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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ALittlePieceOfMe



This is an assignment for my online course. We were to choose a band or musician and talk about their online/in person presence with their fans and how they engage, through social media, through meeting their fans, etc.

Marianas Trench By ALittlePieceOfMe

Ian Who Are They? • Marianas Trench is a Canadian Band from Vancouver, BC formed in 2001. The band is formed of four members; • Josh Ramsay – Lead Vocals • Matt Webb – Lead Guitar & Vocals • Mike Ayley – Bass Guitar & Vocals • Ian Casselman – Drums/Percussion & Backing Vocals Mike Matt Josh

Who Are They? Cont’d The kind of music they play is best described as Pop Rock. Though they are well known for their use of harmonies. All members of the band can sing and they use that to their advantage. It makes for a different sound compared to your average top 40’s music artists. The lead signer Josh grew up surrounded by music, his mother was a singing teacher, and his dad was a jingle writer-producer. He was also a founder Little Mountain Sound Studio. (Stevenson, 2012) All this played a huge part in Josh’s upbringing and love of music. He is a man of many talents, able to pick up and play any instrument amongst the vast majority that he already knows. He also is the songwriter for the band, the band truly is his baby. Their music has also been featured on TV. Plus he has produced and written/co-written for many other artist, most known is his work but don’t know it, for example; • Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe (Songwriter & Producer) • Faber Drive Give Him Up & Forever (Songwriter)

Albums Since their debut in 2001 to now (2014) they have released 3 full Albums; Fix Me (2006) Ft. the songs “Shake Tramp” & “Decide to Break It” Masterpiece Theater (2009) Ft. the songs “Cross My Heart”, “All To Myself ” & “Celebrity Status” Ever After (2011) Ft. the songs “Fallout”, “Stutter”, “Desperate Measures” & “Haven’t Had Enough” They are currently working on producing their fourth.

Online Presence They have a huge following of fans, and they entertain us and keep us up to date using these social media sites; Personal Website – Myspace - Facebook - Fancorps - Twitter - YouTube - Josh and his cat – via Josh Ramsay’s Twitter (@joshramsay) These are either all maintained by the group, or they have an ambassador that works very closely with the band, who has access to up to the minute news and updates on the band

Individual Social Media They also have their own personal array of social media sites with their own separate accounts that fans can follow if they have a favourite band member or just want more of the band as a whole. Mike and Matt are the best for responding honestly, and Josh is well, you take him or you leave him, but if there is one thing I have learned, it’s to never take him literally on twitter. Josh – Matt – Mike – Ian – Twitter Ramsay Twitter MT Facebook tWebbOfficial Vine 9575296 Youtube MattWebbOfficial Twitter N/A – He is a ghost on the internet MT Instagram mike YouTube MikansLife

Online Community A great thing about the Marianas Trench Fandom is how loyal the fans are. They go above and beyond to help, promote, participate, vote, request, etc. They will do just about anything. A few sites as I have already mentioned in prior slides are run by ambassadors, and people who work very closely with the group and promoters and record companies. Fancorps is one of these sites, fans on there are known as a part of their “Street Crew”. Our job on there is to help promote the band, make requests to radio stations to play their songs, vote for them for music awards, etc. When fans complete these tasks, they are rewarded with a points system and after accumulating enough points/credits, you can redeem them for merch, tickets, autographs, etc. It’s a great way of involving the fans, all willing and able volunteers.

Finding Their Audience Simply put young teens to mid twenties. Though I have seen fans, younger and older there (at their concerts) and of course participating in their online communities. I think it’s safe to say that even with their younger fans, they truly know how to spread the word online, and just get it out there in general. Though adults who attend their concerts with their kids, have also been known to have a good time, and are seen singing along to the lyrics. Being a pop-rock band they have a little something for everyone in their music. As well that twist of harmonies, it really does change the dynamics when all band members can sing, and play a number of different instruments. The thing about audience is sure age, but also engaging them, if you want an honest and true fandom, it is important to socialise with them, and they do that all the time online. They know who their demographic is, and sure they always test something new with their latest albums, but they always star=y true to their current audience. They want their audience to understand that they don’t make the same album twice, it will always be something new and different, because you can only grow stronger by experience.

