#Manship4002 Social Media Monitoring and Measurement - Lecture 13

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: PaigeBrown

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#Manship4002 Social Media Monitoring and Measurement - Lecture 13


SIMPLE DEFINITIONS: • Social Media Monitoring: The detection of when and where your brand has been mentioned on the web • Social media analytics: the ability to understand what‟s being said about your brand, including frequency of mentions, reach of mentions, the influence of those sources and the sentiment felt toward the brand.

MONITORING • 3 step process: • 1. Listen – listening through monitoring can establish relatively quickly how often your brand is referenced, how many of those mentions are significant. Spot customers in distress and pass those along to customer service team (or respond yourself) • 2. Engage – spot and harness positive opportunities for conversation through social media monitoring • 3. Influence – build a community around conversation and positive engagement on social media – CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines

– CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines

MONITORING: KEEPING TRACK – CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines

VANITY METRICS: DOES WHAT YOU ARE MEASURING MATTER? • “We must be on guard at all times against „vanity metrics‟ that can seriously undermine the credibility of our measurement efforts.” – CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines • Twitter „impressions‟: • New York Times twitter account appears to have over 10 million followers (Nov 2013); according to Statuspeople.com, 44% of these are fake, another 40% are inactive, leaving 1.6 million „true‟ followers. Even these followers aren‟t online all at one time, so any one tweet only potentially reaches a fraction of this audience. • Same thing for # of Facebook fans –

SHELF LIFE OF A TWEET • Estimated 18 minutes (the likelihood of any kind of interaction with a Tweet is going to happen within 18 minutes) – CIPR Social Media Best Practice Guidelines • So only a fraction of you audience on Twitter will see any given tweet, depending on when they are online, when they check their Twitter feed, etc. • Understand what your metrics really tell you


Search Engine Journal

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO TWEET FOR ENGAGEMENT VS. CLICKS Search Engine Journal, from an Argyle B2B = Business-to-business B2B = Business-to-consumer

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO FB FOR ENGAGEMENT VS. CLICKS from an Argyle Social stud B2B = Business-to-business B2B = Business-to-consumer

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO FB FOR ENGAGEMENT VS. CLICKS from an ArgyleB2B = Business-to-businessB2B = Business-to-consumer

Search Engine Journal

http://blog.kissmetrics.com/science-of-social-timing- 3/?wide=1

BUT REMEMBER… • Timing depends on the individual • Best times to tweet, blog, and post to Facebook will depend upon your audience and your goals. Experiment to see what works best for you.

MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLES TO REMEMBER • A single metric, like Klout score and PeerIndex ranking, is „sexy,‟ but is rarely very informative • Just because you can measure it, doesn‟t mean it matters • Myth: the more followers / friends, the better. Popularity doesn’t equal engagement and influence. You may want to focus on rich engagement with fewer ‘fans’

WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE: KEYWORD AND MESSAGE ANALYSIS • Identify what keywords people are using to find your site through web analytics tools, Google AdWords, Wordtracker.com, etc. • Paid tools like Vocus, Radian6, Alterian SM2 and Cymfony are great for very specific keyword searches, tracking conversations, rating them with key metrics and sentiment, and outputting results to a spreadsheet for further analysis. It can really shorten the time required compared to using free tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention, IceRocket or Addict-o-matic.

WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE: BLOGS AND WEBSITES • Visitors, Unique Visitors and Visits – Benchmarking these simple numbers is important for gauging awareness. They can be found in Google Analytics, which is free. • Comments – Counting comments is also important for gauging awareness • RSS Subscribers – how many actual subscribers does your blog have? You can check this out at Google‟s Feedburner. • Linkbacks – How many people have clicked-through on links in your blog posts or Tweets? To find out, make sure to use a URL-shortening site like Bit.ly, which tracks the number of clicks it directs on your behalf. Hootsuite‟s ow.ly also provides link tracking as one of its free report options.

WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE: TWITTER • Number of followers - tools for vetting your followers to spot Intermediary influencers include: Klout, PeerIndex, SocialMention, Technorati and Twitalyzer. • Retweets - are your tweets being passed along by influential people? • Retweet Velocity measures your likeliness to be retweeted. But watch out; are you always retweeted by the same people, or are you retweeted by new followers? • Retweet Efficiency – how many retweets do you get per 100 or 1000 followers? • @Replies – how many messages do you receive per outbound message? Are you being added to lists and building an audience? • Tools: TwentyFeet, Twitalyzer, Twazzup

WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE: FACEBOOK • Number of Fans or Friends and Active Users – benchmark your numbers at the beginning of your campaign, and watch to see if they grow with influential members of the media, bloggers, Tweeters, etc. Refer to tools in Appendix B for tools to measure influencers. • Number of Comments – how many comments do you receive in a given amount of time? What is your Conversation Rate – the percentage of feedback you receive compared to your postings? • Number of Likes – is this number growing? • Tools: Facebook page Insights

WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE: VIDEOS AND PHOTOS • For Video - YouTube Insights provides your number of views, unique users and subscribers; links followed to your video; geography and demographics; and engagement through sharing, ratings, comments and favorites – all for free. • For Photos – the number of views per photo, and how referrers found you, are among the stats available through Flickr‟s PRO account.

HAPPY MEASURING! http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/21345 00/measure-social-media-results-suite

http://www.frogloop.com/care2blog/2012/9/9/whats-the- best-way-to-measure-influence-diy-not-klout.html

VIDEO & SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEDNESDAY • For this assignment, you will develop a video campaign (via Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that somehow calls audiences to action (like sharing their favorite ice cream creations using a hashtag you create; sharing their favorite landmarks on campus; getting fit; going to an LSU event; etc. - get creative!). You should then deploy the video, and monitor social media activity for the video for 2-3 days. Monitoring social media activity could include measuring exposure (# of views, etc.), engagement (comments, retweets, etc.), influence (people posting their own content using your hashtag, etc.) and action, if appropriate.

VIDEO & SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEDNESDAY• You should deploy your video to Facebook and Twitter, at the least, but you can also deploy via other social media channels. Try to measure exposure, engagement, influence and action for each of these media channels. You can then compare to see on which channels you got the most engagement. • You will write a blog post for Wednesday, March 19th describing the video campaign and the social media metrics you measured. You will e-mail me the blog post before 9:30am on Wednesday. • You can use any social media measurement tools we have talked about in class - there are many free tools online to measure exposure, monitor activity on a hashtag, etc. (Tip: Make SURE the hashtag you develop is unique).

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