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Published on February 13, 2018

Author: CyrellysGeibhendach1


1. MANTICORE GROUP DIALOGS 02122018 Subject: Illumined Controlled the Nazis & the Commies. A. ..sent you very important doco to watch and pass on about Clinton foundation A. need to watch the Winfried vid from Jason Goodman ( and pass it on far and wide as I am doing now. It has the key to take down the Clinton Global Initiative (global crime machine). I know what they have done...I have followed this shit for years in working international drug cases and organized crime. The Nazis, (the Borman Brotherhood) replicated the basic structure of the Clinon Foundation all over the world for multiple income streams and for redundancy. It is a global construct. Take it down here and then move on, say to Canada, the British dominions, and then to Europe. To defeat it totally, you will have to enlist a United Front of all righteous nations and peoples. A. The job is huge and only God has the power to end it. This does not imply the beast cannot be defeated...To start, it requires people to start thinking out of the box and to leverage their power collectively-on a small scale, then move transnationally as the alliedpowers did in WWII to defeat the Axis nations. Corsi and his group shows the way to do this. B. If you haven't see this vid yet you need to so you can stay up on what's been going on down there...may be very important to the next 12 months Linda Moulten Howe interviews flight officer navy wrt a medivac from the southern continent A. The doco is mind boggling...think Nazi deep state and total amounts the Nazi machinate got from Germany and then from all conquered states and Jewish pro perties they consficated...mind boggling A. The system was out in place by Martin Borman as delineated by the Madrid Circular Deconstruct the Clinton Foundation and the global crime foundation collapses B. The Clinton Foundation is key part yes, but I don't think the global crime foundation will collapse. Too many other parts to the hydra B. They'll fall back on their usual practice, shut the CF down and restart it elsewhere under a new name and build under obscurity till spotlighted again B. Hilary may have already done this...she recently started a new org that is supposed to 'help kids' become engaged with global governance A. All organizations are based on something...take it away and it cannot exist in thin air B. under the rubric of the Global Redesign Initiative but it has a slightly different name...seen her in a blurb on the news bout a month or two ago

2. A. Watch the is key on how to defeat these bastard B. They do it the same way USAPs are handled. Just because a USAP gets shut down doesn't mean it goes away...they ALWAYS restart it in a new location, new name, and sometimes same people but most often new people A. It requires s global awakening How do you think the United nations took on the axis powers The key is not to fall asleep after the fight...unfortunstely we do that over and over, time and time again B. yes B. But I think this is the first time the world has had a global discussion about the consequences of falling asleep and understanding the landscape A. I think so...and a painful awakening...Americans are not the only victims. A cops old refrain... always, but always follow the perps and the money A. The fortress Eisenhower discusses is the Alpenfestung or the national redoubt... the Germans never realized it B. They abandoned the idea for a different one? A. Imo, they decided that fighting Patton was no longer viable... better to get out of dodge... it was Eisenhower's worst fears for them to hole up in the alps. The fighting would have gone on for years B. They chose to take the exotic tech and fall entirely off the map. In SA A. I was in the Berghaus...Hitler's home before it was destroyed. I was very young kid Still remember it...bomb damage B. We still need clear historical connection between Nazi International in SA to the Globals. It sounding like the Hunting Hitler show is going to assume they were absorbed in Spain B. Traveling with family? A. Dunno for sure...but remember nat geo is illumine A. yeah B. Nat Geo is running an Aerial America show and several other American History shows where they either gloss over or rewrite US History A. Yeap. Don't trust geo B.

