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Published on June 8, 2016

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1. Mandy C. Bishop 18514 111th Ave E Puyallup, WA 98374 Cell Phone (253) 880-6791 Email: Summary of Qualifications  Natural Leader; Public Servant; Team Player  Outstanding at trouble shooting, people relations, organizational skills and patient care  Excellent oral and written communicator; honed interpersonal skills  Effective at evaluating situations and determining the best action needed at the time, developing new ideas or alternative courses of action in order to maximize productivity  Self-motivated, fast learner, able to prioritize and organize tasks effectively  Well versed with computer applications: VISTA, CPRS, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook  Type 60+ WPM Employment Veterans Affairs Hospital Health System Specialist [GS-12/1] Seattle, WA April 2016- Present Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Kaminetzky, Acting Chief of Staff, 206-277-1330  Conducts studies of organizational performance and recommends changes or improvements in organization, staffing, work methods, and procedures  Promotes a culture of performance improvement as it relates to performance measurement systems  Protectively and independently develops, implements, assesses, and monitors those activities that facilitate positive performance measure outcomes  Identifies and analyzes performance data to identify adverse trends or conditions and develops corrective action plans  Pro-actively and independently develops, implements, assesses, and monitors those activities that facilitate positive performance measure outcomes  Provides regular and timely reports on workload capture, resource utilization, and information management  Leads, directs, and assists medical center staff in understanding performance measure requirements  Collaborates with service line leadership and performance champions to develop action plans  Facilitates processes that lead to successful performance and develops practices to improve outcomes  Responsible for the implementation and monitoring of performance measure requirements developed by VHA Office of Quality Management, the Joint Commission, VISN 20, VACO, and outside agencies  Maintains program requirements and validation criteria for the performance measurement program  Evaluating this content of new or modified legislation for projected impact upon the agency's programs or resources  Monitoring and coordinating medical center activities to improve organizational performance and excellence  Principal advisor to medical center leadership for highly complex, internal and external issues involving workload, resource use, information and management  Analyzes and evaluates, on a quantitative or qualitative basis, the effectiveness of programs or operations in meeting established goals and objectives  Promotes a culture of performance improvement as it relates to performance measurement systems and proactively and independently develops, implements, assesses, and monitors those activities that facilitate positive performance measure outcomes. Veterans Affairs Hospital Acting Director [GS-11/3] Seattle, WA March 2016- Present Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Kaminetzky, Acting Chief of Staff, 206-277-1330  Appointed by COS as Acting Director of Credentialing and Privileging  Develops, analyzes and coordinates short, mid and long-term range plans and programs in support of the Health Care System Credentialing/Privileging Program

2.  Serves as subject matter expert including but not limited to VA, VHA, The Joint Commission (TJC), Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) regulations and local policy standards for privileging and subsequent renewal or reappointment, ongoing monitoring, the appeals and hearing processes, performance monitoring and categorical privileging/evaluation  Analyzes and implements new policy requirement and regulations which provides guidance used for application in performing a wide variety of privileging credentialing activities and projects related to performance improvement to include developing guidance or techniques for clinical competence improvement and analyzing data, considering various alternatives and advising on proposed new directives. Makes recommendations to the Chief of Staff based on analysis of new requirements and articulates impacts to the organization  Reviews, revises and coordinates changes to Health Care System policies and other local policy regulations pertaining to the privileging process.  