Online Content – When it comes to Marians Trench’s content that they post and share online, I am not so sure I would call it meaningful, or rather that people should take them to seriously. They tend to post an average amount, nothing as consistent as every Friday or something like that, they tend for the random frantic posting. Sometimes at 3 .A.M (so you forget to turn off notifications at night and all of a sudden you are woken up by Twitter and Josh’s 10 or more tweets), we know he’s laughing because he knows he wakes us up (and because he tell us sometimes). Then again, there are times where we don’t hear from them for a week at a time. On either their combined or individual platforms. Typically this just means that they are working hard on creating the next album. Which we get updates on, on occasion. We receive many silly photos and videos. Though we really do enjoy their Official Music Videos and then later, their Behind The Scenes videos for said music video. It allows us to see how much time and effort goes into making something, and also to see them having fun and taking a moment to goof off and distress.

* All Images on this page are screencaps from Marianas Trench’s Twitter feeds & Instagram. I do not own these.

Engaging Fans Online & Continuing IRL! Honestly I don’t think I can name a thing that they are not, not doing. They manage to keep their fan engaged at all times. They have many ways, not just with online updates of how things are going on the new album, and videos of them being silly. Mike and Matt will Tweet the fans a location, and the first fans to say a “special phrase” that they describe in the tweet wins, and they will buy said fan a coffee or will treat them to something, give them a small prize. The fan also gets that moment of hanging out with Mike, Matt and Ian. It is very advantageous to fans who live, like them, in Vancouver BC. They usually post contest on YouTube, asking fans to submit videos of them or their choirs singing one of their songs and if you win then you get to sing a duet, or your choir is the backing vocals for a few songs on stage with the band during their concert in your hometown. This occurred during their latest tour “Face The Music” Another cool aspect is their Official Music Videos, months in advance they tweet, post on their news feed on their site, and make YouTube videos, asking fans to participate and show up to a certain location for the filming of their music videos. All the extras you see in the background are their fans. This is how devoted, loyal, and just awesome their fan base really is. I admire how they do not just shut their fans out, they really do appreciate them, and time after time they let us come through for them. I am always hearing good things about meet and greets and events like this. Along side their large well known venue gigs they also still play in malls, stores + have autograph signings, they are not a hermit crab band. They are gracious about any gifts from fans.

Engaging Fans Online & Continuing IRL! Cont’d As a Canadian band they certainly got their following in Canada with some ease, though they always wanted to expand to the states. That was always a goal. With their release of their second album Masterpiece Theater and the number of plays it got on the radio, and the type of promoting their fans did, news of them did cross the boarder. Started to grow, and in fact the daughter of the owner of Cherrytree Records, heard them, loved them and got her dad to sign them. So with the help of them posting and their fans expanding news traveled and they booked several tour dates in the states. Even got a few new sponsors like Journey Shoes store, where they played private shows and held autograph signings. This enabled them to reach out and meet their US fans.

My Testimonial – I am a Trencher! Ever since I found this band, and started to listen to their music I have been a devoted fan. They are the first music group that I really took interest in, hardly anyone I knew, knew of them, and they are Canadian too! I finally understood wanting to go to concerts and listening to them play live, so I would always attend their shows in and around Toronto whenever possible. They started small, but in the past few years, have really grown and expanded. They are even now known in the US. All fan followings have their given titles. Marianas Trench fans are better known as “Trenchers”. I will admit that they are not the most “normal” of bands, but who is now a days, these guys just like to go out sand have fun, be goofs no matter in public or private, and they are doing what they love, creating music and performing it in front of their widespread audience. Keep Calm And Trench On! -ALPOM

Bibliography Stevenson, Jane. "Trench singer has music in DNA." If Press. N.p., 08 Feb 2012. Web. 18 Feb. 2014. <>. All images and CD scans are my own. (unless listed otherwise under image or on slide) - Jessica Trunk (aka ALittlePieceOfMe)

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