#Manship4002 Social Media Monitoring and Measurement - Lecture 12

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Published on March 10, 2014

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#Manship4002 Social Media Monitoring and Measurement - Lecture 12


BUT HOW DO WE MONITOR AND MEASURE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS FOR SUCCESS?  “Companies are now aware of the imminent need to focus on developing personal two-way relationships with consumers to foster interactions (Li and Bernoff 2011).” - ref  “Internet users are turning away from traditional media and are increasingly using social media channels to search for information and opinions regarding brands and products (Mangold and Faulds 2009; Bambauer-Sachse and Mangold 2011).” - ref

 We can‟t control what is being said on social media platforms about our products, services, staff etc…  So what can we do? Keep an eye on these channels and make sure that all mentions are appropriately dealt with.  In other words, monitor & measure!  Organizations today have new immediate real-time insight into the thoughts, views and feelings of audiences, customers and stakeholders, including journalists, politicians, and many other important influencers – all on outlets like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.

REAL-TIME PUBLIC RELATIONS  PR has increasingly shifted to real-time – active listening and responding to customers/audiences via social media  Success requires  active listening  responding with the appropriate content, information and insight  creating proactive opportunities to converse with stakeholders in real time  feeding acquired knowledge from this “listening” back into the organization in real-time Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals

5 REASONS WHY SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING IS ESSENTIAL - @RUXANDRARUX  PR is about anticipation and interpretation of public opinion and attitudes that might impact the future of an organization.  Social media monitoring can be used to avoid issues management that might, sooner or later, turn into a crisis.  Social media monitoring can be used for:  Market research  Sentiment analysis (toward the brand, etc.)  Competitor analysis  Insight into target audience categories (finding out more about audience location, online habits, etc.)  Things we used to do: Have e-mail alerts delivered to us of any mentions of our organization / brand  Things we can do today: Scan social media for mentions of our organization / brand

5 REASONS WHY SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING IS ESSENTIAL - @RUXANDRARUX  “a monitoring tool can provide information revealing on which social media channels there was the most and the least interaction, which topics drove conversations and which were the third parties that supported the campaign.”  By monitoring social media, we can turn complaints and negative feedback into positive publicity.  Respond promptly to negative comments  Provide feedback/support  Offer information and the right tools to the user  Show concern for the audience / customer

STAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS  Exposure: To what degree have we created exposure to content and messages?  Engagement: Who is interacting and engaging with our content? How and where? On what platforms (Twitter vs. Facebook? Reddit? Instagram?)  Influence: How did we influence perceptions and attitudes of the target audience?  Action: What actions if any has the target audience taken?

STAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS  Exposure:  Impressions  Clicks  Page views  # of followers  Engagement:  Duration of page views  Number of retweets  Number of @ mentions  Return visits, comments, subscriptions, etc.  Influence:  Changes in opinions and attitudes  Sharing; telling a friend; audiences telling their own stories using a hashtag  Ratings / reviews  Action:  Number of visits to the website  Number of people who visited the store, purchased a product, attended an event, etc.  Requesting of more information


 As soon as the lights went out in New Orleans, the Oreo and 360i social media teams were prepared to jump on the opportunity.  They released a quick-fire advert, broadcast over their social channels, referencing the blackout and linking it back to their brand.  Knowing that Twitter would be the hotbed for social activity during the game, Oreo was prepared to succeed – which they did, with over 16,000 RTs. Before the game even began, Sarah Hofstetter and the 360i team assembled an on-call team in their New York offices with representatives from Oreo present as well, so that any idea that sparked could be posted as soon as possible. Oreo – Dunk in the Dark http://www.brandwatch.com/2013/02/how-one-brand-has-changed-the-game-for-social-media-marketers/

LESSONS FROM OREO DUNK  Scheduled weekend tweets don‟t take advantage of social media monitoring  24/7 ON cycle of social media  Social media listening can sometimes outperform big-money advertising. Oreo trumped these advertisers with their „Dunk in the Dark‟ tweet:

BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING  If you aren‟t listening and understanding on social media, then you can‟t start to enter the conversation in a meaningful way that will start to help you achieve real organizational and business objectives.  Using real-time social data, we can access consumer behaviors, attitudes, preferences, ideas, affinities and sentiment.

READING: HOW PR EXECUTIVES PERCEIVE AND MEASURE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA (DISTASO, MCCORKINDALE, WRIGHT, 2011)  “The challenge for public relations practitioners is not just trying to find the best way to incorporate social media strategically, but also to determine the best way to measure it beyond merely counting followers or fans (McCorkindale, 2010).”  As one participant stated, the greatest risk is to “ignore social media and to allow conversations to happen without awareness or participation.”

READING: HOW PR EXECUTIVES PERCEIVE AND MEASURE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA (DISTASO, MCCORKINDALE, WRIGHT, 2011)  PR executives want to know more about how to:  measure “behavioral outcomes, not just reach,”  “connect media metrics to corporate communication strategy,”  “get concrete and meaningful measures of impact. . .influence behavior,”  “best measure the effectiveness of social media in driving employee engagement and consumer purchases or actions,”  “measure mobile,”  “measure impact,”  measure in a way that “shows it contributes to strengthening the brand,”  measure the “age and social status of the audiences,”  correlate with corporate reputation and behavior, calculate return on investment, and  measure credibility

FREE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS  TweetReach: Who is reading your tweets? How is it being shared? What is the measured impact of what you’re putting out there? TweetReach is a social analytics tool that helps you capture this valuable information.  Twitalyzer: Measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter with this tool.  PeerIndex: Use this tool to determine your online authority and who your online brand advocates are.  SocialMention: Track and measure who is talking about you, your company, your product, or any topic related to your industry.


FREE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS  Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic. You can subscribe to each alert through email and RSS. The alerts track blog posts, news articles, videos and even groups. Set a "comprehensive alert," which will notify you of stories, as they happen, for your name, your topic, and even your company.  Twitter alerts: Conduct a search for your name, your company's name, or various topics you're interested in and then subscribe via RSS. Twilert and TweetBeep are additional tools you can use to receive email alerts.

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS  SocialBro: This tool gives you detailed information about your Twitter community so that you can interact with followers more efficiently and garner the best results. (Free Trial)

WHICH TOOL SHOULD YOU USE? Gleanster’s Social Listening Report

THINK BEFORE YOU MEASURE  Before interpreting any social media metric ask yourself these questions:  Is this metric relevant?  Does it matter?  Why does it matter, and what other information do I need to pair with it?  What is the number actually telling me, and how can I use it? Improve upon it?  Is there spam or noise in this metric?  What constitutes real engagement? Do Facebook „likes‟ translate into conversations?  Think about your specific goals before deciding on a social media monitoring or measurement tool

READING FOR NEXT CLASS http://stuartbruce.biz/2013/07/social- media-monitoring-guide-for-pr- professionals.html

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