Assures the credentialing and privileging files are maintained in accordance with the System of Records Notice, 77VA10Q  Incumbent is responsible for the oversight of all credentialing and privileging files including, but not limited to licensed independent providers in accordance with the Privacy Act and VA Headquarters guidelines pertaining to the confidentiality and protection of material and the maintenance of files in accordance with VA Records Control System requirements Veterans Affairs Hospital Administrative Officer [GS-11/3] Seattle, WA April 2014 – April 2016 Supervisor: Paula Roychaudhuri, Assistant Director, 206-939-2379  Serves as the sole Administrative Officer for the Compensation and Pension Service Line for VA Puget Sound American Lake and Seattle Division  Fosters positive working relationships with Veterans Benefits Affairs and Veterans Service Organizations to ensure collaboration in meeting the needs of Veterans  Provides leadership in the development of organizational structures and processes to ensure optimal administrative operations  Serves as the operations expert for the service, setting priorities and assigning roles and responsibilities and operational work  Effectively communicates with clinicians and administrative staff to keep them apprised of organization updates, and/or program changes impacting their programs  Proactively identifies and solves problems before they become significant; anticipating issues and developing solutions that will prevent disruption of workflow within the service line  Oversees informational analysis, space allocation, data reporting, recruitment, disciplinary actions, performance evaluation and controlled correspondence  Ensures conformance with the administrative requirements of VA Central Office VISN, VAPSHCS, Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies  Constructs new written policies and procedures; implements new processes; facilitates training of interdisciplinary staff and monitors employee activities to ensure compliance  Conducts routine environment of care rounds to ensure compliance and safety standards are in accordance with all governing agencies to include but not limited to Joint Commission and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities completes work orders with follow up to ensure safety requirements are met  Responsible for providing, securing and/or negotiating the resources and services needed to manage and run the Service Line including managing the budget and human resources, performing management analysis, procurement, contract administration, property and space management, data processing, emergency preparedness and strategic planning.  Analyzes extracts, summarizes, identifies, interprets and evaluates significant trends and issues  Forecasts and estimates program requirements and prepares reports, justifications, charts, graphs, statistical and narrative data for briefings and presentations to management officials  Manages requests requiring action, delegating them within the Service Line as warranted including needed clinical information, report completion, data pulls, controlled correspondence and local, VISN 20 or national suspense items  Communication is accurate, professional and complete. Written documents completed according to organizational formats and guidelines

3.  Comprehensive knowledge of program analysis, management and evaluation methodologies, including recruiting, interviewing, staffing and organizational development and research, and business planning principles necessary to execute staffing plans  In-depth knowledge of qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of processes  Ability to assess any potential programmatic issues and/or concerns and to formulate recommendations  Worked with the local Veterans Benefits Administration to implement a local Memorandum of Understanding between our two agencies, resulting in a more efficient and effective working relationship as well as maximizing resources of both agencies resulting in a decrease in processing time by an average of 13 days and  Supervise the use of external VA contractors to ensure high quality and timely processing of claims.  Evaluated and streamlined processes reducing exam turnaround time from an average of 35 days to an average of 20 days with a decreased number of clarifications required  Attend Veteran Town Hall meetings representing the Compensation and Pension department to ensure that Veterans questions and concerns are addressed and work with other departments/organizations to assist Veteran’s with their issues related to Compensation and Pension  Advise medical center leadership of highly complex, internal and external issues involving workload, resource use, information and management  Technical authority in interpreting and providing guidance on performance measures and metrics  Identifies and analyzes performance data to identify adverse trends or conditions and develops corrective action plans as needed Veterans Affairs Hospital Supervisory Clinical Administrative Specialist [GS-9/2] Seattle, WA November 2012 – April 2014 Supervisor: Natalie Lasher, Supervisory Administrative Specialist; (206) 446-9587  Service Line patient advocate/representative to Addictions Treatment Center (ATC) Veterans or any Veterans needing assistance  Manage and supervise all administrative services within