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Published on March 13, 2008

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The Marie Curie Actions Human Resources and Mobility in FP6:  The Marie Curie Actions Human Resources and Mobility in FP6 Nicholas Deliyanakis Unit D4, Promotion of Scientific Excellence DG RESEARCH - European Commission Slide2:  How HRM fits into the 6th Framework Programme (2003-6) Slide3:  Objectives: “Aimed at the development and transfer of research competencies, the consolidation and widening of researchers' career prospects, and the promotion of excellence in European research” Based on 3 main concepts: Mobility, Career development, Training “Bottom-up" approach i.e. all fields of science and technological interest for the European Community (no priority areas) Marie Curie actions Other main Features:  Other main Features Common approach based on financing international mobility for researchers Opportunities provided for researchers at all stages of their career Eligibility for researchers depends on the years of experience (not age) Mechanisms for return and professional reintegration (“counter brain drain”) Promotion of female participation Open to non-European researchers Which organisations and which researchers can participate?:  Which organisations and which researchers can participate? Organisations: All types can take part in MC Actions: Public research organisations (universities, research institutes) Commercial enterprises, especially Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s); Non-profit organisations (hospitals, NGOs, etc); International European Interest Organisations (EUI, Florence); International Organisations (e.g. WHO, UNESCO) Early-stage Researchers at the beginning of their career; < 4 years of active research experience (e.g. researchers undertaking a doctoral degree); Experienced Researchers at least 4 years of active research experience; or, have obtained a doctoral degree; Slide6:  Overview of the 12 MC Actions Structure of HRM activities:  Structure of HRM activities Host driven actions: Conferences (SCF /LCF), RTN, ToK, EST Individual driven actions : EIF, OIF, IIF Excellence Promotion and recognition: Grants (Teams), Chairs, Awards Return and reintegration mechanisms Slide8:  Aim: Acquisition of scientific and technical competencies and other complementary skills (research management, etc) Hosts: Single or Multi-partner (min 3 teams in 3 countries) Researchers: Early stage researchers (typically during PhD) Funding: Host – Funding for researcher networking, organisation of the project; audit and management costs (max 3%), overheads (10%) Researcher – living, mobility, career exploratory allowance Duration: 3 months to 3 years, possibility to gain PhD Initial training: Host Fellowships for Early Stage Researchers (EST) Slide9:  Aim: To support a coherent series of conferences, training courses, summer schools, laboratory courses, workshops, etc. on one or several themes proposed by one or several organizers Target: Early stage + more experienced researchers (up to 10 years experience) interested to training purposes Funding: Researchers – travel and subsistence, attendance fees Hosts – organizational expenses, management activities (max 7%), equipment where necessary Duration: Few days up to several weeks (each series takes place over a period of 4 years, with at least 4 events) Series of Conferences and Training Courses (SCF) Slide10:  Aim: Trans-national networks with common research project as a vehicle to provide training and transfer of knowledge. Researchers: Early stage and experienced (up to 10 years) Host: Teams from at least 3 MS or AS (at least 2 MS) Funding: Researcher – living, mobility, career exploratory allowances Host – funding for researcher networking, general organisation of the project, audit and management costs (max 7%), overheads (10%), some equipment costs Duration: Fellowships from 3 months - 3 years; 4 year network Research Training Networks (RTN) Slide11:  Aim: To promote exchange between academia and industry and help develop competencies in less favoured regions of the EU Researchers: Experienced researchers (>4 years or PhD) Funding: Industry-Academic Strategic Partnership : Team of at least 1+1 partners (salary costs, management costs) Seconded Staff : living, mobility allowances and travel costs, host receives management costs (max 3%), overheads (10%) Hosted researchers : living, mobility, career exploration allowances and travel costs, project expenses Duration: Appointments of up to 2 years Host Fellowships for the Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) Slide12:  Aim: To respond to the individual advanced training needs of the most promising researchers & to give them the necessary boost to become fully independent in their field Funding: Researchers: Living, travel and mobility costs, career exploratory allowance. Costs for training and research costs Hosts: Management costs (max 3%), Overheads (10%) Duration: Researcher appointed for 12-24 months Intra-European Fellowships (EIF) Slide13:  MC Outgoing International Fellowships (OIF) Up to 3 years appointment for EU/AS experienced researchers to work in a Third Country research centre (2 years +1 year compulsory return) 2. MC Incoming International Fellowships (IIF) Aimed at ‘top-class’ researchers from Third Countries to work in a European research centre (2 years + possible return) Funding: Fellows : salary, travel and mobility costs, career exploratory allowance. Costs for training and research costs (managed by host) Hosts : Management costs (max 3%), Overheads (10%) International Fellowships Promotion and Recognition of Scientific Excellence:  3 initiatives have been set up to capitalize on the best achievements of world-class researchers and to help them achieve professional autonomy (EXT, EXC, EXA) The goal is to increase the visibility and attractiveness of research as a career option and to promote results to the scientific community. These measures also encourage world-class European researchers who have moved to other countries to resume their career in Europe (counter brain drain) Promotion and Recognition of Scientific Excellence Slide15:  Marie Curie Grants or Teams (EXT) Aim: to create (or develop) high level teams around a researcher having the potential to reach a very high level of excellence to enable Team leaders to evolve more rapidly towards professional autonomy. Leading edge or multi-disciplinary research Funding: Researchers (team leader/members): Living, travel and mobility costs. Hosts: Costs for training, research & transfer of knowledge costs, Management costs (max 3%), Overheads (20%), durable equipment if necessary. Duration: maximum 4 years.  Trans-national mobility not required Slide16:  Marie Curie Chairs (EXC) Aim: Building of new university Chairs to enable world-level researchers to let other European researchers benefit from their knowledge. To reinforce the training and research capacities in Europe. To attract world-level researchers who left Europe. Teaching/research/supervision of PhDs for 1 to 3 academic years Funding: Researchers: Living, travel and mobility costs. Hosts: Costs for training and for research costs, Management costs (max 3%), Overheads (10%), durable equipment if necessary. Duration: Researcher appointed for 12-36 months Slide17:  Marie Curie Awards (EXA) Aim: A prize to give recognition to the high level of excellence achieved by former beneficiaries of Community training and mobility actions Prize money of 50,000 € per award Award winners are expected to take part in public events promoting the take-up and visibility of European research Slide18:  MC Excellence projects in Astronomy ASTROSTAT (Portsmouth) SWIFT (Oxford) CIFIST (Paris Obs.) IGM Enrichment (Leiden) Slide19:  RESEARCHERS: Research freedom /ethical principles Professional responsibility and contractual obligation Accountability Dissemination, exploitation of results Supervision/managerial duties Continuing professional development EMPLOYERS /FUNDING BODIES: Working conditions, stability of employment, salaries Value of mobility Career development Gender issues Intellectual Property Rights Co-authorship Teaching Appraisal systems Participation in decision making bodies The European Charter for Researchers Marie Curie Actions FP7 (2007-13) :  Marie Curie Actions FP7 (2007-13) Overall scope Human resource development in R&D in Europe Numerous, well-trained, motivated researchers Attract researchers to Europe and retain Attract students to research career Skills and sustainable career development Continuity of previous Framework programme Slide21:  Nicholas Deliyanakis DG Research European Commission +32 2 299 55 26 MC actions MC Helpdesk

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