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1.0 Introduction The one item in a retail store a business owner can't do without is the cash management system. Whether it's the traditional, electronic cash register or an elaborate computerized point of sale (POS) system, every store needs a machine to process sales. When the doors are open and the lights are on, the cash register becomes more than a safe place to store money. It has the ability to save money, quickly process a customer's transaction and accurately keep records. Point of sale (POS) or checkout is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services and the retailer would calculate the amount owed by the customer and provide options for the customer to make payment. The merchant will also normally issue a receipt for the transaction. The term POS is applicable to a retail shop or store, the checkout/cashier counter in the store, or a location where such transactions can occur in this type of environment. It can also apply to the actual Point of Sale (POS) Hardware & Software including but not limited to: electronic cash register systems, touch-screen display, barcode scanners, receipt printers, scales and pole displays. Retailers may utilize weighing scales, scanners, electronic and manual cash registers, terminals, touch screens and any other wide variety of hardware and software available for use with POS. Point of Sale Systems are utilized in many different industries, ranging from restaurants, hotels & hospitality businesses, and let's not forget - the retail environments. In the most basic sense, if something can be exchanged for monetary value - a Point of Sale System can be used. 1.1Background of the Study Point of sale system that links the cashier and customer to an entire network of information, handling transactions between the customer and store and maintaining updates or pricing and promotions. Point of sale system has the ability to analyze costumer transactions and balance. The Chado the tea room originally established in the early 70’s as family business, reorganized in 2004 as Tanso Food Products, and expanded last quarter of 2010 to TS FIESTA SEAFOOD SNAKS AND CORP., the company entered the market of snack foods and healthy herb and tea drinks a highly

competitive industry in the Philippines. Their mission is to provide unparallel and unequalled quality food products and healthy beverages focused on improving the taste standards of the Philippine consumers. But the company in the University Mall Branch does not have an electronic cash Register or POS so the Proponents proposed a system to the company to burden their cash management system is boost their marketing. The system designed for two users, the owner and the employees that has all access in the system and he/she can add or add or remove any stocks for the business and he/ she also can change the security feature of the system. The employees are limited to access the system they cannot change security feature of the system. But the system intended only for chado the tea room Points of Sale System. 1.2 Statement of Objectives 1.2.1 General Objectives To create an electronic cash register or a computerized point of sale (POS) that will lessen the burden of the merchant and improve over-all business performance and, at the same time, cope with technological trends. To Improve the Customer Service and boost Marketing of Chado the tea room. To maintain more Customer and improve the efficiency of the employees in the Chado the tea room. To reduce cost and control the flow of the money and the sales and specials are easy to manage in the Chado the tea room. To be able the customer to purchase immediately and Purchase orders are produced automatically with enough lead time to receive goods in the Chado the tea room. 1.3 Significance of the Study

The importances of this are the following: For the Owner of the Store – It can make their work easier to this system. Fewer jobs to the cashier. For the Costumer- They will save time if they buy some product on the shoe store. For the Developers – This study helps to enhance the knowledge of the developers in programming. For the next developers – They can use this as their reference and as a guide so their work will not be hard. 2.0 Methodology of the Study In this section, it will discuss the techniques that will be applied by the developers in order the POS system for the Chado the tea room. The developers will use the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The SDLC has 5 processes:

Methodology of the Study Planning phase- The First Phase of SDLC in which Establishes a high- Level view of the intended project and determines its goals. The proponents assigned each member to do his/her task for the part of documentation. Analysis- The Second Phase of SDLC in which refines project goals into defined functions and operation of the intended application. Analyzes end user information needs. The proponents gathered by interviewing the Companies owner. Design- The third Phase of SDLC in which describes desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo codes and other documentation. In this phase the proponents will apply the desire design for the system well by the client. Implementation- the fourth of SDLC the real code is written here, in which the Information is coded tested, installed and supported. In this stage, the proponents will installed the finish program take time to make sure that the system will have lesser risk of failure. Maintenance- the Final Phase in which an information system is systematically repaired and improved. In this phase the proponents will make sure that the system will surely upgrade and will run preparedly. 3.0 Data Gathering Procedures and Output The developers will be interview the owner of Chado the tea Room at University Mall Vito Cruz Taft Avenue Manila. After interview, the developers will review all the data they have gathered. In this process researching will be a big help in gathering relevant materials to create Point Of Sales System on the said store. The developers also borrowed

books from the STI-College Taft’s Library to gather some information about the system. The developers use the books also as references for our documentation.

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