Manufacturing Month in Ohio: Career and Technical Centers

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Information about Manufacturing Month in Ohio: Career and Technical Centers

Published on April 23, 2014

Author: kearley



Providing tours of manufacturing facilities is only one part of showing the career possibilities for manufacturing. Your career center is working hard to provide the right training and career-focused programs for high school and adult learners. Partner with manufacturers in your area to provide community members with the complete picture!

How you canget invovled Career & Technical Centers Manufacturing Month in Ohio gives manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors to local students and community members so that we can begin to correct the mispercepƟons of what manufacturing is, and isn’t. It is a collaboraƟve effort of several state and local organizaƟons, along with the naƟonal Manufacturing Day effort, sponsored by NIST MEP and several organizaƟons focused on manufacturing such as FMA, NAM and the Manufacturing InsƟtute. Ohio collaborators are listed below. Students take tours of manufacturers in your area. They view a variety of career opportuniƟes that are available to them, including accounƟng, engineering, line jobs, maintenance and much more. Providing community members with a tour of your center completes the circle. It provides them with the opportunity to view the educaƟonal opportuniƟes that are available to learn the skills needed to obtain the jobs they have seen while visiƟng the manufacturer. We strive to provide a Career and Technical Center tour with each manufacturer tour. Contact OH! Manufacturing to set up a tour of your center. Career & Technical Center Tour Tips Reach potenƟal students by inviƟng current or recently graduated students to speak or facilitate the tours. Provide samples of work students complete or hands-on acƟviƟes that students can quickly parƟcipate in to spark their imaginaƟons. Include career potenƟal informaƟon, such as expected hourly wages or local manufacturers who oŌen hire your graduates. How to Get Invovled Get involved in Manufacturing Month by contacting any of the organizations listed below, or by contacting Kirbie Earley, OH! Manufacturing, at 614-776-5720 x 406 Twitter @OHMfgDay Facebook: OhioManufacturingDay Sponsoring Organizations

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