Seattle Division ATC  Develop tools that enhance the organization and managerial functioning of the Mental Health Service Line  Oversight of informational analysis, space allocation, data reporting, recruitment, disciplinary actions, performance evaluation and controlled correspondence  Ensure conformance with the administrative requirements of VA Central Office (VACO), VISN, VAPSHCS, Joint Commission (JC) and other regulatory agencies  Create, maintain, analyze and interpret reports for Seattle Mental Health Division to monitor and provide recommendations for clinic utilization and access; pull workload reports; 3rd Next Available; No Action Taken (NAT); Consults; Un-Cosigned Notes; Clinical Reminders; Missed Opportunities; 14 Day Access for New and Existing Patients; Electronic Wait List; Mental Health Treatment Coordinators (MHTC/PCMM)  Construct new written policies and procedures; relay to interdisciplinary staff; implement new process and monitor to ensure compliance  Conduct routine environment of care rounds to ensure compliance and safety standards are in accordance with all governing agencies to include but not limited to JC and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF); completes work orders and follow up to ensure safety requirements are met  Management of clinic setups: part of team that removed Mental Health Service Line from Health Plan Management Clinic Website; manages all clinic requests for ATC & Women’s Trauma Recovery Center Seattle to include new build requests, internal changes, clinic cancellations, clinic inactivation’s and restorations; ensuring compliance with Decision Support System (DSS) mapping; proper naming conventions; stop codes (DSS identifiers), Northeast Program Evaluation Center and Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA)  Serves as service line subject matter expert on training of administrative staff  Selected as the Secretary for the VISN 20 MSA boards; processed 106 board actions for the VA MSA conversion with zero delays; participate in bi-weekly board review for new hires  Collaborated with Primary Care to launch weekend clinics per VACO mandate; coordinated weekend coverage and ensured staff were trained on new processes for continuity purposes. Drafted the extended hours MH Service Line SOP to provide clear operational guidance; seamless transition for all staff and Veterans

4.  Created and implemented a new process to ensure that all clinicians were notified appropriately when clinical reminders are required resulting in ATC meeting the measure which resulted in the other areas of the Mental Health Service Line implementing our process  Integral member of the VACO led consult Rapid Process Improvement Workgroup; (assisted in the development, planning, and implementation of pilot consult process that served as model for other VA facilities). Decreased turnaround time on consults by streamlining processes for clinicians and decreased wait times for Veterans by offering triage prior to scheduled assessment  Reduced non-value added tasks for clinicians; created and implemented SOP for delegation of lab ordering to MSA’s, developed new system for staff to upload documents in electronic charts eliminating the need for paper records and streamlined NAT process  Key member of the Mental Health Competency Committee; ensured proper implementation of the new VAPSHCS competencies; assisted with Executive Council presentation; consolidated all disciplines’ previous competencies into on form for the Mental Health Service Line  Committed to personal and profession growth; attended Supervisory Skills Training for 80 hours; participated in 360 degree assessment; enhanced supervisory skills in relation to conflict management, developing others and team building  Spearheaded employee morale enhancement projects such as coordinating potlucks, producing provider business cards for SL in a fiscally responsible way and recognizing outstanding performers.  Researched over 1,000 Veterans to identify appropriate Mental Health Treatment Coordinator in accordance with VACO mandate. Trained other clinic managers on MHTC/PCMM and created quick reference sheets for teams & providers played a vital role to ensure that facility exceeded performance standard of 80%; 92% compliance reported in August  Spearheaded efforts to reduce ATC missed opportunity rates; elicited support by creating promotional flyers for patients and cheat-sheets for providers, established second phone line for appointment cancellations, revised grids to reflect appropriate time slots; reduced cumulative ATC rate by 3%  Hand selected by Section Director of the Community and Residential Care Services to organize first MH Summit Committee; collaborated with 150 VA employees and community members and dedicated over 90 hours towards event planning. Success of the summit resulted in commitment to continue event on annual basis, identify key initiatives (ie. closing marital and family therapy gaps, extending hours