3. A. Sent Intel knew all about this. Nazi agent inside US, Allen Dulles prevented us good guys from going after Hitler B. Elias and also Farrell has said Dulles was a nazi B. Inside the Ring: Obama-era cash traced to Iran-backed terrorists back/ A. I found that in archives when I wrote my thesis on Nazi Germany. Another thing nobody considers...the Vril saucers could have been used for escspe Laterz B. I have considered that. They had to fly them there But I can't just say it any one A. I was told there was a secret test aur base near the obersalzburg B. There was. Inside a hill there A. With two or more of the latest saucers B. They found it on one of the episodes...nazis destroyed it before they left It was massive There's miles & miles of tunnels under the forest B. As Medical Experts Warn 'Worst Yet To Come' With 'Flu' Already Killing 4,000 Americans A Week, Deep State Will Allow Tens Of Millions Of Americans To Die To Get Out Of The Mess They're In A. Yeah... source told me about it...all this stuff on Hitler...we will never truly know...i was deeply disillusioned with my thesis B. Your thesis would have contributed an important perspective imo. A. O was running around in circles and had profs with Intel and Israeli connections running me around in circles and trying to destroy my research... learn the lesson. You will only get as far as they want you to A. I did on Nazi legal policies and on the Nazi security constructs B. But honestly, with the internet knowledge caches and all, academic libraries are becoming less and less important to human societies. Information is going open source. No one will read docs there in University libraries where the gate keepers only allow registered students to read. The students will have to come out and see open source A. But that was it

4. B. In the next two decades Colleges & Universities themselves may die out as families no longer send their children. A. I showed Nazi natsec policy became American after the war and for the very same reasons...communist menace B. yes A. But it was all bullshit... the illumunes controlled the commies and the nazis B. okay I'm going to lie down now...many nights little to no sleep catching up with me B. yes and we need to understand how the Illumines did that A. Okay, cya B. We need to see how the illumines absorbed the nazis and modern control & influence of communist nations B. niters 1:19 AMvia Google Voice A. In Email: Hunting Hitler - Season 3 - watch online at Hunting Hitler - Season 3 - watch online at Watch Hunting Hitler - Season 3 online at IOMovies. After declassified FBI files about Hitler have been released... The U Boats in Norway are significant. But so is the airfield that based JU 390 long range aircraft with a range of over 6,000 miles. If you watch the series form the beginning, you will realize the planning and allocation of resources to enable Hitler to escape Germany and surface elsewhere is staggering beyond believe. There was one person capable of this. Martin Borman. There was one intelligence agency capable of this. The Ausland Division (foreign) of the SD ( A. Very interesting...they are now at Norway's heavy water back to Germany. And these clowns know that???? Come on!!

5. A. Shit. Heavy water plant at Vermok in Norway... The Germans ferried the water across a lake where my friend Max and his commandos blew the ferry up and sank it. There were two commando raids on the plant. Both succeeded. And they don't know about this????? A. What I surmise is that they made a deal...we give you the detonator secret and you let us leave Europe. I know we were having detonator probs with our bomb and we did not have enough yellowcake. The Germans did from the Belgium cache used at Strasbourg university February 9, 2018 B. Did you see the Q posts? B. Trump orders Pentagon to ready 'FATHER OF ALL BOMBS' for use against North Korea :THE US military is preparing to drop 'the father of all bombs'(FOAB) – the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal – on North Korea, a defence analyst has claimed. A. Not yet...Col. Potter lost it this morning. Told u ppl are getting fed up and this is his base A. Q posts over China? Yes, I did. He is right about the open window releasing blast pressure B. Feb 8 2018 00:53:00 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b5e8df 303612 USSS on high alert. Q US Secret Service A. Yeah, saw that A. Do you have a gas mask B. No. It's not gas that is the big problem. It's bacteria & viruses B. and nanotech B. From Dilley Intel Scope 02/08/18 1000 hours. Dilley played Down with the sickness as the intro to this scope...nod to Q from last night? Dilley spoke to a ex-military c who speaks to generals. Says EVERY perp must do a perpwalk to restore faith in our republic. (snip a bit of content) update on voter fraud - "voter fraud count at 8.75 million atm" A. Real slaughter on chat today...trolls in full mental B. They're hiring 50 more per - Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, a friend & donor to Obama and Clinton is hiring an army of more than 50 political operatives in a major campaign to help "Billionaire hires impeachment 'army' to 'remove' Trump" Q_Tunnel_Do Usa"g g� @dogusainc 9m9 minutes ago An army of 50 only .... bahahaha Mind Mix Radio o��� @mindmixradio 1m1 minute ago Replying to @dogusainc @realDonaldTrump

