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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: MarcioSouzaLeite



Hello, I’m MARCIOMILK a creative generalist with background in copywriting and creative strategy based in London/UK. I'm passionate about all things digital, technology and ideas that make change happen.

I’m currently seeking for a creative/conceptual roles in London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Canada, Australia and USA. Shout if you think it is you! =)


Marciomilk Creative Strategist & Copywriter

FACTS 1 I WAS BORN here 1. Born in Brasilia, Brazil, where The tallest building has 6 floors. 2. Lived in Rio for about 2 years and in Sao Paulo for another year before moving to the uk. Never got robbed in any of these cities. 3. Got my uk residence in 2013. Ready for new exciting things!

Background 2 I’m a Brazilian creative ‘Generalist’ based in London, UK with a passion for all things digital: ideas, advertising, technology, gaming, films, sports, toy art, design, photography, books and most things you can find on the Internet. ! Background in copywriting (digital), creative technology, creative strategy, research, social media content, innovations, internal business development and client presentations.

where and what: 3 Interactive Communications Masterclass 2012 Code in a Day Front End Development Introduction to Arduino Drawing Course

What kind of creative am I? 4 I’m right here! - Copywriting; - 360 Thinking; - Interactive experiences; - Websites; - UX/UI; - TOV; - Content on SM; - Digital trends. Advertising & Marketing Product & Service Development - Creative Strategy; - Hands-on culture; - No walls; - Start-up way; - Pro-activeness; - Insights; -Try, make, fail, try…

Now let me talk about my time as… 5 SHUT UP and show me some ideas!

6 fiat adventure ! THE INSIGHT: FIAT launched a car to compete with other ‘offroad’ car brands. A car for adventurers only. ! THE IDEA: In 2007, I created piece that would resonate with adventurous spirits: the first web banner fully written in Morse code. ! HOW IT WORKS: The car headlights flashes the message. A CTA takes people to Wikipedia, where they can learn about Morse code strings. We hid a string inside the flash file code, with the translation for the banner and a single discount of 10% off purchase. The message was “A car only real adventurers will get”.

7 caixa house of dreams ! THE INSIGHT: CAIXA, the national Bank of Brazil, wanted us to create a campaign to advertise its loan mortgage product for those who dream about buying a house. We know that buying the house of our dreams is a very emotional decision. So how to create something that can give people an innovative experience and make them be part of it in a different way? ! THE IDEA: A website that takes people for a house ‘viewing’ through a sensorial experience. We used binaural audio so people could hear and feel their own houses from inside, thanks to a voice that would guide and interact with the environment in high definition 3D audio.

8 HOW IT WORKS: The website asks for people to put on their headphones, close their eyes and embark on a sensorial experience driven by sounds. ! A cloud of wet paint on water would dissipate, followed by clouds and CTAs encouraging people to close their eyes and relax.

9 MINTRANS pocket angel THE INSIGHT: Drink driving is a tough issue in Brazil. As most people have a car and public transportation is not a first choice when people go out, especially the younger audience, we needed to alert people of the dangers of getting back home after a few drinks on your own. ! THE IDEA: An application that directly connects you with a mate: a Guardian Angel. ! HOW IT WORKS: The app sends a text message to your selected guardian angel alerting him you might need help. The app constantly tests your cognitive skills via mini-games played on the keypad, if you score low, your guardian will get notifications. If you turn it off, your guardian will be aware as well.

10 Intel InfoStream Football ! THE INSIGHT: Football fans are glued to their mobile phones. Barely 5 minutes passes on the pitch without them accessing their mobile to comment about a game they are watching.

11 THE IDEA: A product that enhances the passion for watching football like never seen before. Stats and Tweets come together to let fans experience football in a complete insightful and visual way.

12 Match facts Match updates Match stats

14 ROI & Earned media

15 vauxhall * Drag image ihere #amperacharge ! THE INSIGHT: Ampera is the first hybrid made in the UK. A highly technological car for those who dig innovation and are always looking for what’s next. Vauxhall asked us for a launch campaign to create lots of PR and shout out innovation. ! THE IDEA: #AmperaCharge is the first car fully charged by social media. The idea is a competition and an interactive experience that engages the car with people on Twitter and give them a chance to win a brand new Ampera.

16 ! HOW IT WORKS: A website shows a live stream of one Ampera in a warehouse, connected to a power generator. ! This power generator is engaged by tweets containing #AmperaCharge. As conversations happen, the generator triggers a switch that feeds the car with electricity. ! The latest tweet to fully charge the gauge wins it!

17 Vauxhall ADAM ! THE INSIGHT: ADAM is car with a million possibilities, especially made for spirited young people who are part of the next generation. Most of them play games and love technology. ! THE IDEA: A Car Configurator that appeals to a younger audience, tailor made to a native platform they love and fully customisable. Just like ADAM itself.

19 HOW IT WORKS: Download the app from the XBOX ONE dashboard. ! Gamers can fully customise their ADAM to their taste using KINECT gesture and voice commands.

20 HOW IT WORKS: Once they ’re done, they can download the car as a fee DLC to play on FORZA 5, one of the most popular racing franchises on next generation consoles.

21 philips musical toothbrush ! ! HOW IT WORKS: The Toothbrush comes with a USB stick/slot which can be removed and inserted into a computer or laptop. All you have to do is to click and drag a mp3 file into a folder in the stick and then re-insert it back in the toothbrush. ! The Musical Sonicare comes with built-in speakers so when you turn it on, it plays the song you just uploaded. THE INSIGHT: Electric toothbrushes are all the same. Philips wanted to launch a new Sonicare model but there wasn’t anything really special that would make it stand out from the competition. We needed to come up with an idea to introduce the new model with innovative thinking. ! THE IDEA: A limited edition of 100 Musical Sonicare, made ready to order on a first come first served basis. The limited edition helps to raise awareness for the new model, at a lower price.

22 philips avent smart bottle ! THE INSIGHT: The Avent line is one of most valued products for mother care. However, Philips felt they still need to introduce the brand to young mums, who are fully-connected and digital savvy. How do we take Avent to the next level? We make it friendly, smarter and useful. HOW IT WORKS: Philips Avent Perfection Edition connects to your mobile phone via an app, giving insights about your baby like never seen before. From temperature to breast feeding time, suction and graphs comparing your baby to other healthy babies. And you can share the progress on social media. ! THE IDEA: A smart bottle that will take mother care to the next level.

Any good? For more please visit:

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