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Published on June 26, 2007

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Research & Consumer Behavior:  Research andamp; Consumer Behavior Agenda Entertainment Cluster Composition Cinemas Cinema Landscape Coca-Cola Cinema strategy Slide2:  Cluster Composition Amusement / Recreation Cinema Theme / Amusement Parks Beaches / Picnics Aquarium/ Bowling/ Museum Special Events Outdoor Exposition / Fair / Circus / Parade / Festivals Special Events Recreation / Leisure Time Youth Club / Organization Residential Complexes Social Clubs Religious, Charitable Organizations Sports Venue / Gambling Stadium / Sports Arena Slide3:  Cinemas... Slide4:  THE CINEMA LANDSCAPE Fact: Movie Theatres can currently be classified into 2 types: The Foreign Model: Smart, Re-furbished, Smaller Halls/ Multiplexes. Focus on technology, décor, the consumer. Tickets priced Rs.80/- to Rs. 100/- Emphasis on the movie experience. Owner has control over the canteen. The Desi Model: Older Theatres, strategically located. Part of a city’s culture, ethos, life-style. Suffer from an 'edifice-complex' - mammoth sizes. Usually have a strong canteen operator. Dual canteens addressing Balcony andamp; Stalls. Tickets are priced at Rs. 50/- to Rs. 70/- and Rs. 20/- to Rs. 30/- Slide5:  THE CINEMA LANDSCAPE Fact: Foreign Model can be further classified into 2types: Multiplex Only: Presence of 3 - 5 movie screens Consumer gets a choice of movies and options of various time slots Mall cum Multiplex Presence of 3-5 movie screens within a shopping mall Shopping mall with all leading brands Eating andamp; Drinking - McDonald’s, Domino’s, Barista, TGIF Shopping - Colorplus, Benetton, Reebok Consumer has the choice of - Eating and Drinking, shopping, hanging out in addition to movie watching Lets understand the Cinema Consumer…..A snap shot of Project Candy“Broad movie-going behaviour”:  Lets understand the Cinema Consumer….. A snap shot of Project Candy 'Broad movie-going behaviour' How Often Do We Go To The Movies?:  Base: Total sample, n=755 *Source: Project Candy 1997 How Often Do We Go To The Movies? How Does Movie Behaviour Differ By Age?:  Base: All in each segment *Source: Project Candy 1997 How Does Movie Behaviour Differ By Age? So Why Go To The Movies?:  Getting out of the house with my friends The Movie Experience Two broad drivers: Teens (20-24) Teens 20-24 *Source: Project Candy 1997 So Why Go To The Movies? ... Plus It’s A Practical Option:  allowed to everyone can cinema complexes are everywhere close to public transport/home everyone likes it wear what you want familiar process/ know what to expect *Source: Project Candy 1997 ... Plus It’s A Practical Option Who Do They Go To The Movies With?:  Base: All movie-goers, n=469 14-17 (50)% 2 9 6 24 32 26 18-24 (101)% 2 37 5 27 22 7 29 58 Opportunity: Focus on socialising aspect of brand and movies *Source: Project Candy 1997 Who Do They Go To The Movies With? What Do They Do Before The Movies?:  Base: All movie-goers, n=469 14-17 (50)% 73 35 6 19 15 11 - 41 18-24 (101)% 56 8 6 10 9 26 6 14 Opportunity: Relocate sales to Concessions *Source: Project Candy 1997 What Do They Do Before The Movies? When They Get To The Cinema:  Base: All movie-goers, n=469 14-17 (50) % 25 48 26 1 - 18-24 (101) % 11 54 20 15 1 78 *Source: Project Candy 1997 When They Get To The Cinema Key Consumer Insights:  Key Consumer Insights Movie going is a popular past time amongst all consumers Teens and young adults are the heaviest users The movie experience is all about ‘escape’ Movie going is a social occasion, that involves other activities and people Concessions are an integral part of the movie experience Coca-Cola Cinema strategy...:  Coca-Cola Cinema strategy... The New Cinema Strategy:  The New Cinema Strategy Driving incidence through promotional programs and operational excellence Leveraging the properties of the TCCC System to drive traffic Building an association between Coca-Cola brands and the movie experience Refreshing Movie goers Promoting Movie going Entertaining Movie goers Taking your Key Business Drivers …... ENTERTAINMENT TRAFFIC VOLUME ..and building a Business Plan which leverages the strength of the Coca-Cola System Step 1: Persuading Consumers to Purchase:  Step 1: Persuading Consumers to Purchase Refreshing Movie goers Promoting Movie going Entertaining Movie goers Slide18:  Objective Strategy Resources Outcome Driving Volume Drive Gross Profit Refreshing Movie Goers Operational Excellence Service / Equipment Staff Training Marketing Plan Merchandising Promotions Promotional Allowance Consumer Research Post Evaluation Step 2: Driving Traffic:  Step 2: Driving Traffic Refreshing Movie goers Promoting Movie going Entertaining Movie goers Slide20:  Promotional Allowance Cinema Tickets Objective Strategy Resources Outcome Drive Traffic Drive Admission Revenue and Candy Bar Sales Promote Movie Going Competitive Zones Total Circuit Cross Promotions Sponsorship Properties Loyalty Programs Step 3: Enhance The Experience:  Step 3: Enhance The Experience Refreshing Movie goers Promoting Movie going Entertaining Movie goers Slide22:  Entertaining Movie Goers Objective: Build Coca-Cola brand preference Enhance the movie going experience Strategy: Utilise cinema channel as a media - screen advertising - billboard Resources: Media fund Creative development fund Consumer research Outcomes: Build Candy Bar ritual Increase consumer satisfaction Innovative Merchandising Strategy:  Persuaders Interrupters Reminders Drive Volume Points of Interaction Program Innovative Merchandising Strategy Understanding Movie Going Behaviour:  Understanding Movie Going Behaviour Concessions Ticket Counter Cinemas Cinemas Summary:  Summary Understand Consumer Cinema Going behavior Understand Consumer Needs andamp; Wants Understand Consumer Purchase Behavior Focus Marketing efforts on the Key Profit Drivers: Refreshing Movie Goers Promoting Movie Going Entertaining Movie Goers

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