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Published on November 20, 2016

Author: AhmedFaizan1


1. MARIA B CASE STUDY Shahzad Shiraz Sehar Salim Arsalan Afaque Zoya Hafeez Ahmed Faizan

2. Contents:  Company Profile  Situation Analysis  Consumer Behavior linked with Brand Marketing  Marketing Strategy  4 P’s of Marketing  Dilemma of MARIA B  Focus Group and findings  Conclusion

3. “Since its inception, the vision and goal of MARIA.B has always been to produce high quality garments in line with international standards under the supervision of trained fashion management”

4. The TAG maker at a Glance  MARIA.B DESIGNS (PVT) LTD is the largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fashion garments in Pakistan  large clientele in the US and Europe.  The company was set up in 1999 by Maria, after she graduated from PSFD (Pakistan School of Fashion Design. She graduated with honors securing the top position in all four years of studies.  In 1997 Maria won an international fashion competition held in Belgium.  Here she was also named as one of the three upcoming designers in the world.  MARIA.B was the first design house in Pakistan to hire a team or professionally trained fashion designers, textile artists and production managers to run the company on professional lines and in short span of 11 years,  MARIA.B has created a fashion revolution with her designing and chic image which shows in all her lines from Casuals, lawn, Evening-Wear, Westerns to Bridals.  With a skilled workforce of over 300 employees and a team of professionally trained designers and an export oriented vision, MARIA.B is all set to become one of the most powerful fashion houses from South Asia.

5. Company Customer Competitors PLACEMENTSegmentation Targeting Place Price Product Promotions Consumer Behavior Linked on Marketing Landscape

6. Focus Groups ! ( A Consumer Research Method) A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.

7. SWOT Analysis Strength  Brand Name  Wide Product Range  Unique Designs Weakness  Expensive  Weak Marketing Opportunity  Awareness of fashion in youth. Threats  Competitors  Economic Recession

8. 4 Pea’s Of Marketing Product Price Place Promotion

9. Product: Mafia: This line mostly covers pure cottons, khaddar, lawn, linens and embroidered cottons. This line offers ready to wear and trendy clothes with affordability.

10. Semi Formals and Formals Semi Formal line is evening wear, slightly more formal and covers resham, crystals chiffon, silks and georgette with fine embroideries. Formals however, offers perfect dressing for wedding needs, this line consists of silks, jamahwars and heavy hand embroideries in crystals and salma dapka (traditional eastern embroideries)

11. Maria B. Brides A purely couture line which is available only at the bridal studio in lahore. It is a made to order line for brides and their families.

12. Mgirl This is the new line by Maria.B offering everything from clothes to bags and shoes to accessories.. Mgirl also introduces semi-precious jewelry for weddings, this jewelry in platinum coated with semi- precious stones such as topaz and zircons.

13. Maria B Lawn. This is a newly introduced brand under this umbrella. Maria B Lawn is a summer line with most trendy screen designs printed on lawn with chiffon dupattas.

14. PRICE  Mafia Rs.3000 – Rs. 4900  Semi Formals Rs.5000 – Rs.9900  Formals Rs.10000 – Rs.99000  Bridals Rs.100000 and Onwards

15. Promotion  Fashion Magazines  Fashion shows  Bill Boards Place  Karachi  Lahore  Islamabad  Faisalabad


17. Qualitative interviews





22. Conclusion In a nutshell, Maria B. is conquering the land in the name of Pakistani fashion with her unique and bold styles. And one day, she surely become Pakistan’s top international fashion label. She Knew Who is She, what is she making who are opponents in markets. She even knows well the segments and target customers. Her Tag is well positioned and Marketing Mix is well aligned with a very balanced promotion mix.

23. Thank you for the patience you have shown we know it was tough to bear ; )

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