Mario Orasche, Eagle Ventures @ TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb

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Information about Mario Orasche, Eagle Ventures @ TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb

Published on January 21, 2009

Author: neweuropeevents



Mario Orasche, Eagle Ventures - presentation from TMT.Ventures'08 Zagreb ( by New Europe Events)

EAGLE VENTURES Technology Investing in Central and Southeastern Europe (CSE) CSE Ready For Tech VC 2008-10-28 Eagle Ventures HQ Technology Park 19 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia +386 1 620 3420 Serbian Office Cara Lazara 3 11000 Belgrade +381 633 54 203 Croatian Office Lučića 5 10000 Zagreb + 385 91 562 3094

Human Capital Robust Position in the World Human Capital is one of the key success factors of the region   Managerial skills   Serial entrepreneurs   Reverse braindrain Page 2

ICT in CSE The Region is Ready for Tech Significant investments The Network Readiness Index 2007-2008 Rankings into ICT infrastructure make CSE ready for tech Page 3

Internet Penetration Surge in Online Accesses Online access is key in today‘s Population Population Usage Growth Countries (2007) (% Penetration) (2000-2007) business world Bosnia 4,552,198 20.9% > 130x Bulgaria 7,322,858 30% > 4x Croatia 4,493,312 37.5% > 7x Hungary 9,956,108 35.2% < 4x Macedonia 2,055,915 19.1% > 12x Montenegro 684,736 38.8% n/a Romania 22,276,056 31.4% < 8x Serbia 10,150,265 13.8% 2.5x Slovenia 2,009,245 62.2% > 3x Page 4

PE/VC Investments Still Large Equity Gap Several technology as well as investment Initiatives, support VC activities Page 5

Exit Channels Selected PE/VC-Backed Exits in CSE Despite recently increasing tech © 2008 Activity Exit Acquirer Price / M&A activity in Company Investor Year (Country) Type (Country) Multiple the ICT sector, ISP, Cable CSE remains CCP, SEAF, BEWAG €55m / TS 2007 Provider SEEF (A) 10x largely off the (HR) VC industry ANI, ISP T-HT €13.7m / TS 2006 (HR) (HR) +5x EPIC, DKC radar screen Job Portal Business Daily Mail £5.5m / TS 2007 (HR) Angels (UK) +5x Business T-online € 4m / Web 2.0 (HU) TS 2006 Angels (D, HU) 10x (est.) Cable UPC AIG TS 2005 €335m Network Broadband (ROM) (NL) Electronic Mohar Satler €6.3m / Horizonte TS 2007 Components (SLO) 4x (SLO) Software & Business ComTrade TS 2008 €40m IT (SLO) Angels (SRB) Telekom Alternative Business TS 2006 €26m Slovenia Telco (SRB) Angels (SLO) Page 6

Region CSE Environment Ready for Tech VC Investing © 2008 The CSE Characteristics 2003 2008 landscape for Managerial skill sets Limited Significant technology firms has changed Serial entrepreneurs X Emerging essentially Reverse braindrain in tech industries Rarely Significant, gaining momentum over the last ICT infrastructure Poor Improving fast, leapfrogging few years ICT initiatives Microsoft Technology Centers and R&D Present in a number of Limited departments of Ericsson, Siemens, locations and increasing Cisco, HP, Oracle, SAP etc. Internet penetration Limited Significant Legal and political environment Weak Converging to EU Purchasing power Low Medium Business angel networks X Evolving VC investors X Emerging interest Exit channels Constrained Mostly TS / few IPOs ICT INVESTMENT READINESS NOT READY READY! Page 7

Introduction to Eagle Ventures Unique Triple Focus Eagle Ventures is the 1st VC firm prepared to capitalize on the vast untapped CSE tech CSE Tech opportunity VC Page 8

Eagle Ventures’ Team Multinational from CSE Eagle’s set-up is modeled after Fund Management Company Supervisory top tier West Board Ivan Mario George FUND Coast VC's Vrdoljak Orasche Sarcevich organizations to New Europe MP, HR Managing Partner, SLO MP, SRB Tech I Investment add value to Manager II technology Julia Damjan Vladimir Arlt Lampret Delic companies and Portfolio Companies Tech Expert, SLO HR and IR, SLO Analyst, SRB to maximize returns Crucial Venture Capital Skill Sets 1 2 3 4 5-15 Venture Capital + Technology + Finance + Operations Venture Partners Venture Advisors Hands-on Management Support to Portfolio Advice on Investment / Divestment Decisions Zdenek Karl Heinz Dragan Alon Alan Peter Bilek Messer Pleskonjic Adler Barrell Globokar Damir Peter Domen Nino Peter Sabol Szlavik Verdnik Marakovic Zaboji Page 9

Eagle Ventures’ Summary Key Reasons to take Eagle Ventures on Board Focused +  Experienced +  Regional   Most experienced tech VC team in the region +  Connected _______________________   Over 16 years of tech venture capital experience = MAXIMIZING COMPANIES’   Close to 50 years of ICT sector experience VALUES   Multinational team with deep local market knowledge   10 nationalities, incl. ex YU   World class regional, pan-European and global network   High profile senior advisors from Silicon Valley, over Israel, Cambridge and London to the region Page 10

Eagle’s 1st Deal A Potential ‘Home run‘ from CSE Live Mobile Video Streaming: SLO/West Coast team with global market leader potential Media Player Client Media Platform Page 11

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