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Published on January 30, 2014

Author: RichardMenes



Manpower Planning and Budgeting.

Manpower Planning and Budgeting

Purpose  Manpower Planning & Budgeting serves as the foundation for managing an organization’s Human Resources. It enables organizations to plan strategically to meet current and future manpower needs, and prevents unnecessary surprises in maintaining steady-state manpower.  Manpower planning further assists organizations by ensuring positions is filled by the right employees with the needed competencies, and appropriate planning is conducted to align the manpower to meet future organizational goals.  The more effective the development and execution of the manpower plan, the more the organization is able to leverage its Human Resources for the accomplishment of its strategic goals.

Goals and Objectives  To recruit the most effective managers, engineers, and technical specialists, skilled and unskilled workers in appropriate numbers.  To ensure that the staffing requirements are well planned in advance to ensure achievement of Company's business objectives.  To assist Company to manage towards the employment of the optimum level of Human Resources with the required skills.  To estimated by the respective Department Head/Project Manager, endorsed by each Department Head/Project Manager, reviews and recommended by the HR Manager and approved by the GM/OCM.

The Manpower Plan A. The manpower plan defines the number, skills set and timeframe for the Human Resource requirements and addresses both the maintenance and growth of the existing employee numbers. B. The Human Resource/Manpower Planning will be a strategic function with objectives and goals in line with the corporate strategic objectives.

Determining Future Manpower Requirements A. Future manpower requirements are determined by matching existing Human Resources against projected volumes and types of work, and developing existing staff or recruiting new staff to cater to those needs and develop the most effective mix of core and support staff. To achieve the corporate objectives, all decisions made in connection with the organization structure development and management is incorporated into a manpower plan. B. Ad-hoc recruitment will be required to overcome unforeseen staff requirements such as, replacements for sudden resignations, new projects etc. Such ad-hoc recruitment will in turn feed into the manpower plan for future planning purposes. C. The ad-hoc recruitment requirements should be approved by the HR Manager and endorsed by the OCM and communicated to the HR Officer as early as possible.

Budgeting for HR Requirements  Budget approvals for the manpower plan of each Department/Project are sought in writing from the Department Head/Project Manager.  All requests for an increase in headcount or related employee costs must be supported by a business case at the beginning of the calendar year and sent to the HR Manager so that the costs are included in the budgets for the year.

Developing the Manpower Plan  Department Heads/Project Managers are responsible for staffing requirements 1 year ahead as part of the annual Human Resource Planning and budgeting process, to ensure sufficient lead-time for the HR Manager to carry out the recruitment and selection process effectively to meet Company’s objectives.

1. Identification 2. Formulation & Control 3. Appraisal & Selection 4. Negotiations 5. Implementation 6. Monitoring & Evaluation Steps in Budget and Manpower Planning Budget & Manpower Planning Identification Formulation & Control Appraisal & Selection Negotiations Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation

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