6. "An army of 50 only .... bahahaha", Zipperdoodle the Cat and her 10,000 Cat Armada of Privateer Incorrigibles hoists ye ol' white flag with the green pine tree and the words "An Appeal to Heaven" as in the days of old. Dog & Cat against vermin... ...and I know where to get lot's more cats. B. U.S. MarinesVerified account @USMC Today, even the marksman deserves a slice. Happy #NationalPizzaDay, Marines. B. Rod Rosenstein & Himmler e_community_were_going_to_win.html B. Two more officials cited in FBI texts step down -- The FBI's media chief and the head of the Justice Department's anti-espionage section are both departing -- politico yesterday A. Yuge...the links between medical researcher deaths. Q: who is Rod Rosenstein? Could he really be Himmler's son? See the Q A. Flight my 17 went down to kill the cure for aids...rothschilds wound up owning the patent for the cure! A. Dude that got fired, Parker, the wife beater now alleged to have kept critical info from POTUS...gen Kelley at fault.. B. yep. B. Rod Jay Rosenstein is the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice. Prior to his current appointment, he served as a United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. Wikipedia A. Shtf right now B. in what way? I just finished house cleaning what's going on? A. Yeah...Rosenteins sister worked for public health service. I am not surprised that knowledge of actual old school Nazis alleged to have infiltrated the U S is coming out. The Patton group knew this...they were tracking one in particular...the editor of a New York paper...the allegations were he might actually be RHEINHARD HEYDRICH... the chief of the SIPO under Himmler. B. what is the shtf? A. HEYDRICH was one of the worst Nazis ever Q posts picked up by researchers making links B. potter? you said he lost it this morning

7. A. The story about Parker is Yuge...causing outrage Potter went off thus morning This A. Yrs, so I did and so on down the line...picked up by others...dems demanding kill your face with civil war A. Patriots ready to give it to them B. yeah I heard that in Potter earlier this week A. Anything could happen New updates in resignations and deaths See pamphlet anon about that Q said not all the deaths are bad A. Italians have had enough of muxxie bs Now Germany coming out Nazi more everyday...secretly arming the EU Snowden coming in more and more as black hat Wow was looking at the comments on the article A. Not sure if he really is Yeah...lots of stroked ppl B. Well Snowden is a sys inhabitant and they're notoriously myopic He's been out of the loop now for a couple years right? A. Yes...boards going wild that bummer and Hillary are cannibals...does not surprise me B. what boards? shoot/145854/ A. Listening to Corsi with anons now...very worried about internet going down B. Do we have any current open violence anywhere? A. Not yet but Brita furious with Soros interference B. Did Britain think Hungary banning him a farce? A. Barlow death stirring shit storm. Assoc with Grateful Dead who were linked to CIA B. Latest News Reel

8. B. Do you remember when we talked about the tri-part influenza? 2014 before Ebola. Well I'm seeing what looks like one of the 3 parts seeming to surface in the latest flu vaccine. It's killing healthy people who get the shot B. Chinese Tanker Had A Container Full Of Dead Americans: Exporting companies are using Chinese ships, planes, and trucks to transport dead Americans across the world for research purposes, according to a Thursday report from Reuters. container-full-dead-americans/ A. Allegations that Chuck dude was diddling this girl that had abortion and committed suicide. According to anons weiner was chucky's protehe5 A. Yeah that and much worse stories emerging on twitter. These people and many many others being exposed as monsters. Once exposed and the public calls for their arrest they get pulled off the map Dilley said one of his sources who talks to generals said the arrested need to be perp walked A. Ok Agreed Hefner 187??? B. 187 means wet works as I understand it A. Kill Murder B. wet works = kill, murder A. Q watch movies iron eagle, god father 3, red october B. yeah that's old drop A. Godfather was about Vatican, P2, high level corruption, mob infiltration B. yes A. Hawaii more and more actual attack B. What has happened in Hawaii now? A. Idk anons spec there was actual missile attack and the names may mean names of groups B. The missle attack was a few weeks ago. Yes it was real. Someone shot it down. Rogue Sub (Argentina) said to have done the shooting Are you talking a new missle attack? A. No...still anal data on the incident B. ah ok Feb 9, 6:46 PMvia Google Voice

