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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Carlotto


Marble Chips Coursework:  Marble Chips Coursework Planning :  Planning You must select appropriate equipment For 8 marks you need to justify your choice of equipment. Explain how it will give accurate data (and reliable data). You should explain why rates of reaction are important- Explain that if you making a product in a factory you want a fast reaction to increase yield Planning 2:  Planning 2 Give a couple examples of industrial processes Explain that some reactions may be undesirable and so an understanding as to how to slow them down would be good eg rusting Planning 3:  Planning 3 You need to identify variables that need controlling to make it a fair test. Find 3 variables that need controlling and explain why! Collecting Data:  Collecting Data Your results table must include repeats You must highlight any anomalous results Ideally the results should include a suitable range- if they don’t at least comment on this in the evaluation Your data should be as accurate as possible- at least 1dp Interpreting data 1:  Interpreting data 1 The mark scheme is identical to that of the carrier bags! 1: The Graph Graph plotted (of averages) and range bars included on at least 2 lines. Graph labelled correctly to include UNITS! Interpreting data 2:  Interpreting data 2 2: Describing trends in the data Identify and describe trends and patterns that you see in your results. Interpreting data 3:  Interpreting data 3 3: The conclusion Explain the results by linking it to scientific ideas Why does the reaction get faster with smaller marble chips? Key words: collisions, concentration, frequency! Include some pictures illustrating what you mean Interpreting data 4:  Interpreting data 4 It is highly likely that your graph is not perfect. That is fine- sketch what the graph should look like because you can then 4: Assess your confidence in your conclusion Explain if you are confident about your data Interpreting data 5:  Interpreting data 5 Was the data reliable or was the data scattered? In a sentence you should state if you can come to the “correct” conclusion using the data you obtained! Evaluating 1:  Evaluating 1 Again the mark scheme is identical to that of the carrier bags! 1: Comment about the accuracy of the results 2: Comment about limitations of the equipment used 3: Explain how you would improve the plan Evaluating 2:  Evaluating 2 Include a diagram of the new apparatus Explain how these improvements will give you better data! Evaluating 3:  Evaluating 3 4: Make a comment on the reliability of the data (include actual examples of the data!) 5: Note any anamolous results 6: Give an overall “mark out of 10” for the reliability and accuracy of your data, and link that to the “degree of scatter” of the data Evaluating 4:  Evaluating 4 7: Comment on the confidence you have in your conclusion given the data you obtained. 8: Ideally explain what extra data you would want to take if you redid the experiment and how this would help make your conclusion more secure!

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