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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Alien


Genesis DesignsInteraction design & Usability Improvement.:  Genesis Designs Interaction design andamp; Usability Improvement. 01/25 Genesis Designs: 1/5 Namadeo Smriti, Shivaprasad Society. Panmala, Simhagad Road, Pune 411030 Telephone : 91- 20- 2433 8916 Mobile (Atul Manohar) : 91- 93255 09045 E-mail: Web Site: , Genesis is basically a product design consultancy having a wide experience of designing physical andamp; virtual interfaces of products. Our service offerings could make your software products andamp; Web applications more usable, Efficient andamp; hence profitable Genesis Usability Improvement:  02/25 Genesis Usability Improvement Complete Interaction Design andamp; Usability Solutions. User orientation the key to Success Recipe of a successful product Choosing the outsourcing partner Interaction Design andamp; Usability services. Interaction Design andamp; Usability Training Engagement models Brief Portfolio Contact us 1) User orientation the key to Successful products:  1) User orientation the key to Successful products 03/25 The product user interaction has to be appropriately designed to increase the user friendliness of any product. From Microwave ovens to CAD software, reducing the user training time would mean better efficiency of products. Wider choice and demanding user psyche compels every developer to fine tune own products for better interaction. Designing for Software product interaction is most critical because the User Interface (UI) of the software is the only means user interacts with in these products. Inculcating user oriented thinking in the development teams will surely add value to the products. Beautifully Designed Product, But Is It USABLE ? 2) Recipe of a successful product:  2) Recipe of a successful product Every developer dreams of a recipe of a successful product. Product design approach to the software products would help making user centered solutions. Improving the Human interaction with the computer, to best suit the user is the key. Ingredients of a successful Product Advances in the technology andamp; user psyche andamp; Technology to masses has widened the user base. Products are compared not on the basic functionality alone; but also by User friendliness of the product. (User orientation) Lesser user training = More efficient product. Increased user satisfaction Increased sales andamp; Profits. Usability = User satisfaction = More business Software as a Product Emphasis is on the information andamp; Interface design while evaluating the products. The success will be more defined by User-Friendliness than the basic function. Software’s are more seen as Consumer or industrial products to be used. Like a Handy Cam or a CNC lathe in any industry. 04/25 3) Choosing the outsourcing partner:  3) Choosing the outsourcing partner Why India 80,000 Microsoft Certified Software Engineers – Equal to US andamp; Largest outside US Largest English speaking technical Manpower 35%+ Silicon Valley start-ups are by Indians Over 6 companies are in US Stock exchanges India = Excellent quality at affordable price. Why Pune One of the Software centric cities of India Among the top 3 software centric cities of India Rated as one of the best cities for business in India Pune Has number of institutes offering quality education in design. Skilled manpower is available abundantly locally. 05/25 3) Choosing the outsourcing partner..:  3) Choosing the outsourcing partner.. Why Genesis: Design experience of about 12 Years in varied fields. Designed many product interfaces from a CNC lathe to Music systems, to Accounting software. Experienced team of Graphics designers, Product designers. 24 x 7 Internet connection andamp; other required infrastructure. Service orientation for efficient outsourcing relations. Director: Atul A. Manohar M. Des (IDC, IIT Mumbai.), B. Arch, Human Computer interaction designer. Product Design consultant Usability testing andamp; improvement expert Expertise areas: Human Computer Interface User experience expertise. User oriented Product design, UI design Visual communications Information Architecture Design for Promotion 06/25 4) Usability service offerings:  4) Usability service offerings We Make your Products, Web applications more Usable, Efficient, User friendly, andamp; hence Profitable. Services offered: Usability testing events: Device andamp; conduct specific usability testing events, Heuristic usability testing reports generation. Offshore scenarios generation andamp; User modeling andamp; testing the product offshore. Software product Design: Applying the user centered product design principles to software products or web applications. To improve the user friendliness of the information structure andamp; User interface Usability improvement reports: Offshore testing method where our team will enact the users, andamp; our experienced team gives a suggestions based usability improvement report. UI Design: Organizing, improving andamp; designing the User interfaces of your web sites, software products for increasing efficiency, andamp; reducing user training. Brows able Information structures: User oriented information structures andamp; grouping, Designing formats of the information. At times generation of style guidelines document. 