9. A. Trump refuses to release Dem memo? Lolololo Trump asks redraft of dem memo. Classified material in it Source claims memo was a set up to make POTUS look bad Look ampere computing and Carlye group...carlyle is huge swamp on its own See Q post 665 Look up carlyle group and Iron Triangle group HRC linked to Carlye group Sent you s construct of what may be going on. Plzv pass on B. ok I know about carlyle group from my little jaunt in the 1990s with the IC group on crimes against humanity A. Ok...very dangerous crowd...see SAIC B. Cheney Halliburton-KBR make 'detention camps'; Bush Carlyle Corp ... Jan 27, 2006 - That means that The Carlyle Group now has access to sensitive personnel files on millions of current and past government employees as well as contractors who have applied for security clearances. 3. Title: FEMA's NAFTA-wide police state: & Bush/Cheney connections in ... B. Their name also came up in the early 90s wrt to the box cars (train) that the iron worker husband of my girlfriend and his coworker found in Portland Shackles in the box car A. Yes...bad news...seeing mili groups conducting live fire mili drills B . IT was Gunderson Steel Fabrication that he worked for B. mil or militia or both? B. portland imc - 2004.03.02 - SHACKLED BOXCARS in OR,TX,,MT,NH ... Mar 2, 2004 - SUMMARY OF KNOWN SHACKLED-BOXCAR MANUFACTURE [MORE EXTENSIVE, BELOW]:OREGON From a May 1995 talk by Phil Schneider: "Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now ... A. K B. Phil Schneider was the guy who was tasked to make contact connections with various public groups to begin the process of disclosure wrt the DUMBs and other associated stuff. He's the guy who was murdered and we rcvd the call from the cop on the scene about B. Gary Moore was my friend's husband who seen the shackles, scared the crap out of him and his wife Teresa had a helluva time convincing him to go back to work the next day as scheduled. She got him to take a camera with him. He wanted to quit on the spot

10. A. Militia...will send vid clip. Very good drill B. ok A. Realistic in cold and snow B. Read back last two texts A. Got it...we knew about Gunderson B. Those were the boxcars to be distributed nationwide whilst the train companies repaired the tracks to reach rural communities for depopulation B. The year I moved to Cascade they repaired the tracks here, even though no longer running trains on it. Who repairs something you plan to never use again? They put it back in working order A. Oh shit... B. The globals didn't leave ANYWHERE in the US unprepped for this A. May be bads will be on board this time hopefully B. There's no where to run If it starts we fight. There's plans in place in our area to destroy the tracks and all street signs if this starts...the cell towers may have been added since I heard of it The globals have tech to broadcast a signal over the cell towers that can be heard or felt (not sure which) by humans that is said to incapacitate A. Watch vid...very good stress drill...used to teach this shit And of course the cell towers have gone up everywhere B. Our property is in a dead zone...only one spot with cell service A. Yeah...plans to take out all comm towers road signs. Misdirext, ambush, mine roads of enemy Effing drill instructors...sent you film. He puts out films like this for lc B. Nuttinfancy does? A. Yeah B. Ok. He has yuge following B. I know who he is for years

