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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: pritrazo



 There are two pools on the island . One is bigger.  There is a huge garden all over the island.  There are a few people walking around the gardens of the island.  There are a lot of sun umbrellas on the island.  There are a lot of palm trees on the island and there is also a great mountain on the island. THE ISLAND

 There are two plates with food on the table with their cutlery.  There is an oven, a microwave and a drawer and on the oven there is a saucepan boiling.  At the end there is also an open window with two pots.  There is a bowl with fruit and a bottle of wine on the microwave. THE KITCHEN

 There is a lot of food on the table.  There are two chairs on the table.  There are some cutlery next to the plates.  There is a basket of bread at the corner of the table .  There is a tablecloth on the table.  The bottle of wine is on the left of the table.  There is a plate of ribs near a plate and there is also a bowl of salad. THE TABLE

 On the roof there is a chimney made of bricks.  In the bathroom there is a bathtub full of water. It is far from a mirror and of a water closet, and there is also a wash basin.  In the bedroom there is a bed with two bedside tables.  there is also a kitchen and the lumber room. THE HOUSE

 In the office there is a table with a computer and many other things to work.  There are also two bookshelves full of books and a big window.  There is a black chair next to the table. THE OFFICE

 In the bedroom there is a very large wardrobe next to a bed with a white carpet.  There is also a desk and there is a computer with many other things on it.  There is a window on the right of the bed.  There is also a small cupboard and many other things on the wall. THE BEDROOM

THE END By: Marcos García López

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