (mango,strawberry,peach) •Little butter •Jaggery

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths S O •Nutrition-based product • no preservatives or artificial additives •Innovative product •First mover advantage •Ease of availability Opportunities •Growing urbanisation •Growing food and beverage market •Greater health consciousness W Weaknesses •No experience •Shelf-Life of the product •Less variety due to product design •Price (due to cost contraints) T Threats •Unexpected reactions for the new product. •Competititors with greater innovation •People habituated to creams and chocolates rather than fruit based

Product Differentiation • One of a kind of a product In India. • Based on the fact that people are becoming health-conscious USP: India’s Foremost Nutritious Pastry.

Main Ingredients: •Hung curd • Digestive Biscuits •Gelatin •Fruit pulp (mango,strawberry,peach) •Little butter •Jaggery

Nutritional facts Specifications Normal Pastry (100 gm) Nutritional pastry (100 gm) Total calories 374 200 Total fats 22 g (35%) 11g Cholesterol 23mg(7%) 10mg Sodium 417 mg (17%) 200mg Potassium 98mg (2%) 53mg Total Carbohydrate 37 g (12%) 25g Dietary fibers 1g 4g Sugar 7g 0g Proteins 8g (16%) 20g Vitamin A 2% 5% Calcium -- 3% Iron 3% 5% Vitamin B -- 4% Vitamin C -- 6%

INGREDIENTS & THEIR BENEFITS • Hung curd :- The protein quality of Hung curd is the best. Hung curd is available in no fat (0%), low fat (2%). Not only is it a healthy snack to kick start one's day it is a great help in curbing appetite. • Jaggey :- It is an unrefined natural sugar and the best part is that it is produced without adding chemicals. So, it is far better than the white crystallized sugar that is used in making normal pastries daily. It is one of the richest source of iron, potassium and magnesium. • Gelatin :- Helps in maintaining hormonal balances. Great source of dietary collagen. Supports skin & hair growth. Good for joints and can help joint recovery. • Digestive biscuits :- Are a good choice for you if you prefer more fiber and less sugar and want to avoid high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients.

Nutritious Delight -A pastry with a nutritious Twist Unique Characteristics: • Low on calories, sugar & fat • High on Energy and protein • Good taste with loads of nutrition • Available in different flavours :Vanilla fruit , Strawberry , Mango & Peach

• Minimal cost in comparison to other pastries. • Priced at two rates: 55/- for vanilla and strawberry flavor. 65/- for mango and peach flavor. • Appropriate price according to the targeted segment.

• Taste Drives in Companies and bakeries. • Kiosks at Multiplexes and Malls. • Adverts on youtube • Free Vouchers to those taking 3-month membership of gymnasium. *Nutrional advantage to attract customers

• Tier 1: New Delhi • Tier 2: National Capital Region

•As the lower class will not care about being fit or staying healthy, our product can influence educated middle and upper class people. There is a growing trend amongst them towards healthy and nutritious food. OCCUPATION- Students and Corporate people will be more interested in our product. Our NUTRILICIOUS DELIGHTS will be two way beneficial for them- Health and Taste.

• Peer Pressure is a powerful force requiring conforming to the overall value of the group. This can be a huge factor which would stimulate consumer buying decision towards our pastry.

Family is the most important influence in one’s buying decision. As a caring gesture, they would definitely suggest our pastry over any other normal pastry which is generally considered as a junk food.

Generation Y people (18-35) will be major contributors in our sales as they are more health conscious, more conscious about their bodies, about how they look and about what they eat. They are the major chunk of people who go to gym on regular basis.

Now-days, young generation including corporate people does not have much of a time left for leisure activities which can act as a recreation. In such a case, our pastry can act as a stress-reliever which they can have anytime without thinking twice.

We can change people’s perception about pastries which are considered as unhealthy and fattening.

Bases & Variables Of Market Segmentation Market Segmentation Bases Description Geographic As we are launching the product in Delhi- NCR region we would concentrate on the busy and posh areas like defence colony, Jorbagh, chanakyapuri, south ex ,etc.

Market Segmentation Bases Description Demographic : Age Children : This market is up and coming. Children are encouraged to join sports and activities which in turn is increasing the need for nutrition based energy snacks. Adults : The nutrilicious pastry is primarily targeting the adults. Adults can have the pastry as mid-day snack. In addition, adults are aware of nutritional benefits of the product. Demographic: Gender Males : Primarily men typically engage in more strenuous activities than women. Thus, a protein rich snack would help build muscles and give them benefit of good taste as well. Females : Women can also be targeted in recent times since, women exercise and watch what they eat to stay fit and in-shape hence, this pastry will fit in their diet and can be seen as an indulgence which women like yet still have low calories and provide many vitamins and minerals. Demographic: income Higher Income : The nutrilicious is priced at a premium so it will generally appeal to those with higher income.

Market Segmentation Bases Description Psychographic: Values Health, Wellness and Nutrition: The consumers who are conscious about the food they eat. They value eating whole grains and organic foods. The ingredients are very crucial for this product. Psychographic : Activities On-The-Go Individuals: Today people are busier than ever and it is difficult to balance health and work. Thus in todays eat and run society the nutrilicious pastry suits the need for hungry runners who seek a hassle free somewhat tasty and nutritious alternative to vending machine snacks or a missed meals. Behavioural : Usage Rate Usage rate varies with each type of user. Example, people having the pastry at gyms can have more than one and people having it in canteens may opt for just one.

Bases Of Positioning • Attribute: Nutrilicious Pastry has a unique combination of health, nutrition and taste at the same time. • Price : The price is little high as compared to other pastries in market as we believe in using natural and organic inputs with superior quality. • Use : Serving as mid day snack which will satisfy hunger and nutrition needs. • Product user : For busy and On-the-Go people and people who like health but tasty food. • Product Class: Nutrition based. • Competitor: No one in nutrition pastry line. Hence, We have first mover advantage. But with other nutritious based snacks the product will benefit as it is more tasty.

TARGET MARKET • • • • • • Generation Y (Middle class to Upper Class) Gyms Corporate café’s Private Hospital Café’s Major Bakeries (Mongini’s) Retail Stores (Eayday , More etc)


DATA ANALYSIS PERCEPTION • 45% of the sample think that a pastry is fattening. •23% say its tasty. •27% think it is sweet. •5% people say the cant live without it. CAN A PASTRY BE HEALTHY? •78% think it is unhealthy. •15% say it is. •7% say may or may not be.

GYM GOERS How many go to the GYM? 54% people out of the sample go to the gym How many of them would prefer a nutritious pastry? 79% of the people out of gym goers would prefer a nutritious pastry.


AMOUNT CUSTOMERS ARE WILLING TO PAY Amount customers are willing to pay 70-80 16% 50-60 44% 60-70 40%

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