11. A. AJ banned on tube Cool Didn't know he was doing stuff for IC. just militia A. Liberty (LC) B. k A. .223 sucks in high wind...lots of misses B. we shoot in the wind here all the time...never not windy Spring gopher hunting coming up soon A. Big probs in winter warfare...jams, overheating, sluggish, pain, over exertion B. Gotta pace yourself and spend daily time outdoors Shouldn't be doing it if you camp indoors every day High fat diet if out in severe cold A. Why I prefer heavier bullets Yrsh..fat azz syndrome B. teach your body to slow burn like an endurance horse on corn oil & grain Use fish oil & oatmeal A. Yes...guys have probs with that B. Did you know that the Roman gladiators lived almost exclusively on Oatmeal? A. I used to get them on over exertion all the the women on being mean to them. But women could do the job without falling apart better than guys if they did not react to my provocations Yeap and olive oil, vinegar, bread and salt B. bleh my stomach don't like vinegar A. I would have to watch my ass with you though...girdt time i get distracted to us shoot my ass...lolo First B. In cold weather you can carry biscuits and garlic salt butter to eat with oatmeal or split pea & fish oil B. lol A. Yes B. I used to carry water and a salted split pea mash when I went hiking in the woods A drink of water and a knife blade full of mash and you can be up and running again in 5 minutes and go another hour or two

12. A. Good stuff that...i really liked the vid I sent you B. yes I have it up B. You can wrap split pea mash (4 tablespoons of pork lard or fish oil, mineral salt, and boiled & cooled split peas) once cool in wax paper, and it keeps fairly well if you put enough salt in it. B. That and a bag of jerky you're good to go. Hold piece of jerky in your mouth when hiking or running to prevent your mouth going dry and needing to drink all the time Indians used to use a pebble for that but jerkey tastes better and you don't have to worry about the other end if you accidentally swallow it A. Lolololo...oopsie B. I use himilayan salt as it has high mineral content A. Great...we need to talk more about this (snip)...youd be a great troopie trainer B. yes A. Trouble with American infantry is that they carry way to much shit B. I used to teach college friends up by Bull of the Woods Wilderness Yes all the newbs do that They thought I was crazy carrying nothing but what fit in my fanny pack an a 6 ft tarp A. You might be called on again to do that the way things are going B. I taught them how to use a 6 ft tarp to make a teepee tie it up with your shoe laces when you're done for the day. Relace your shoes and roll up & belt it to your fanny pack in the morning A. The more you know the less u carry...even I carry to much at times B. It rained all the time in the Cascades or I wouldn't have bothered with the tarp A. What I like to do is carry what I think I will need...then when on the op ditch anything surplus to the op….Cache it B. The college kids would always try to bring everything including their kitchen sink A. Come back to it later B. That's a good practice. I used to plant potatoes in my favorite areas Potatoes work great in mountains and the above ground plant part is toxic so the deer leave it alone B. I haven't done any of that pre-prep around here, my time is micro managed by family

13. A. Yes. Newbs hero that...i am gonna have to decide whether to get a 223. My ARs are AKs by choice, but US uses the 223 B. I would choose based on my terrain. A. As I see it. Right now food, water, meds, clothing, gas very important for min of 3 mintgs5 Months B. If wide open then you will have to have the gun that can shoot farther...never let an enemy get close to you. B. If not wide open then pick the weapon that is quietest. Shoot via accuracy, one shot & move. If you have to shoot, head shot. A. Yeap...have 30.06s and .308 sniper mil rifles...AKs are CAN rigles5 B. Remember one shot and EVERYONE in the area knows someone is there. two shot and they know what direction. three shot and they know precisely where you are One shot and get lost A. CQB rifles about 200 yards Excellent you know your shit annie B. If you are traveling, you can realistically only carry one rifle, one maybe two hand guns (but remember more you carry the less ammo for each you can carry!) and a knife and/or sword A. The American at good to 400 yards, but does not have the stopping power of AK round or the reliability...nmbut it is very good nonetheless B. My choice would be a lite long rifle if close environment 22LR or if open environ my 7mm LR sighted for 210 yards, my sword, my two shorts aka long knives, 3 throwing knives, my hunting kife and a garote. B. Yes we have guns that can shoot 400 yards but the ammo & gun are heavy and you'll bruise if you have to use it more than not best choice A. I like the Finnish example... they carry rifle along with AK on back B. My terrain is very steep so I have to travel light A. I like to have AK man yo cover rifle shooter B. throwing knives you wear balanced in a shin holster A. Got to fit yo gear to terrain B. your short swords in either your tall boots or in your belt for double draw

