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Information about ManyMuchSchools

Published on June 7, 2016

Author: terookimoto


Slide1: MANY MUCH A FEW A LITTLE FEW LITTLE COUNT MASS MORE MORE FEWER LESS [ muitos (as)] [ muito (a)] [ alguns (mas)] [ algum (a) / um pouco de] [ poucos (as)] [ pouco (a)] + + - - Tero Okimoto Slide2: MANY A LARGE NUMBER OF MUCH A GREAT DEAL OF = = A LOT OF LOTS OF = PLENTY OF = COUNT MASS Tero Okimoto Slide3: Tero Okimoto love UV radiation apples sugar meat slices of cheese money friends people patience coins children advice information news songs music COUNT MASS cheese Slide4: Tero Okimoto COUNT MASS chairs tables wardrobe beds couch armchairs Furniture coins dollars euros bills pounds dimes Money Slide5: Tero Okimoto COUNT MASS avocadoes apples kiwis melons pears cherries Fruit briefcases backpacks tote bags duffles bags Luggage Slide6: Not _________ people know he’s the diretor. a little many lot of a great deal of much ________ Tero Okimoto Slide7: 2. He likes his coffee with _________ sugar. little many lot of few plenty _______ Tero Okimoto Slide8: 3. The teacher is taking _________ children to the zoo this morning. a great deal a little a few lot of much ________ Tero Okimoto Slide9: 4. I don’t have _________ good news for you. a few many much few a large number of ________ Tero Okimoto Slide10: 5. There’s no need to hurry. We still have _________ time. a large number of little plenty of a great deal few __________ Tero Okimoto Slide11: 6. Tom is not very popular. He has _______ friends, just two or three. many a little a lot of few A e C estão corretas. ______ Tero Okimoto Slide12: 7. I’ve got so _______ advice to tell you. much little of a lot many plenty __________ Tero Okimoto Slide13: 8. What did she say? Not _______. plenty of many a lot of much a large number of ________ Tero Okimoto Slide14: 9. So _______ men, so _________ can afford me. much; little many; few much; little many; little few; many ____________ Tero Okimoto Slide15: 10. _______ was said, _________ understood. much; little many; few much; little many; little few; many ____________ Tero Okimoto Slide16: 11. _______ bread in your diet and you will get overweight. Many A lot A large number of Much Few ________ Tero Okimoto Slide17: 12. I have _______ friends than you. But they are good ones. few little less fewer a little ________ Tero Okimoto Slide18: 13. Life’s kind of a hectic. I have _______ time for my family. a little fewer and fewer less and less least much _____________ Tero Okimoto Slide19: 14. _______ sun won’t cause blisters on your back. Less A little A lot of Plenty A large number of ________ Tero Okimoto

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