for Women and OEF/OIF Vets, etc.) and develop a Community Engagement Team to make sure MHS remains responsive to our community stakeholders/partners throughout the year  Fostered professional development for MSA staff; maximized employee potential by offering mentorship, goal setting, and educational opportunities; over half of subordinates promoted within past FY  Served on MH Medication Reconciliation Committee; conducted quarterly audits for ALVA and Seattle ATC to monitor compliance of Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals; improved cumulative FY13 rate for ATC Seattle & American Lake; Quarter 4 was reported at 100% compliance on chart documentation and 87% compliance on Veteran verification of Medication Reconciliation. Veterans Affairs Hospital Lead Medical Support Assistant [GS-7/1] Seattle, WA April 2012 – November 2012  Patient advocate; front line resource for Veterans who have concerns and/or need assistance with facility programs  Patient-Centered care; developed travel cards for clinic to decrease Veteran wait time and reduce errors with MSA’s checking appointment’s out; increased staff’s accessibility to forms to improve patient care and customer service  Natural Leader; manages MSA work assignments, conducts periodic performance checks, and manages daily clinic operations  Skilled Administrator; oversees ATC patient demographic and insurance verification mandate; created straightforward system to ensure patient demographics are updated at every appointment  Public Servant; volunteered as the ATC food drive and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) coordinator; helped facility exceed goal of non-perishable items collected; assisted in the annual ATC memorial service for veterans who have passed

5.  Team Player; assumed multiple clinic manager and Women’s Trauma Recovery Center MSA tasks during position vacancies; collaborated with American Lake clinic manager on data tracking for management and process improvements; provides coverage in other clinics when needed  Create and interpret reports for Seattle Mental Health Division to monitor clinic utilization and access; ADHOC; 3rd Next Available; No Action Taken  ATC consult administrator  Service Line Trainer: created clinic memorandum/policies continuity binder to aid new employee orientation and supplement staff on the job training; provide training to other MSA’s and staff in other departments on clinic grids, scheduling practices, time keeping, policies and procedures, etc.  Innate motivator; coordinated staff activities to boost morale and maintain positive work environment  JC and HIPAA proficient: created quick reference sheet for staff summarizing JC requirements regarding hand washing, environment of care, etc. Daily efforts to reduce HIPPA margin of error and ensure clinic’s record management practices are compliant with Federal and hospital regulations  Mental Health Service Line Time Keeper  Streamlined supply management; improved the margin for waste in ordering supplies by creating centralized location and having one purchaser  Liaison with clinical staff: work with Team leaders to ensure the provider’s needs are being met by assigned MSA; improved professional relations by implementing new process  Innovator; implemented a call system to reduce missed opportunities; providers notify MSA immediately if patient slot not being utilized  Attentive to safety risks; collaborated with the Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior (PMDB) coordinator to provide an evaluation of the environment for MSA staff areas in building 24; identified potential safety pitfalls and applied appropriate solutions; ability to handle difficult patients and decrease hostile situations Veterans Affairs Hospital Lead Patient Service Assistant [GS-6/2] Milwaukee, WI February 2011 – April 2012  Oversaw and directed the administrative aspects of delivery of outpatient services and benefits to veterans and their families  Supported the mission and goals of the medical center and the Mental Health Division to include ensuring the standards and policies of JC, CARF, OIG and VHA were maintained and implemented at all times  Outstanding at trouble shooting, people relations, organizational skills and patient care  Excellent at keeping lines of communication open between clerical and clinical staff by constantly keeping management abreast of any issues and any items of inconsistency or concern to their attention and working collaboratively to come to a resolution  Provide administrative support to over 50 outpatient staff members; serving as the primary administrative assistant to the clinic program managers  Manage clinic profiles for the outpatient mental health providers and groups; this includes building clinic grids, managing changes in clinic grids, managing clinic cancellation to ensure proper utilization of all Mental Health clinics to optimize use to improve patient care  Mental Health Service Line primary time keeper  Liaison