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Information about Marine algae

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: mswilliams


Marine Algae The Seaweeds

Algae Anatomy (Thallus)

• Holdfast – serves as an anchor to help hold the algae to the bottom, a rock, etc. • Blade – a place where photosynthesis can occur; there’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes of blades • Stipe – provides support and structure for the algae • Air Bladder (aka Float) – a structure that assists in buoyancy for the algae (why?) • Thallus – the entire body structure of the seaweed

Kingdom=? Protista, Plantae, Other? • Autotrophs • Live attached to rocks or floating • Reproduction is usually sexual, frequently through spores • Huge diversity, found nearly everywhere on earth • 3 types

A) Green – Chlorophytes • • • • Least common; need lots of light Possibly land plants evolved from this type of algae Deep to bright green due to chlorophyll Ex: Sea lettuce, Mermaid’s Hair

B) Red - Rhodophytes • • • • Common; can handle low light (found deepest) Contain pigments (phycoerythryn, phycocyanin) Don’t always look red! Examples: Gracillaria, Nori

C) Brown - Phaeophytes • Common in cold water, rocky shores to 60’ deep • Olive color due to pigment xanthophyll • Examples: Ascophyllum (rockweed), Kelp

Comparisons Between Algae & Land Plants -Water usually unlimited -Supported by stipes -Anchored by holdfast -No seeds & flowers -Blades Autotrophs – perform photosynthesis -Water usually limited -Supported by trunks & stems -Anchored by roots -Flowers & seeds -Leaves

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