07/25 4) Service offerings 1. Usability testing events: :  4) Service offerings 1. Usability testing events: Usability Testing User modeling: Making a target user profile who is expected to use the product Understanding of the aims of the users andamp; the purpose of the application. Usability parameters: Definition of these parameters on which we seek the improvement. (e. g. Reducing the clicks for certain task) Choosing the users: andamp; Designing the usability tests. If the real user is not accessible, selecting the closest profile from the locally available users is also possible. Some remote cases these tests could be performed remotely also. The users have to perform given tasks andamp; fill up the forms which are designed by us. Usability testing events: These events are carried out with real or model users. Users have to perform specific tasks andamp; our experts would observe, document andamp; analyze this whole event using variety of tools like handy cam, screen cam etc. Usability reports; After the tests, the analysis is compiled in structured reports which has a solutions oriented results. Usability testing could be done at various levels of development. Right from conception stage, to first prototype stage to final version stage SOFTWARE andamp; WEB applications could be tested by this methodology. These reports are the basic guidelines for the developers to improve the UI andamp; information structure 08/25 4) Service offerings 2. Software product Design: :  4) Service offerings 2. Software product Design: Product design principals for software andamp; web applications Pre developmental studies project statement. Product aims andamp; objectives defined. also project image is thought of Visual Ergonomics (man machine interaction) inputs Control panel organization: better display operation relations Serviceability aspects Futuristic product concepts Increasing efficiency of products Product promotion Trend of designing the interface first then the products Information design in andamp; around the product comes handy Lesser training time more user satisfaction User manuals andamp; information design User surveys andamp; analysis Usability aspects User friendliness andamp; Semantics User oriented design 09/25 4) Service offerings 3. Usability improvement reports ::  4) Service offerings 3. Usability improvement reports : For better improvement of usability, Inputs are offered at various stages of development. Conception stage: Initial concept stage, we can offer a graphical suggestion of the menu structures andamp; features andamp; controls of the application may be a working prototype of the UI structure for the clients, andamp; users to react on the usability. Also this structure could be a good guideline to the developers. Development of next version: Advanced versions should have better features, improved menu structures andamp; attractive UI etc. We could help decide the features, reorganize menus, for improving the value of the application. General suggestions: Suggestions based reports for improving the overall usability of the applications. 10/25 4) Service offerings 4. UI Design:  4) Service offerings 4. UI Design User interface: The UI is the face of the application. The only means of communication between the user andamp; the application is the UI. UI menu structures have to be well organized for remembrance and locating the commands for new as well as old users. Use of graphics, icons whenever necessary could make the whole application more pleasure to use than just a serious business application. UI of the product could define the Image the product. A serious banking application should look professional, reliable. Whereas a children's or youthful chatting application could be jazzy andamp; crazy. With the choice of right colours, images andamp; graphics we can impart, improve the image of the application. 11/25 4) Service offerings 5. Brows able Information structures:  4) Service offerings 5. Brows able Information structures The flow of information on the screen andamp; in the minds of the users has to match in order to have a more usable product. We use techniques like User mental model of the menus andamp; information structures. The target user is given to visualize what he would be asking for from the application in question. There is a structured method we have devised (customized for individual application) which helps the users think in a structured way to give us inputs like Basic mental model of the user before he or she uses the the application Methods like Wider andamp; shallower menus are better remembered than the narrower andamp; deeper menus. All the language used in the application screens, warnings and menu items have to be structured to make the application extremely browser friendly. 12/25 4) Service offerings Outputs from genesis could be::  4) Service offerings Outputs from genesis could be: Initial making of product brief with better user understanding Initial conceptual mockup of the application (Without functionality) Definition of information andamp; UI structures Mock ups, Prototypes of UI at various levels Final UI Design User interface specs and UI style guides Checking qualitative andamp; quantitative efficiency parameters Usability testing reports (Using the real users andamp; real tasks.) Style guidelines for menus, icons andamp; graphics for unified corporate looks. 13/25 5) Interaction design & Usability Training.:  5) Interaction design andamp; Usability Training. Propagation of User oriented thinking in the development teams could initialize the basic user orientation of the development process. HCI training for your development team. We have devised certain workshop modules. Atul A. Manohar : Has completed many software interaction design projects successfully. Conducts Human Computer Interaction andamp; Usability related training sessions for software development teams. Has authored a 6 week online education course lecture content for South University (US) Consultant to VIT College of Engineering for their HCI courses. 14/25 6) Engagement models:  6) Engagement models Types of associations with clients Project based consultancy services Training events andamp; workshops Retainer relations The perfect Usability outsourcing partner for your company. Almost like an in-house team of usability experts giving inputs in all of your development projects Genesis Designs Telephone : 91- 20- 2433 8916 Mobile (Atul Manohar) : 91- 93255 09045 E-mail: Web Site: , 15/25 7) Brief Portfolio of Interaction design:  7) Brief Portfolio of Interaction design Following are some examples of our past projects. BPL Mobile materials andamp; Invoicing system UI Aqura Accounting software Crossbow: Web based Information resource Vertex Corporate presentation information structure Web Sites andamp; Web tools Cold pilger mill control console Various product interfaces 16/25 1) BPL Mobile materials & Invoicing system UI:  1) BPL Mobile materials andamp; Invoicing system UI 2) AQURA accounting software:  2) AQURA