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Published on December 25, 2013

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  The video starts of with manson in a white field, which almost camouflages him into the scenery, except his bright red lips and hair which stand out to us. Which is then followed up by a series of fast cuts which take us to random images of electronic function, science images. Back to manson walking, and then back to the strange images. The way in which he has already pretend postmodernism is that the music does not actually start yet, and when it does it portrays a distorted techno scream, which links in with the images.

A lot of dark, hidden, mysterious images are being shown on the screen which ties into the whole Manson theme and his music.  The song, “The Dope Show” came at the point in which the band showed their shedding dark, nihilistic trapping that had been seen on the previous album.  The diverse chores and verses give off a “hybird” feel which juxtaposes with the class rock sound which is usually heard in his songs.  However this weird contrast of images linked with Manosn appearing in a strange costume is normal for him as you would expect to see a lot of this stuff in his other videos. 

 There are some close up shots in which you can see that Manson actually has breast, despite the fact that he is a man, also wearing a lot of make up and contacts. Which shows a completely new post modern intake in what we are seeing in a music video. The song keeps with the album's themes of narcissism and consumerism, as it shows off bullying, idolisation and fame and what it can all do to a person. Furthermore it shows the obsession with drugs and the world we now live in.

The lyric “we're all stars now, in the dope show". Declaires that even being seen as a freak is normal and they’re popularity allows them to be famous without question, as we have such an accepting society of things as norms have changed.  Intertexutal refrences are hidden as in scenes reminiscent of The Man Who Fell to Earth, Manson appears — red-haired, with his entire body, including prosthetic rubber breasts, covered in white latex paint, as an androgynous extraterrestrial wandering around the Hollywood Hills. 

This bold moves, shows something quite unique and strange in which we wouldn’t have seen in past years because it was not acceptable to have such a confusion on your gender. Actor Billy Zane makes a cameo appearance in the limo sequence, showing us the two sides of normality. At one end of the limo is manson, all alone while the other end we have the normal, half naked girls pimped out with good looking millionaire men, all having fun, drinks and laughing at Manson. In this same scene, there features a parody of SPIN magazine as SPUN and the national enquire. Which shows intertexutual references that we are expected to understands and laugh at. Also using one of the main themes of consumerism.

 The imagery used in the video employs direct links to The Holy Mountain, (a sequence involving the destruction of plaster casts of the main character's body in a crucifixion pose.) addition to this a sculptural pieces by German artist Rebecca Horn are re-created such as "Overflowing Blood Machine" in which Manson is bound by long, red, blood flowing tubes. In the limo sequence, "Cornucopia" a construction which seems to join the mouth and breasts with a self-nursing effect.

 The video reached #16 on MuchMusic's 50 Most Controversial Videos, for Manson's shocking appearance.

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