14. B. your long sword goes on your back Hunting knife keep in your pack or on your's strictly for hunting and frequent sharpening carry a stone for sharpening Women should put everything on their hips nothing on their back unless ultra fit The way women are built they can carry a 100 pounds on their hip if they had to, but it'd kill their back A. Got my Russ spetsnaz shovel, or my (t)hawk for close quarters...either will mess you up B. all fanny packs should be quick release. If you get in a close fight drop the pack come back for it A. Carry pistol too B. I use the dual short swords for close combat and the long sword for in the open if only one opponent – the long sword gives advantage over an idiot with a knife. A. Yes! A. Yes B. When I'm out hiking I carry my short swords - peace time. If you get into it with someone a court could have a shadow of doubt if a woman shot a guy with a gun from a distance...question of if self defense. But if you're packing short swords and someone is stupid enough to tangle with you, hey, he got within arms reach and wasn't taking 'back off' for an answer. A. Yeap...big diff between looking tactical fool or a warfighter Niterz B. niters Feb 9, 9:47 PMvia Google Voice B. you're not going to believe this...Showtime is going to air a animated series titled "Our Cartoon President" about the first family....a comedy. Feb 9, 11:15 PMvia Google Voice A. Oh, boy...gotta be sick..sent stuff on bush • Feb 10, 1:44 AMvia Google Voice Consider: I fnally found it...I've had this stored for some time and misplaced it. Trouble with a lot of this shit, is that you cannot trust it or confirm it. But, you should always consider it. I have heard stories of the Bush hoax from my mentors. They took it seriously based on what they knew of the Illumnes and their access to US gov't officers, offices and money. Paperclip is involved in all of this and the guy behind Paperclip, John McCloy was an illumine. There is much more to this, but it relates with Tesla. One of these characters was spying on Tesla for the Germans...does that make sense and the advances of German tech? BTW, Killary is a patent lawyer...allegations is that she stole dozens of patents and marketed them to sources behind the scenes for lucrative payoffs. Sigh what a mess.

15. A. Listening to Corsi on Patriots soapbox on U Tube...check it out New potus and ASSANGE tweets Feb 10, 8:40 AMvia Google Voice A. Q reference to JFK remembrance Corsi urging potus to shut down CIA Q going after Moloch, @ Bohemian Grove...Corsi and crew are terrific B. Excellent! We are changing something! How do I know? I see things one moment read one way, and then I glance again and the read is more positive. Things are changing bit by bit moment by moment...they need to keep going! A. Snowden Back in the game B. he posting? A. Focus now in Asia B. Yes they said arrests in China A. Yeah, white hats shutting down CIA black sites in Asia B. They already took over most here from what I was hearing A. Q ref Anunnaki A. Yes Anunnaki is on their Landscape/Paradigm Map so are Pleiadians A. Lots of refs to dead pres jfk B. all the gold that is missing in Ft Knox may have been tranferred to the Annunaki transferred A. Bohemisn grove gang Hmmmm Potus tweeting several times B. – POTUS-tweet archive → A. Cia Brennan targeted??? B. What is CORONA? B. And PEOC force

