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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: BehzadKatirachi



2 • Alezi Teodolini Consultoria 3D presentation • Experience during “As-built” services execution in a oil and gas refinery in Brazil, followed by 3D modeling using VANTAG PDMS (Plant Design Management System) • CAE model procedure and an example of a successful case. • Conclusions

3 Alezi Teodolini Consultoria3D is a HEZOLINEM Group´s company, located in São Paulo, Brazil. Hezolinem was the pionner of survey equipment deal and it is a well-known company in all Brazilian market since 1975. The Alezi Teodolini Consultoria3D new business area has 5 years and already have committed team with 25 professionals for the AS-BUILT projects. Alezi Teodolini headquarters in São Paulo

4 Company: – Consolidation as the best supplier of CAE creation using cloud points and projects of engineering in PDS or PDMS platforms – Maintaining the data entirety and the speed during the project model execution with high quality. Presentation: – Demonstrating the method of our job using CAE model in PDMS; – Presenting the cloud points and the Modeling in PDMS of Brazilian refinery.



7 Project experience during As-Built services in a Brazilian refinery followed by PDMS modeling. The Project

8 Refinery - Summary The Refinery: • The most complete refinery of PETROBRÁS system; • Located: Brazil • Area of 13km2; • Production of lubricant, diesel, GLP, nafta, kerosene, etc.

9 Refinery – Contract Resume The Agreement: • The biggest project was done using 3D Laser Scanner; • A total of 500 milions points; • 361 Stations, 3800 piping and 250 equipment; • Complete PDMS Model and engineer as-built plants. • Contract Time Frame: 13 months – start: 12/12/2006. • The agreement total value : U$ 900 000,00. • It is considered as a reference project in Brazil. The main object of our contract with the refinery

10 Material and Survey Time Materials used in the Project – 02 units of 3D Laser Scanners GS200; – 01 Total Station; – 02 Notebooks; – 10 Flat targets; – 15 Reference spheres. Site Surveying duration: – 3 months. Station number: - 361 stations. Grid - 10 mm at 10 meters for all 360° scanning . Total of the points collected: – 500 millions.

11 Planning/Execution: – The estimative was: • A total of 1,5 hours per 360 degrees station; • The use of 7 stations per day during the site surveying based on photography's, • Plants and technical visits in the project area; • 3 months with one scanner. – It was spent: • 1,5 hours per 360 degrees station; • The production averages was only 4 stations per day due to the problems occurred with the batteries and equipment temperature; • It was finished in 3 months using 2 equipment. Field Crew – working in the Refinery Survey Direction

12 Field Crew • 1 Leader Enginering – 8 months • 2 Surveyors – 3 months • 2 Assistants – 3 months • 1 Driver/Assistant – 3 months • 1 Senior Piping – 8 months Field Crew – working in the Refinery

13 Survey Direction Survey – Flat and spherical targets were used in order to help during the consolidation process; – Total Station: Conventional surveying in order to put cloud points in the correct coordinate system of site surveying plant; – Consolidation or register. Field Crew– working in the refinery

14 Site Surveying Description Targets were located in order to position the cloud points in the refinery coordination system using the refinery landmarks; 361 stations were scanned to obtain cloud points in real color. Field Crew – working in the Refinery

15 Collected cloud points making easy the scanned data interpretation Photo taken using the scanner in the same position of the cloud point surveying. Cloud Points Collection

16 Cloud Points Collection The biggest cloud points done with a 3D Laser Scanner – 500 millions of points

17 A project specialist was hired in order to update all documentation regarding to 1210 unit: 95% concluded.

18 Field Advantage Points Field Advantage Points using GS200: – The scanner weight; – The equipment does a complete 360º using a half of the time with reference to HDS3000; – The color of the cloud points helps during the object identification; – The scanner transportation is easy because of its backpack. Field Crew – working in the Refinery

19 Field Work Difficulties Battery: – Weight : 14 Kg ; – Autonomous : 4 h ; – Transport difficult Temperature – Due to the high temperature the equipment stopped to work several times during one day Series GS – Good conditions are essential for the scanner work. – Field vertical view is restricted to 60° Field Crew – working in the Refinery

20 Cloud Points/Consolidation Difficulty • More than 500.000.000 points to manage; • RWS is able to open only 60.000 points. Result • 500.000.00 points in the same coordinate system. PC Configuration • Pentium D 3.0 Ghz; • 2.0 GB RAM memory; • Graphic Card 256 Mb. Field Crew – working in the Refinery

21 Cloud Points/Consolidation • This kind of project has a lot of points and being its consolidation very complex; • The control of the surveying work points is very important. Alezi Teodolini´s office – São Paulo, Brazil

22 Cloud Points/Consolidation PROCEDURE • The total area was divided up among 35 sub-areas; • 3 teams working during 2 months: – 30% using cloud based on registration tool of RWS and 70% using spheres and targets – In order to put the cloud points in the real coordinate system, it was made a topographic surveying to collect flat target coordinates.

