March 2014 60MOC - How to Implement with Grace

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: mpullin



Join us for this free business session on Business Improvement in South Australia.

The slides here are from the recent March 2014 session of 'How to implement strategy with Grace'.

How to implement strategy with grace 1

Welcome new, old & even a few Mantra folk 2

Welcome Mad March • Don’t forget April 5th 2014 • Back to 60MOC – 65 sessions, 6 years in & 445 hrs – What’s different? • • • • • New premises Free Trade Coffee A bit of spice in the topics – push for a bit more SA Rockinghorse is galloping towards us Gold coin donation for the Ruth Barker project $1200 goal • More Client & Joint presentation 3

Welcome Mad March – What’s not? • Content & passion & Business Improvement • Presenters • Volunteer effort • Feedback and you can call out • Free Free Free • Chatham House Rules 4

Let’s do a Tinkerbell on the Pixie 5

Gonna make you stars, sweetheart • Filming is underway.. now • Please check in • You’re ‘Live’ on Facebook • And you are welcome to discuss/chat and comment as we go • Head down is ok 6

And don’t forget to add to your diaries • That’s April 5th …. – Yes, I like Jurlique handcream • April 13th for our whole team birthday – 9 years here in SA – Drinks at Proof (a funky pop up bar) off Waymouth – Join us for a drink & chuckle 7

Here’s the ‘free’ coffee payment We deliver great We deliver great We deliver great Consulting Resources Education Projects Reviews & Audit Recruitment Management Consulting & Change Skill Development Public Training & Events Contractors GROWTM Professional Mentoring Strategy & Execution Advisory aka ‘dial a friend’ (SME & Corp) Functional Outsource Global Certification & Exams 8

Delivering the Strategy Service Offerings Jamie Morgan Online collaboration & tools Approach to client management – deep People & resources Value adding throughout the relationship Te a m w o r k & s u p p o r t What makes us different? Silvano Tittoto A n a l y t i c s 9

Tick Tock, Dance Shoes On How to implement strategy with grace 10

And so the dance begins… Teach you a few basic dance grooves What is strategy ? Three C’s of dancing Dealing with a bad dancer 11

What I wish to offer are 3 simple steps Cha Every business has a strategy Cha Cha Every project manager, change agent & business analyst also has a strategy Cha Cha Every individual has a strategy Cha Big statement 12

What is strategy ? 1. the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. (dancing is an art by the way – even for soldiers) 2. a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. 3. the framework which guides those choices that determine the nature and direction of an organization. 13

Blue Ocean Strategy • Recognition that competitors are not the only motivators – Climate demands – Global population – Innovation & moving ahead – Regulation & Compliance 14

Just in case you didn’t believe me 15

Strategy is a boundary marker What a company DOES What a company does not do 16

Not an ivory tower, more like Officeworks FORMULATING STRATEGY 17

Yawn … just another off-site • Strategy consumes the discussion & thoughts of most leaders – Thinking of the dance and the steps – Maybe not as a chorus though • According to Forbes … – Leaders pour their energy and resources into formulating strategy – Spend too little time figuring out how to implement 18

And we have funky tools – certainly 19

Kaplan & Norton Balanced Cha Cha “The ability to execute strategy can be more important than the strategy itself.” With failure rates reported in the 70 percent to 90 percent range, we can appreciate why sophisticated investors have come to realize that execution is more important than vision” 20

What strategy isn’t … • My strategy is to internationalise • My strategy is to outsource production • My strategy is to ramp up my R&D budget • My strategy is to introduce dancing as team meeting to increase morale 21

Brainstorming tactics is NOT strategy • My strategy is to internationalise • My strategy is to outsource production • My strategy is to ramp up my R&D budget • My strategy is to introduce dancing as team meeting to increase morale 22

Not an examination of tactics or operations Products Marketing Finances People 23

Not the mechanical projects PROJECTS Stakeholder Strategy Management of Resources Management of Schedule Management of Scope 24

Business Analysis REQUIREMENTS Stakeholder Management of Resources Strategy Management of Schedule Management of Scope 25

A well formed strategy will be coherent • Results in a plan towards a unique position for the business or organisation or person. • Ideally you will be able to answer .. – What advantage will we have once we have the tactics all rolled out 26

But unpredictable things DO & WILL happen & strategies must bend hence we stand on our toes as we dance 27

And a great strategy will also … • Provide flexibility to move side to side gracefully – Space to move in a ‘direction’ • Keep you going forward although sometimes a little differently • Support the changes that have not been formulated • Connection to implementation activity & progress 28

A lack of a plan is a plan Cha Every business has a strategy Really crappy & inelegant Cha Cha Every project manager, change agent & business analyst also has a strategy Reactive and random with a thread of rhythm Cha Cha Cha Every individual has a strategy Follow or Leader 29

Bad dancing is everywhere “The board and management team accept responsibility for the failure to successfully execute the global strategy” Mr Crawford, Chairman of Lend Lease explaining the loss of $ 3.5 billion in shareholder value (SMH) 30

How will do stuff Execution The new destination Resources Formulation A three legged, but graceful dancer Incentives Control Systems Organisational Structures 31

It’s been a while … 32

Six Sigma focus on Control 33

Three C’s Cha Cha Cha 34

Clarify your strategy • Choose your dance carefully • And make this understood amongst the leadership team (or dance teachers) • Test during the strategy formulation – – – – Can we dance on the tennis court ok? Will we have to make changes? Can people connect to this? Will it go beyond the top layer easily?

Communicate 36

Cascade your strategy • If strategy is ‘what’ dance to perform, the tactics are the steps to be taken • Teach the staff the dance in a myriad of ways – Broad techniques required • Cascade this information downward – Create an open feedback system to hear the foot drop • Can’t stop until you get enough 37

So as we dance to the end • Know what strategy is (and isn’t) • Focus on the implementation strategy during formation • Whilst in the throes of implementing, consider the three C’s – Clarification of the dance – Communication of the dance – Cascading the step instruction to everyone 38

EDUCATION Developing skills and expertise in ourselves, our students and clients will contribute to developing stronger professionals and better organisations throughout Australia. ADVISORY Supporting our clients to become stronger and sustainable through exceptional service, consultation and delivering tangible outcomes. COMMITMENT We value the special culture of Mantra, and each team member will commit to upholding this through demonstrating respect, teamwork, reliability, honesty and professionalism at all times. ENJOY WHAT YOU DO Choose every day to make a positive difference to yourself and those around you. values PEOPLE Great people make a difference and we will constantly seek opportunities to allow our students, staff and clients to reach their full potential. mantra company Don’t forget April 5th 39


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