accounting software Software front end design and usability testing and analysis exercise This was a general accounting s/w for small enterprises. The user wanted specific information available easily like net balance in my bank account. General addition of functions, controls Names of functions, messages on windows General usability suggestions Organizing the content of the quick tutorials and the help menu. andamp; installation process Graphics design andamp; UI development of skins Value added features watch concept displaying the most wanted information on the login. User could choose the watches like net profit as on date, net bank balance etc. Alarms andamp; reminders of low bank balance, or tax payment dates etc. 17/25 Slide19:  1. Menus reorganization Main menu headings used to be 7 initially. Namely: Company, Data, Browser, Reports, Setup, Backup, Help NEW Main menu headings Suggested are 10 . Namely: Company, Settings, Setup, Backup, View/ Details, Enter Data, View/Edit books, Browser, Reports, Utility, Help The menu structure changed from narrow andamp; deep to wide andamp; shallow. Making things more accessible. Because If User can’t see it its not there! 2. Benefits to user andamp; client: User gets a finance Secretary rather than a dumb software. User is in command of the information. Most important ‘information’ on the ‘fingertips’ Like the watches to suit users Value added features give real value. Like summery section helps future planning of the business. Also Watches concept gives present feel of business. All the messages are giving more precise information and user takes lesser time to understand and use software. Formatting options provide better readability andamp; understanding of all the vouchers User gets a feeling of more andamp; more features added to the new version. First time user can use most of the features faster than the old version. New version could be priced higher. 2) AQURA accounting software.. 18/25 3) Crossbow: Web based Information resource:  3) Crossbow: Web based Information resource UI design for the desktop of the end user module. Background graphics. Basic comprehensive search user searches for a product/service, brand, company, or person. Check what you are searching, then type in anything you remember, andamp; press search. Also search alphabetically. Basic three search fields: company, person, event. In fact we should add product/service here also. Eliminating 1 level of interaction. Three scrolling text fields keep on scrolling. They display latest info on three fields: 1. News, 2. New additions of companies. 3. Latest events. ( Events posted for this month/week/ day..) The bottom tool bar to remain constant acting as an anchor for the user for not getting lost in the application Personalization of welcome window. The user has better control over the information, Plus the UI gives a feeling of a complete resource. User is more satisfied. 19/25 3) Desktop old & proposed:  3) Desktop old andamp; proposed GUI is more graphic,elaborate andamp; attractive more information available upfront. Information displayed in a catchy way Marquee or banner recently events keep on scrolling, space for ads. Has to be present. Desktop says huge amount of information lies beneath. Upgrade the image of the service client offers. The bottom line is adding a glitter to allure the users is needed. Complete redesign of main menu saved large number of clicks foe searching the company, event, persons, as the options are available upfront. Before After 20/25 4) Corporate Presentation for Vertex software:  4) Corporate Presentation for Vertex software This marketing and promotions presentation was to be used for US clients. The aim was to fetch IT outsourcing jobs. Complete conceptualization and strategic planning of the presentation. Additions of most relevant visuals to express in the most efficient way Generally clients get bored. Lots of graphics was added, two levels of information was conceived, Bread crumbs. For where we are was added Finally 2 formats one in ppt and another flash interactive format were built. 21/25 5) Design & Development of various web sites:  5) Design andamp; Development of various web sites Some of the recent web designs 22/25 Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth Web Site:  Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth Web Site Web sites:  Web sites 6) Pilger mill console:  6) Pilger mill console Client Electronica machine tools, Pune. Details: This was a Interface designed for a Pilger mill (spanning in large area) control console. The initial task defined was control panel organization. Later we suggested a concept of a virtual simulation of the whole plant on the console. A graphic representation of the production process was laid on the panel. The process was divided in to 4 stages. Grouping of controls and co-relations with the graphical layout. Pasteurization of the whole process over the consol and relevant LED s glowing to indicate running process were few highlights of the design. Inputs: Complete Design , lay outing, and prototype of the graphics including screen printing positives and the screen printing on polycarbonate was done. Benefits: Achieved a virtual simulation of the plant without using computer monitors. The User gets a feeling of complete control of the plant. 23/25 7) Control panels of various electronic products:  7) Control panels of various electronic products Clients: Many industries The product interfaces define the ease of use of any product. We have designed many product interfaces ranging from Music systems, to control consoles of small industrial products, to console of a CNC lathe. Inputs: Complete design, Organization of controls, Defining the controls to responses relation for the functions. 24/25 8) Contact Us:  8) Contact Us Contact us for Improving the usability of your products Usability orientation andamp; training to your staff Efficient UI Design inputs. Genesis Designs: 1/5 Namadeo Smriti, Shivaprasad Society. Panmala, Simhagad Road, Pune 411030 Telephone : 91- 20- 2433 8916 Mobile (Atul Manohar) : 91- 93255 09045 E-mail: Web Site: , 25/25

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