23 Modeling/Engineering team • 1 Leader Engineer • 1 PDMS Manager - 8 months • 1 Senior project professional – 5 months • 8 Professionals of CAD Modeling– 8 months • 2 CAD designers – 3 months Alezi Teodolini´s office – São Paulo, Brazil

24 The Modeling Team • Our team is trainned according to the following stages: – First Stage: • Professional with notions of the basic CAD • 3Dipsos training = 2 months • Piping/structure and general industrial concepts training = 2months • 15 lines are produced in 3Dipsos per day. – Second Stage • PDMS training = 3 months • PI&D concept training = 1 month • 15 lines are produced in PDMS/PDC per day.

25 3Dipsos – Modeling Alowed • We made a series of modeling demos in order to genarate a PDMS model two years before closing the agreement. • After the modeling demos, our customer has approved 3Dipsos software. A part of our agreement with the customer

26 Office Job Direction STEP 1: Team planning and definition per subjects (Piping, Equipment, Metallic, Civil and Electrical); Modeling team = 8 professionals Office in São Paulo – Alezi Teodolini Office in São Paulo – Alezi Teodolini

27 Working with Specs STEP 2: PDMS Management of data base configuration, users and password creation; STEP 3: SPEC importation including customer specifications; Standard Catalogues (SPECS): Possible to import and work with diferent specs On the same project

28 Cloud points STEP 4: Cloud point segmentation; Raw Data of the Cloud Points Cloud Points divided up on separated groups for modeling.

29 Senior Piping Project and PDMS Administrator STEP 5: The senior project professional after the field surveying updated the P&ID in order to give the real information to the modeling team. SPEC´s and catalogs creation using the PDMS software. Senior Project Professional – working in Refinery

30 Modeling with the SPECS for PDMS Associating a segmented structure with a reconized semi- automatic spec If the pipe is isolated by the temperature, it will be possible to model using only the pipe dimensions. Creating Branches associated with catalogs (SPEC).

31 PDMS interface STEP 6: PDMS modeling; 3Dipsos software / PDC (Point Cloud Data Center) use with PDMS direct interface;

32 Modeling Tools – Automatic method use with exclusive modeling tools that improve the production capacity; – easypipe® is a cloud points tool that can model all pipe components without operator interference increasing the productivity 3 (three) times.

33 Checking the PDMS Model STEP 7: Model check and validating during all the modeling process described before;

34 PDMS Model STEP 8: Delivery of 3D model in PDMS •Equipment •Pipes •Electrical •Civil •Metallic structures

35 We have to up-date the model every month to the customer Modeling Progress

36 Modeling Progress 62% of the complete job - PDMS Model. Delivery time: March-2008





41 Engineering Update STEP 9: Updated plant generation and delivery (using ADP); STEP 10: Updated PI&D delivery.

42 3D Laser Scanner used and its importance during an 3D AS-Built project Cloud Points X Project PDS Picture – We will need to delivery the solution for PDMS.

43 Cloud Points X As-built model PDS Picture – We need to delivery the solution for PDMS.

44 As-Built Company advantages • Piping modeling associated to the SPECs offering speedy and entirety; • Recognition of automatic structure profiles associated to the charts; • Modeling time optimization tools as such as: EasyPipe® (automatic extraction of tubulation), Beam Extraction (automatic extraction of structures); • 3D model updated; • Clash Detection; • Accuracy of the model.

45 Advantages Refinary • Stop time reduction at the refinery; • Cost and time reduction during the building and assembly; • Risk simulation possibility; • Facility and efficiency to the future project development; • Plants and PI&D up to date; • Smart models generating automatically the Isometrics and Material list.

46 Pipe Isometric

47 Piping Plan

48 PI&D

49 Conclusion • The new 3D Laser Scanner technology allows a CAE model that shows the real situation in the field, offering a lot of benefits in the industrial plant management's day by day ; • The use of 3Dipsos/PDC software allows to reduce the modeling time that causes a direct impact in the project cost ; • The service cost is irrelevant if compared on its cost- benefit vantages.

50 Eng. Marcos Guandalini São Paulo/SP, Brazil Phone: (55 11) 3868-0825

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