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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Kiska


Slide1:  Roman Lodging Plumbing Bibliography Entertaining events More Rooms Continued Furniture Slide2:  Peristylium The Peristylium was an open aired courthouse inside the house. It was often used as a garden and contained flowers, shrubs, fountains and other things. The outside was supported with pillars. This can be a nice place for you to hang out. Tabernae The Tabernae was a small trading shop inside of the house. It had doors to the outside of it’s own and it did not connect to the rest of the house. If you are in search of a souvenir or other product, this is just what you are looking for. Peristylium Tabernae Culina Exedra Barbara McManus, 6/2/07 Slide3:  Tablinium The Tablinium was a study like room. It was the place where family records were stored. It was also where a chest holding the family financing was kept. If the inhabitants were rich they might have ancestral busts or Mosaic flooring. For the Paterfamilias it was a place where he could meet with his clients. This a peaceful place where you can jot down notes about your trip. Cubiculum The cubiculum was a small room or bedroom that had many purposes, it could be used as a meeting area, library, bedroom or something else. It was not highly furnished and only had a small chest and a sleeping couch. Have a nice time. Culina The Culina was a kitchen in the house where the food was prepared by slaves. It was usually dark and not much fresh air came through, because of this it was often hot and smoky during cooking. Baking was done in ovens and food boiled in a pot or in a iron tripod. Smoldering embers leftover from the oven were put in metal braziers so they could be used like stove top cooking. Barbara McManus, 6/2/07 Slide4:  Barbara McManus, 6/2/07 Exedra “The exedra was a large, elegant room usually located off the peristyle garden. It was used for formal entertainments and lavish dinner parties” (McManus, This garden like room is a perfect place to stay. Triclinium The triclinium was a Roman style dining room. It usually contained three couches, hence its name, in which people could use to socialize, sleep or dine. Also the walls were usually nicely painted. Slide5:  In Rome, there many different types of things you could sit down in. Some of these were heavy chairs, armchairs, folding stools and benches. Foot stools were kept nest to heavy chairs and thrones. Benches were very common and it was common for poor to sit on them. Couches and beds were very similar. (I hope you have a nice time sleeping!) The materials used in Roman furniture were wood, bronze, stone and marble. They didn’t have much furniture compared to our standards. Most tables and furniture originated from Greece. In the house was a lararium where the family gave offerings and prayed to household gods, it was located in the Atrium. The city of Rome had theaters, amphitheaters, circuses, baths, temples, aquaducts and many other things. It contained about a million people and had running water and underfloor heating Slide6:  Tassoni Group, 6/2/07 Diane McKenna, 6/2/07 This cool place was where Gladiatorial contests were held and mock battles were re-enacted. The better class you were, the closer you get to see them. The coliseum could seat as many as 50,000 people.It is highly recomended that you do not participate in this event! This is a roman theatre where Romans watched plays. All actors were male and there was a small stage for where the show was performed. This can be a nice place for you to examne the Roman customs Diane McKenna, 6/2/07 /16325/r-art.html Slide7:  “In ancient Rome, lead poisoning was a disease of the wealthy who used lead extensively: leaden cooking utensils and pots, leaden wine urns, lead plumbing (also to line the aqueducts)” (Bhavan, Robert, As you see here, lead is a very bad thing if your living in a rich family, so in order to avoid that, Slide8:  Books, Connolly, Peter. Ancient City. Oxford new york, ©1998. Bardi, Piero. The Atlas of the Classical World. Florence Italy, Peter Bedrick Books, ©1997 Websites McManus, Barbara. «Roman House» June 2nd 2007:: McKenna, Diane, et al. « Empires Past: Rome: The Arts and Entertainment » June 2nd 2007:: Bhavan, Robert. « » June 2nd 2007::

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