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Published on May 17, 2009

Author: ramola


MARKETING MIX & GE MATRIX: MARKETING MIX & GE MATRIX By:- Suhail Ahmed Dar Swastika Singh Sunita Kumari Soumen Dhar Guided By:- Mr.Sarfaraz Karim PowerPoint Presentation: Roadmap For The Presentation ROADMAP INTRODUCTION OF MARKETING MIX MARKETING TOOLS ABOUT GE MATRIX CLASSIFICATION BCG VS GE MATRIX STRATEGIES MARKETING MIX: MARKETING MIX MARKETING TOOLS: Product Price Place Promotion MARKETING TOOLS PRODUCT: Quality Features Options Style Brand name Packaging Sizes Services Warranties Returns PRODUCT PRICE: The value that is put on the exchange process List price Discount Allowances Payment period Credit terms PRICE PROMOTION: Advertising Personal selling Sales promotion Public relations Direct Marketing PROMOTION Place (Distribution): Place (Distribution ) Channels Coverage Locations Inventory Transport PowerPoint Presentation: General Electric (GE) Matrix PowerPoint Presentation: It is the management task concerned with the growth and future of business enterprise. It provides the route map for the firm and helps to take decision in the future with a greater awareness. STRATEGIC PLANNING PowerPoint Presentation: Developed by McKinsey & Company in 1970’s. GE is a model to perform business portfolio analysis on the SBU’s. GE is rated in terms of ‘ Market Attractiveness & Business Strength ’ It is an Enlarged & Sophisticated version of BCG. ABOUT GE MATRIX PowerPoint Presentation: Classification Market Attractiveness Strong Medium Weak Low Medium High Business Strength PowerPoint Presentation: Market Attractiveness Annual market growth rate Overall market size Historical profit margin Current size of market Market structure Market rivalry Demand variability Global opportunities PowerPoint Presentation: Current market share Brand image Production capacity Corporate image Profit margins relative to competitors R & D performance Promotional effectiveness Business Strength PowerPoint Presentation: 1 2 3 Strategies 2. Invest to Build Challenge for leadership Build selectively on strength 1. Protect Position Invest to grow Effort on maintaining strength 3. Build Selectively Invest in most attractive segment Build up ability to counter competition Emphasize profitability by raising productivity PowerPoint Presentation: 6 5 4 Strategies 4. Protect & Refocus Manage for current earning Defend strength 5. Selectivity for Earning Protect existing program Investments in profitable segments 6. Build Selectively Specialize around limited strength Seek ways to overcome weaknesses Withdraw if indication of sustainable growth are lacking PowerPoint Presentation: 7 8 9 Strategies 8. Manage for Earnings Protect position in profitable segment Upgrade product line Minimize investment 7. Limited Expansion for Harvest Look for ways to expand without high risk 9. Divest Sell at time that will maximize cash value Cut fixed costs and avoid investment meanwhile PowerPoint Presentation: Study of TATA TATA IT (Information Technology) : TCS Consumer Durable : Automobiles, Titan etc. Textiles : Tata Fabrics, West Sides etc PowerPoint Presentation: GE Matrix For TATA Business Strengths Market Attractiveness Low High Weak Strong IT Consumer Durables Textiles PowerPoint Presentation: BCG & GE Matrix Market Attractiveness Business Strength Market Growth Relative Position (Market Share) PowerPoint Presentation: BCG v/s GE BCG GE Market Growth Market share 4 cell Multi Products Primary tools Market Attractiveness Market strength 9 cell Multi Business Units Secondary tools THANKING YOU: THANKING YOU

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