between Milwaukee VA Police Department and Mental Health department for the Man Down System that is currently used on the acute Mental Health unit to help ensure staff and veteran safety  Initiated the collaboration with the Milwaukee VA Police Department to implement the Man Down System used in Acute mental health in 3 locations of outpatient Mental Health to ensure staff and veteran safety  The lead for 6 outpatient support staff; provided training to new MSA staff to the mental health division who provide coverage in domiciliary, Mental Health walk in, Acute Mental Health and Outpatient Mental Health  Served on committee’s to improve; 7 day follow-up access for Acute Mental Health and access to new patients to Outpatient Mental Health  Coordinated the relocation of half of the Outpatient Mental Health providers to another area of the hospital ensuring space utilization to the maximum  Completed administrative duties such as writing Standard Operating Procedures, taking meeting minutes and creating a training manual for MSA’s  PIV Mental Health Division sponsor and main point of contact  Talent Management System Administrator (TMS) for the Mental Health Division

6. Veterans Affairs Hospital Medical Support Assistant [GS-5/1] Milwaukee, WI October 2009 – February 2012 Provide clerical support to several mental health outpatient clinics as well as the Mental Health Acute Transition Unit. Performed several administrative duties to include but not limited to taking meeting minutes, scheduling meetings and interviews, compile statistical data, TMS administrator, maintain nursing staff schedules and manage time keeping for acute mental health staff. Coordinate with other VA hospitals to obtain appointments or information for patients. Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services Administrative Assistant Modesto, CA April 2008 – March 2009 Updated and revised over 100 hundred positional binders for city, county, and state emergency service divisions for the Emergency Operations Center. Developed an emergency services book containing all required incident paperwork for two county Fire Wardens. Provided support to the Fire Warden in all administrative duties; updating appropriate paperwork, phone list and other tasks as assigned. Initiated and maintained communication and relationships with outside agencies. MedAmerica Billing Specialist Modesto, CA August 2007-April 2008 Provide excellent customer service to patients. Contact patients and insurance companies in an effort to retrieve payments on unpaid accounts. Maintained a 48 hour turn around time on processing medical insurance inquires. Improved workman compensation accounts receivable by 45%. Exceeded standards on bad address reports, write off reports, and final notice reports. United States Air Force Health Services Management [E-4 / SrA] Yokota AB, Japan September 2002 – April 2006 Provide administrative support in medical records, utilization management and six different clinics, during my time I not only maintained but improved systems to ensure all standards were met. Optimized referral booking process and decreased patient waiting list by 50% in one week, guarantying 100% access to physicians. Contacted referrals and entered referral information into CHCS system for tracking. Created a tracking tool to ensure timely processing of medical referrals for military personnel and their families. Maintained 3,730 out-patient, obstetrical and pediatric records. Developed an audit system to ensure specialty results were filed in medical records and improved compliance by 34%. Improved hospital standards by 90% in processing specialty referral return reports. Education & Training  Seattle Federal Executive Board Associates Program January 2015 – December 2017  University of Phoenix – Bachelors of Science in Business Management o Brookfield, WI August 2007- August 2012 o Specialized Courses; Skills for Professional Development, Management: Theory, Practice and Application, Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility; Psychology of Personality, Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making, Principles of Accounting and Quality Management and Productivity  Community College of the Air Force - Health Services Management o Sheppard AFB, TX September 2002 – April 2006 o Specialized Courses; Health Care Management, Patient Administration and Basic Medical Readiness o Air Force Specialty Internship – Journeyman Professional Affiliations American College of Healthcare Executives Member

7. References Dr. Carrie LaBelle, MD Medical Director TBI HUB VAPSHCS Cell: (360) 489-0623 Julius Bunch Director Education and Training VAPSHCS Cell: (253)355-6636 Matthew Batschi Business Manager Mental Health Service Line VAPSHCS Office: (206) 27-4806 Jerry Peters Business Manager Primary Care VAPSHCS Cell: (253) 882-9449 Zaher Abouhamze Business Manager Surgery Service VAPSHCS Office: (206) 764-2771

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