16. A. Maybe spy satellite B. 6 Feb 10 2018 03:13:33 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 567809 325272 JFK Con Room. https:// Would you believe this site is actually used to comm to rogue operators? @Snowden [John] Cold? Q Scratch the first 6 A. Peoc emergency op center in wh B. Date is Feb 10 B. Feb 10 2018 03:23:04 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 567809 325370 You will cease to exist. Truth to power. How’s the bunker these days? [14] live [Hello] [PEOC force failed] Q B. ******Sounds like no one was sleeping last night. A. Got that B. Feb 10 2018 03:46:19 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 567809 325580 Mess with the best, die like the rest. [2] highly classified clown ops exposed. [44] remaining. Wizards & Warlocks. Save the best for last. [P] Q B. Feb 10 2018 03:52:02 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 567809 325644 [3] https:// Q B. Feb 10 2018 04:14:17 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 567809 325862 https:// B. Feb 10 2018 04:33:36 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 89220c 326006 Public: FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns Expand your thinking. Q Feb 10, 10:02 AMvia Google Voice A. Ops going after Lynn Dr Rothschild??? B. Where hearing that? A. Ref to Seals not necessarily complimentary On patriot net tube Corsi on there now B. Tam found on the first case filed against Obama naming him BARRY SOETORO in 2008. US District Court District of Columbia Case #1:08-cv-02254-JR Do you have a link? A. patriot net tube A. Go to you tube...bring up we the people patriots soapbox

17. Corsi on Patriots Soapbox B. I'm almost there got it A. Sent u link SNIPER The man in the photo at the bottom is "Sniper," aka Michael Goleniewski, aka Tsarevich Nicholas Alexei Romanov. He was the subject of an intense dagger war back in the 1960s after defecting to the USA from the Iron Curtain. He was an upper Colonel I believe in the Polish GZI or the Polish Intelligence apparatus, equivalent to the Russian KGB. Goleniewski exposed numerous Soviet moles in NATO, Sweden, and the USA. One of the men he fingered was the Senator from Connecticut, the man that wrote the Gun Control Act of 1968 Sen. Thomas H. Dodd. He alleged that Dodd was a phony, but that his supposed son, Chris Dodd was Joseph Stalin's grandson. Goleniewski survived several assassination attempts, refused to deal with the CIA. I saw a letter reputedly signed by FBI Hoover acknowledging that Goleniewski most likely who he claimed he was (The Tsarevich). We talked to several Russian imigres, ex CIA people who were positive that Dodd was his grandson and the Goleniewski was the real deal. But then again, who really knows...It was a fascinating adventure and story. More later. Chris Dodd

18. Stalin Goleniewski SPY WEEK Famous Polish Spies - Michael Goleniewski I might add that Sniper knew things that only an intimate of the Tsars would know...he also made several other astonishing claims as to the real Adolph Hitler really was, and various other personnages on the world stage. He hated the CIA. He lived in Kew Gardens, in NYC and we knew many of his associates. The Patton group believed his story, especially after seeing his legs were deformed from medical braces used to correct deformed limbs from hemophilia, copies of medical records obtained from Paris and Scotland, and that he survived on a rare hemophilia medication that could only be obtained in Germany. He passed many rigorous lie detector tests. The US Congress made him a citizen. I saw his passport and photo and it read Alexei Nicholas Romanov...using somebody's else's name on a US passport is a felony. I never met him, but wanted to. I had one of the only copies of a book written by him called Interpolating Interpolators that named names of Soviet and Nazi agents inside the USA and England. It was stolen from me by a CIA functionary. A. I love what I am seeing Corsi working with anons and researchers B. yes I've been catching him via Twitter Feb 10, 10:24 AMvia Google Voice B. B just posted Pudong Intl Airport (505) 429-1811 A. Thailand or viet? B. I don't know B. Neither, its china So Corsi didn't know about Ted Gunderson? dang A. Maybe

19. B. Obama's past wasn't sanitized it was wholly created A. Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core One of the rules of intelligence tradecraft is that you do NOT talk about operations that either benefitted or damaged you in any fashion, especially in public venues. So what is wrong with this story? A. U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets Can you think of anything wrong with this story? A. (5) Congressman Weiner Exposes 639 Triators - The List – YouTube

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