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Published on February 16, 2009

Author: barronkid


Mapping Practice • First, collectively identify a ‘vital few’ student learning outcomes that you think are important to achieving this programmatic objective/outcome. • Consider what a ‘stage-walker’ (person ready to graduate) should produce to demonstrate outcome achievement. Starting with the ‘end in mind’ assists us in sequencing or scaffolding learning experiences in ways that acknowledge the developmental nature of learning. • Map this through 3 ‘developmental’ stages (end of first semester/quarter; end of first year; end of final year-ready to graduate). What learning opportunities might be included in these experiences to guide student learning to the desired Outcomes? For Extra Credit: Think About How You Will Know? Practice Chart #1 Student Learning Outcomes (Vital Few) What a Student Ready to Graduate Should be able to (What Should Be Learned) demonstrate they know, can do, value/appreciate

By When Should Learning Occur? (Identify critical ‘stages’ of learning) Practice Chart #2 Student Learning Outcome What a Student Should Be What a Student Should be What a Student Ready to (Vital Few) Able to Demonstrate by the Able to Demonstrate by the Graduate Should Demonstrate (What Should Be Learned) End of the First End of the First Year of Study Semester/Quarter of Study Extra Credit: How Will You Know? What Evidence Might You Gather?

Where Will They Learn It? (What learning opportunities might be included at each of these ‘stages’ to guide student learning to the desired outcome?) Vital Outcome: __________________________________________________________________________ Practice Chart #3 Developmental Learning Learning Learning Learning Level Experience/Opportunity Experience/Opportunity Experience/Opportunity Experience/Opportunity By End of First Semester/Quarter of Study By End of First Year When Ready to Graduate

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